Top 5 Microfiber Mops for Cars

Cars have come a long way over the past couple of decades. For one thing, many of them nowadays come with full-on navigation systems and parking sensors. As advanced as they might be, however, they are still prone to getting dirty—there’s a reason why car washes exist, after all. Aside from the rain, which tends to leave particles of pollutants on the surface, the exterior can get mucky very quickly due to dirt, road salts, grime, and snow. In fact, most of us probably experience this on a regular basis with our own vehicles. So, then the question is—”should I clean my car?”

The short answer is yes. As it turns out, washing your car is extremely important. Not only does it keep your ride looking nice and clean, but it prevents the paint from weakening and wearing down—something that can happen when dirt builds up.  In some severe cases, the damage might even compromise the car’s structural integrity. With that said, it’s not necessary to clean your car after every rainstorm. At the very least, though, you should give it a wash every couple of weeks—this will help to keep your investment in tip-top shape.

What’s the best way to clean your car? Sure, there are car washes out there, but what else can you do for it? If you’re pondering that question, why not try using a mop? That’s right, mops are not just for the ground—they can be used to wax and polish the exterior of your vehicle. Given how delicate the paint can be, however, you want to make sure that you’re using something that is appropriate for the job. That’s where microfiber mops come in. Soft and plush, they are designed to lift off dirt and grime off various surfaces. The best part of all, though, is that they are not abrasive; in other words, you won’t have to worry about there being scratches.

Microfiber Mop Benefits:

  • Capable of removing up to 99% of surface contaminants (including bacteria) with water
  • Naturally attracts dirt and dust
  • Rarely leaves streak marks
  • Absorbs seven times its weight in water
  • Dries fast, which makes it difficult for bacteria to grow in it

Perhaps you’d like to try your hand at polishing your car? Wondering which microfiber mop you should get? If so, be sure to keep reading—we will be going over our top 5 picks below.

1. Autospa Microfiber Wash Mop

The AutoSpa 2-in-1 Long Chenille Microfiber Wash Mop allows you to quickly and easily clean your SUV or truck. In addition to a telescoping handle, that extends up to 48 inches, it comes with an extra thick wash glove that is absorbent and great at lifting and trapping dust and debris. Not only that, but it is reusable and washable. When you’re done with it, you can just pop it off and put into the wash. With that, you’ll be ready for your next car wash. On top of everything that’s already said, it is extremely lightweight at just a little over a pound!

The best part of all, is that it is extremely affordable. At $14.99, it is the cheapest out of all of the car mops mentioned on this page. It can be purchased on

Cleaning Ability

This wash mop greatly reduces the amount of time you need to wash a chore. Given how long the handle is (and the fact that it’s extendable), you’ll be able to reach most, if not all of the areas of your car—including the top, a section that often goes unwashed (if you’re manually wiping it, anyway). Worried about possible scratches? Don’t be—the long Chenille Microfiber mop cover completely covers the plastic part of the head so that nothing abrasive comes in contact with your vehicle. The way it’s designed, you’ll also be able to do the cleaning without getting your hands wet, which is nice, especially during the winter.


  • Incredibly lightweight and easy to use
  • Great value at just $14.99
  • Allows you to easily reach the top of your vehicle
  • Super soft microfiber glove will not scratch the surface of your car


  • Replacement mop gloves are not available for purchase; you have to replace the whole thing when the head starts to wear out
  • The brush head tends to loosen after a while; you will have to stop what you’re doing and re-screw it back on

2. Meirun 360 Degree Spin Wet Mop

The Meirun 360 Degree Spin Wet Mop is perfect for washing, dusting, dusting, and polishing your car. As is the case with most microfiber mops, it can be used both wet or dry. Designed with convenience in mind, it features an adjustable pole that allows you to clean your vehicle in its entirety. On one end of the unit, there is a premium chenille mop head that flawlessly picks up debris without leaving any scratches. Reusable, it can be taken off in a matter of seconds and put in the washing machine; this allows you to use it again and again before you have to replace it.

If you’re looking for something cheap that will do the job, this is it. On Amazon, the product is currently listed for $16.99.

Cleaning Ability

The mop glove holds an incredible amount of soap and water. In addition to being super absorbent, the head is large enough so that you can clean a sizeable area with each pass; however, it is also small enough to get into small spaces such as the grill. With just one dip into a bucket, you should be able to wash a good portion of your car. Of course, it also helps that the telescopic handle adjusts and locks in place. Despite being 50” long, the pole is very sturdy, even when you’re cleaning vigorously. Adding to that, it doesn’t swivel around too easily, which gives you more control.


  • Capable of holding a significant amount of soap and water
  • Can easily be used to clean small crevices
  • The entire mop head can be thrown in the wash for easy cleaning
  • The mop glove features foam padding which prevents scratches


  • Individual mop heads are not available for purchase; when the time comes, you will have to replace the entire unit
  • The rotating head might not work as well as intended
  • Despite being absorbent, the mop glove is a bit on the thin side

3. TB Anchor Car Cleaning Mop

The TB Anchor Car Cleaning Mop is unique in that it is made out of white milk fiber—a material that is both anti-bacterial and environmentally friendly. Not only is it great for eliminating dirt and dust, but its softness ensures that you won’t have to worry about there being scratches. Complete with a telescoping handle, you’ll be able to clean your vehicle without stretching and straining your back. Made out of stainless steel, the pole can be adjusted anywhere from 32” to 60”. Highly versatile, the mop can also be used for windows, ceilings, ceiling fans, and more!

