Where to Buy Microfiber Mops

Here at MopReviews.com we recommend microfibers mops for a variety of reasons. Not only are they the most absorbent of all available mop pad types, they also offer excellent cleaning ability on a variety of surfaces.

Microfiber mop heads can absorb up to eight times their own weight in water, and the fibers, which are thinner than a human hair, have the ability to grab hold of tiny particles of dirt and grime and hold onto them until a mop pad is cleaned. So microfiber mops are the most versatile mop head, the best for spills and greasy stains, and generally manufactured to be highly durable, able to be machine washed and re-used hundreds of times before they wear out.

Our reviews link to the Amazon.com page for the cleaning product in question, so that you can verify our review for yourself and see what customers think, whether the news is good or good, but not everyone is willing, or able, to buy items online, so we’ve listed here the main major brick and mortar retail chains that offer microfiber cleaning products in their stores.


As I mentioned, we always link to Amazon.com to make seeing a product for yourself as easy as possible, and with it’s unique position as the biggest online retailer by far, Amazon does have the best range of makes and models, and types of cleaner available to buy. This selection can be overwhelming at times, but once you’ve identified your biggest cleaning challenges, and considered the type of surfaces you mainly need a cleaner for, the choice is narrowed down considerably.

In our reviews of various cleaning products, we always take into account how well any cleaner is made, how effective it is on a variety of surfaces, how durable and reliable it is over time, and most importantly of all, whether we think the cleaner in question is worth the price. But of course online purchases are not for everyone, you may simply prefer to see an item for yourself, or you may have had a bad experience in the past, so here’s a list of all of the major retailers and the microfiber cleanings products they have on offer, but remember to compare the price in store with the price online, because often the best bargains can be found via the link provided in our reviews.


No matter where you are, you probably know where the nearest Walmart store is to you. Walmart are the largest company in the World in terms of revenue, with over $500 billion per year in turnover, and they are also the World’s largest private employer, with over 2 million employees. With over 11,000 stores in 27 countries Walmart are almost everywhere, and they’ve got a fairly large selection of microfiber cleaning products in the majority of their stores.

Walmart stock most of the big names in household cleaning. O-Cedar, Swiffer, Libman, Bona, Lysol and Rubbermaid products are all stocked in Walmart, but there are countless other smaller brands available too. Many of the best selling cleaners are stocked, such as the Rubbermaid ratchet twist mop, the Libman Spin Mop and Bucket system, and the Swiffer WetJet, all of which we have reviewed, and they are all available to buy in Walmart.

Walmart also stock a variety of replacement mop pads, other cleaning accessories and cleaning solutions. Often they will offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount, usually around $35, however sometimes shipping is offered regardless of how much you spend there. Walmart’s own returns policy usually applies with any purchases bought in-store. Obviously, considering the number of Walmart stores, and the various locations they operate in, not all items will be available in all stores, but overall they offer a good choice and there should be a variety of microfiber cleaning products for you to choose from in your local store.


Target operate over 1,800 stores throughout the United States and have an annual revenue of over $70 billion. As another big retailer Target also have a reasonably good variety of Microfiber cleaners and products in their stores.

O-Cedar, Bona and Libman microfiber mops are all stocked at target, but there are a number of other less well-known names too, such as Up&Up, Casabella and Clorox. Target also provide microfiber dust mop refills for several products, particularly the Libman brand, and the company website can tell you not only what brands are on offer, but where the nearest store to you is that has a particular item in stock.

Bed Bath & Beyond

With over 1,500 stores in America, Canada and Mexico, Bed Bath & Beyond is another retail giant that offers a good selection of microfiber mops in their stores. They stock a number of Casabella microfiber cleaning tools, and others from Bona, Leifheit and Household Essentials.

Bed Bath & Beyond also stock a number of replacement mop pads for some of the best selling mops, including several from Casabella, H2O and Bona, as well as microfiber mop head replacements for the best selling Bissell Symphony all in one vacuum and steam mop.

Home Depot

Big box chain Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the World, with around 2,300 stores, mainly in North America, but with a presence in China, Europe and South America too.

The company stock an impressive range of all all types of cleaning products, and microfiber cleaning tools and accessories are no exception. The store holds many O-Cedar, Rubbermaid, Bona and Libman models, but also products by several other manufacturers. In total Home Depot supply around 13 brands offering microfiber cleaners, accessories, replacement mop pads and refills.

Most Home Depot stores offer free delivery, although this may vary from store to store and may require a minimum order value.


Second only to Home Depot in the home improvement market, Lowe’s operate almost 2,400 stores throughout North America and Mexico. The company supply a huge range of dust mops, spin mops and wet mops, as well as Mop refills and replacement mop pads, and they supply all of the best known brands, as well as many other smaller ones.

The company website offers a style similar to Amazon, so customers used to shopping online will find it instantly familiar, and you can check for the local availability and price of any item by supplying your zip code online.

Most catered to are customers hoping to pick up a Libman, Swiffer, bona, O-Cedar or Rubbermain microfiber product, and refills for many of the most popular models for those brands are stocked too. Several other brands are supplied as standard, and Lowe’s may also may be able to order certain items even if they are not stocked within stores as standard.

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