What is a Microfiber Mop?

One of the most recent innovations when it comes to cleaning are microfiber mops. They offer several benefits over traditional cotton mops and has thus become the preferred choice at many households. In this article, we’ll be going over everything you need to know about microfiber mops. If you’re interested in buying one, or just want to know something about these types of mops, you’re at the perfect place. Let’s get started!

What is Microfiber?

Let’s first talk about the material itself. Microfiber is a synthetic fiber which has a very small diameter. Thanks to this, it’s one of the most suited types of fiber when it comes to cleaning. Thanks to their absurdly small size, lots and lots of microfiber strands can fit together to make a microfiber used for cleaning. And since they act as dust magnets thanks to their electrostatic properties, they actually do an amazing job at actually picking up dust, dirt, and debris. Not only that, but they are very durable and are thus a good financial investment as well. It’s quite obvious how microfiber products came to the top of the preferred types of cloth when it comes to cleaning.

What are Microfiber Mops?

Since microfiber has such excellent cleaning properties, it was an obvious choice to utilize it as best as you can. And traditional mops were definitely due for an upgrade. You know those big cotton mops, the ones that look like a bad wig? Those are actually much better at just pushing dirt around instead of picking it up. So when microfiber entered the scene, it was a game changer. Now you could actually pick up and dispose of any sort of dust, dirt, debris, hair, etc., that are on your floors. To add to that, you actually don’t need to use detergent with these mops, saving you a lot of money in the long-term. However, if you really want to use some, be sure to consult the manual, because the fiber is very sensitive.

So, microfiber mops are an improvement over the traditional cotton mops. This is obviously because of their usage of microfiber, but also because of several other features. They are actually much lighter and easier to use, which everyone can appreciate. Also, thanks to its design, these mops can reach places that are very hard to reach with traditional mops. This is thanks to the swivel which connects the handle to the mop head so that you can rotate and bend the mop in any direction you want.

Types of Microfiber Mops

There are three main types of microfiber mops, every one of which has its uses. They are wet, dry and steam mops. Let’s go over them, one by one.

Dry Dust Mops & Wet Mops

Most microfiber mops can serve for both dry and wet mopping. You only need to use the appropriate type of cloth and add water if you want to do some wet mopping. And if you want dry dust mopping, just use a dried microfiber cloth instead. These mops are very versatile, and you can buy additional mop pads for special uses. When using a microfiber mop for dry, you will be picking up pet hair, dirt, dust, crumbs, and various other types of debris. Then you just need to wash your microfiber pad to get rid of the gunk, and it’s ready to be used again. If there’s a bigger mess, wet mopping is the best option. While wet mopping, you can clean anything from mud stains to sticky kitchen spills.

Steam Mops

If you are looking for the end-all cleaning tool, steam mops might be a perfect choice. Steam mops, as their name suggests, use steam to ensure that your floors are perfectly cleaned. They do require a bit more set up for that, however. Firstly, you will need to plug them into an electrical outlet. And secondly, you’ll need to pour some water into the tank. Then you’ll be ready to start steam mopping. As you can probably guess, these mops use the heat to disinfect your surfaces, while the microfiber pad will collect all the dirt particles that rise up. These mops will clean just about any type of stain and leave your floors as hygienic as they can be.

Builds and Construction of Microfiber Mops

Since there’s a lot of competition in the market of microfiber mops, you can expect different types of builds and constructions. Be sure to do your research before committing to a purchase, as usual. The easiest way is to browse our reviews and find the perfect mop for you. Here are the few main features that you might want to pay attention to:


Some mops don’t use water reservoirs to moisturize the mop, nor do you need to rinse it in water before using. Instead, they have a sprayer that you can manually use whenever the mop dries up. This is very convenient because it in a way combines dry and wet mopping into one, and enables you to switch up with a simple push of a button.

Telescopic Handles

To ensure that your back isn’t broken by the time you’re done mopping, someone came up with telescopic handles. And what a game changer they are. With telescopic handles, you can adjust the mop to be the perfect size for you, so that you can apply the most leverage without hurting your back.

Disposable vs. Reusable Pads

Another important distinction is the one between disposable and reusable microfiber pads. There have been lots of debating regarding which one is better, more cost effective, etc. Here are the main conclusions. While the upfront cost of disposable pads is lower, over time it racks up and actually ends being more expensive. Not only that, but you obviously end up with much less waste. However, if you are extremely hygienic or work in a place like a hospital or a lab, disposable pads might be the better choice, because they remove any risk of cross-contamination.

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