Ubesto Spray Mop Kit Review

Whenever you’re looking for a new mop, one of the main things you’ll be looking for is a product that is suitable for the type of floor you want to clean. Some mops are designed specifically for wooden floors, others are more effective on stone, laminate floors, or tiles. Today I’ll be taking a look at the Ubesto Spray Mop Kit, which attempts to make itself an effective product no matter what type of surface you need it for, as the kit contains a variety of pads which are designed to be perfect for the job, whether you’re cleaning vinyl, hardwood, tile, laminate, or even marble floors. The Ubesto Spray Mop also comes complete with window cleaning pads and a glass wiper so that you can even use it to clean mirrors and windows in your home as an added bonus.

Spray mops have the added functionality of a spraying mechanism that dispenses a cleaning solution, or just water, onto a surface as you clean it, but how well is the Ubesto Spray mop built? Does the spray mechanism work as it should? And how much use can you expect to get out of it? Read on as I take a look at all these questions and give my opinion on whether this kit is worth the price.

The Spray Mop Kit by Ubesto Review

Ubesto is a relatively new company that was founded in 2016. The company is based in the United Kingdom, and has sold until very recently to the US market exclusively, before widening supply to the UK and Western Europe in mid-2018. Products are sourced from India and China, and Ubesto are currently focused on kitchen tools and home equipment, but they also supply sporting goods, Bar Tools and accessories, products for children, and wine equipment and accessories.

The company plans to expand into home décor and furnishings in the near future, as well as outdoor and gardening equipment. Currently all company sales are made online, and a range of payment options, including most major credit cards, as well as Paypal are on offer. On the company website Ubesto offer returns on all products if the customer is not fully satisfied.

What’s Included

  • 36 Inch aluminium mop handle in two sections
  • 600ml capacity cleaning Solution bottle (1.05 Pints)
  • Mop Head (16.25 inches x 5.25 inches)
  • 2 Microfiber pads
  • 2 Cloth window cleaning pads
  • 1 Glass wiper
  • 1 Chenille Pad
  • 1 Multi-function scraper

Build quality

The added functionality of a spray mop is designed to make cleaning more convenient, and with three different types of cleaning pads, as well as the glass wiper and the multi-purpose scraper, the Ubesto Spray Mop is clearly attempting to tick all the boxes no matter what type of use you have in mind for it, but any mop is only as good as the materials it is constructed from, and how well it has been put together, so how much life can you expect to get out of this all-in-one mop?

The 36 inch long mop handle is made from aluminium, a lightweight alternative to stainless steel that is not as strong and can be susceptible to rust, but it is light, in this case only 1.48 pounds, and that in itself means that you won’t be dragging a heavy mop about. Unfortunately the handle doesn’t extend so you are stuck with that three foot length. Most mops are generally sized from three feet, up to four and a half, so as one of the shorter mops on the market, some reviewers did note that in order to mop their floors, they did need to bend over to use it.

The spray mechanism is operated by use of a trigger in the plastic handle at the top of the handle. This allows a fine spray of the solution of your choice to be sprayed from the solution bottle which fits into the handle just above the mop head. No batteries are required to use the spray function, it’s all powered by finger power, but several users of the Ubesto Spray Mop had encountered a variety of problems with the spray mechanism. The most common complaint was that the handle and trigger were not particularly durable. Several found that one or the other broke within a month, and a few reviewers found that something broke after only one or two cleans. Even positive reviewers who were other impressed with the cleaning ability of this product conceded that the spray mechanism was likely to become inoperable after around six months of use.

The cleaning solution bottle ‘locks’ into the handle and does spray a particularly wide spray of solution. Some reviewers noted this as a positive, others found that as the spray was wider than the mop head, it did mean that they had to re-clean areas as the spray was dispensed so widely. Several reviewers noted that the cleaning solution would leak, a common problem with spray mops, and although the leaking appeared in most cases to be only slight, it was annoying for users.

The mop head is attached to the handle by a hinge that allows the mop head to swivel around a full 360 degrees, this obviously allows for easy cleaning in difficult to reach places, but several reviewers did note that the construction was ‘flimsy’, and that this plastic hinge had broken after a while. As with the trigger and handle, some had problems with the hinge snapping after only a few uses, while several others were left without a usable product after a month or so. I have mainly covered the negative aspects of this mop up until now, but almost half of the reviewers of the Ubesto Spray Mop were impressed with the product. In total there are 143 reviews on Amazon for the product currently, of which 31% are one or two stars, but 48% of reviews are five star, and many of them speak of this item in glowing terms, and several agree of the same benefits.