Cost effective, this mop can be purchased from Amazon for under $20. As a matter of fact, there is even a 5% off coupon that you can use on the order!

Cleaning Ability

For its price, the mop cleans very well. As mentioned earlier, it comes with a long handle that allows you to easily reach even the top of big SUVs and trucks; the soft material can also be used to wash the windows. Sure, the head might snag on sharp edges every once in a while, but overall, it is still a huge time saver. For one thing, you won’t have to get out the step ladder to clean your car. After everything is done, the milk fibers also dry very fast. Every once in a while though, you’ll want to hand wash the head as it can get quite dirty—just remember to let it air dry afterwards.


  • Allows you to clean the top of your vehicle with utmost ease
  • Does not scratch the paint as the milk fibers are non-abrasive
  • Relatively affordable at under $20


  • Despite being adjustable, the pole does not always lock in place when you’re using it
  • The mop head is fixed at a 45-degree angle (this can limit its range of movement)
  • A few passes might be needed to completely get rid of all of the dust and debris

4. Carrand Flow-Thru Quad Brush

The Carrand Flow Thru Brush is perfect for light SUV and truck cleaning. Equipped with an all-sided brush head, it can easily be used to clean and wash the surface of your vehicle. Similar to the other mops that we’ve mentioned, it also comes with a telescoping pole—one that securely locks in place when you’re cleaning. Ultimately, what sets it apart from the rest, however, is the fact that the brush can be directly attached to a water hose; this allows you to quickly get rid of grime that’s stuck on your car.

There is one thing though—the Carrand is a bit more expensive than some of the other models that we’ve mentioned. At the time of this writing, it sells for around $43 on Amazon.

Cleaning Ability

The Carrand Flow Thru makes washing your vehicle a breeze. The way the head is designed, you’ll be able to clean all of the nooks and crannies—something that many other mops have trouble with. On top of that, it allows you to clean under the bumpers without having to bend over excessively; the head also doesn’t loosen when you’re adding pressure. For the best results, you’ll want to attach a light hose to the brush, as a heavy one can make the whole thing a bit harder to control. Nonetheless, the fact that it can be used with a hose makes it very convenient.


  • The mop head can be attached directly to a hose; this allows you to clean and rinse with water
  • Comes with a volume switch that allows you to shut off the water directly from the brush
  • The bristles are great at getting rid of debris; they are also soft enough so that they leave no scratches
  • Easily fits in and cleans small spaces


  • The brush can get a bit heavy, especially when attached to a large hose
  • Some people have experienced leakage with the hose connector (there’s a real chance that you’ll get wet when using it)

5. Camco Wash Brush

The Camco Wash Brush comes with a wide bristle brush that packs plenty of cleaning power. Coupled with an adjustable handle, it does wonders at getting rid of dirt and grime. Perhaps the best part of all, however, is that the head locks in place; this ensures that it will not spin loose when it is in use; rubber corners also help to protect the paint. Last but not least, the brush comes with a built-in squeegee which allows you to clean your windows quickly and efficiently. Weighing in at two pounds, it is also incredibly lightweight. An affordable option, it can be purchased for just a little over $20.

Cleaning Ability

The Camco Wash Brush will easily cut your cleaning time by half. Similar to the Carrand Brush, the base of the handle can be connected to a standard hose; there is also an on/off switch that will allow you to control the flow of the water. Well constructed, it washes a good amount of dust and grime off the surface of your car. While soft, the bristles are dense enough for hard scrubbing without scratching. For caked-on dirt though, you might have to go over the area a few times. If you want, you can even unscrew the brush head and just use it for the water! There are also other attachments that you can buy for it on Amazon.


  • The base of the brush easily connects to a standard hose; there is also an on/off switch which allows you to control the water flow

  • Can be extended up to 71″ which allows you to clean the top of your vehicle with ease
  • The bristles are dense enough to clean, yet soft enough not to damage the paint of the car
  • Easy to hook up and use as it is very lightweight (a little over two pounds)


  • It can be difficult to control how much water comes out when the valve is switched on
  • Getting rid of tough stains might take longer as the bristles are very soft (i.e. it is not designed for scrubbing)
  • The area where the hose connects to the handle may leak from time to time

As you can see, there are a variety of tools that you can use for cleaning your car. While some feature mop heads, others come with brushes. Either way, they are designed to get rid of dirt and grime from the surface. Given that they’re used properly, they should not leave any scratches on the paint. If anything, using them should significantly cut down the amount of time that goes into cleaning your vehicle. Not just that, but it’ll save you money in the long run—after all, why give your business to a car wash when you can just do everything yourself? The mops and brushes that we highlighted above are also quite affordable; for the most parts, they can be purchased on Amazon for under $20. Considering that, there’s really nothing to lose. Why not give cleaning your vehicle a try?

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