The positive reviewers agreed that although the mop was liable to have problems with the spraying mechanism after a while, the spray function worked well while it did operate properly, and the size of the mop head was another big bonus. At 16.25 inches the head is larger than the majority of other mop heads, and if used with care, the Ubesto Spray Mop was able to clean fairly large areas quickly and efficiently. The mop pads also generally met with approval from users, they are machine washable, and most agreed they were fairly thick and suitable for the task at hand. The pads are attached to the mop head with double sided velcro, and all users agreed that it was a simple process and they encountered no problems with pads falling off. All in all around half of users of this mop found it efficient and suitable for their light household cleaning needs, and the variety of pads in the kit made it a bargain, but long-term durability is not a positive feature of this particular product.

Does it Clean Well?

A few customers found the initial instructions on how to assemble the Ubesto Spray Mop inadequate, however most seem to have managed it after a while, but once the mop is assembled, how effectively are you likely to find it for your own cleaning routine?

Virtually all of the 48% of users who positively reviewed this product on Amazon agreed that it was an effective and easy to use mop that enabled them to clean quickly and comfortably. Several reviewers noted that the lightweight design combined with the 360 degree maneuverability of the handle made it perfect for cleaning under furniture, as well as reaching high to clean their windows. One particular reviewer with a wall of panel mirrors found it perfect fro the task, and able to clean the mirrors in around three minutes as opposed to twenty.

The quality of the pads were also acceptable to all users, and in this regard the Ubesto Spray Mop met with universal praise. The mix of Microfiber pads, super absorbent and our recommended type, cleaned well on hardwood floors, laminate floors and tiles with ease. The Chenille pad, suitable for dry cleaning uses offered another option for users, and dealt with pet hairs and dust just as effectively. Most users found the window and glass cleaning ability of the mop fairly effective too, particularly because of the lightness of the mop, however some users found the short handle inconvenient for high-up windows, and several others noted that the cleaning solution, which sprays in quite a wide area, caused considerable dripping when cleaning above the head. Another user noted that the hinged mop head was too loose to remain flat when cleaning windows high up, and it would slip sideways.

Although the generously wide mop head of over 16 inches was a big bonus for all users, one or two reviewers noted that the corners were slightly rounded, making cleaning right into the corners of a room beyond the ability of this product. All in all most reviewers who needed a light and convenient mop for relatively light cleaning around the home found this to be an effective and versatile product, although even satisfied customers were prepared to admit that it wasn’t that durable, and after six months you shouldn’t be surprised if the spraying mechanism ceases to work through one fault or another.

Cost & Pricing Information

The Ubesto Spray Mop will cost you $21.87, and although this is one of the cheaper spray mops on the market, the quality of it does reflect this. This product will not last for years without developing problems, and it certainly isn’t suitable for heavy, industrial and commercial cleaning. If you have a variety of surfaces at home that require regular, light cleaning, then this may be the ideal mop for you, but the spray mechanism at least is unlikely to be working flawlessly one year after you purchase it.

The quality and variety of mop pads in the Ubesto Spray Mop kit are generally agreed by users to be excellent. Fully machine washable as well as thick and of good quality, no users reported any problems with them falling apart or becoming damaged even after months of use. Currently Ubesto do not offer standalone replacement pads for this product, but as you receive two microfiber pads, and two cloth window cleaning pads, it is likely that they will last considerably longer than the mop itself, so you are unlikely to need more.

To see the Ubesto Spray Mop Kit on Amazon.com along with all current promotions and discounts, click here.

The Ubesto Spray Mop Kit Overall – Is It Worth It?

Our Take
The Ubesto Spray Mop Kit has a wide variety of potential uses, and will cover all of your household cleaning needs due to the variety of pads included. However, the quality of this item does reflect it's relatively cheap price, the spray mechanism will not stand up to heavy usage and overall this is not a product that will be suitable for any kind of heavy-duty cleaning. If you're after a light and convenient mop for occasional use around the home then it might be for you, but be gentle with it.
Build Quality
Value (Price)
Reader Rating1 Vote
A great variety of mop pads suitable for any surface
lightweight design and hinged mop head makes cleaning easy and convenient in hard to reach places
Large mop head makes for quick cleaning of larger areas
Not that durable, and not suitable for heavy cleaning or commercial use
Spray Mechanism unlikely to last beyond six months

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