Shark ION Robot Vacuum AV753 Review

Not a fan of mopping but want to keep the house clean? Then why not get a robot cleaner? They’ll do the job for you so that you won’t have to. Small and compact, they can easily reach under furniture and other tough-to-reach spots. Some can also operate as an automated robot vacuum. In other words, you’ll have one less thing to do!

Depending on the model, you might also be able to program it to run on select days. For example, you can set it so that it’ll clean every Tuesday. That way, your house will be kept clean without you actually having to do anything.

The only thing is that they can be expensive. Generally speaking, they start at about $200 and go up to $1,000, depending on the model. Obviously, the higher you go, the fancier they will be. For example, some have the ability to clean the dust bin themselves.

Thinking of giving these robots a try? Not sure which to get? How about the Shark ION AV753? It comes with multiple features and is pretty affordable. To learn more about how well it works, make sure to read the rest of our post!

The Shark ION Robot Vacuum AV753

Shark is a company that specializes in home devices and appliances. Based in Massachusetts, they sell a variety of products including mops, garment steamers, and irons. For those who are interested, you can check out their official website. Their products are also available at retailers such as Target, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart, and Amazon.

Product Description

The Shark ION AV753 is a robot cleaner that’s suitable for both carpets and hard floors. Featuring a Tri-Brush System, it is capable of handling debris on all surfaces. It also comes with a number of sensors that allow it to sense ledges, stairs, and furniture. It’s also compatible with the SharkClean app so you can control it with your smartphone.

What’s In the Box?

  • 1 Shark ION Robot
  • 1 Charging Dock
  • 2 Side Brushes
  • 1 HEPA Filter

There are three buttons at the top of the Shark ION robot. More specifically, there’s a clean button, dock button, and spot button. There’s also an error indicator and a WiFi indicator, the latter of which will illuminate blue when the unit is connected to the internet.

Like most robot vacuums, the dustbin is located at the back of the unit. To take it out, press the latch; it should slide right out. There’s also a HEPA filter on the inside of the bin, which you’ll have to replace every once in a while.

Then there’s the charging dock. Make sure to install it in a location that can be easily accessed by the robot. There shouldn’t be any objects beside or in front of the base. Also, it’s important that you keep the charging dock plugged in at all times, otherwise, the robot will not be able to automatically return to the base.

Next up are the side brushes. Basically, they’re the ones responsible for channeling dirt into the cleaning path. And for those who are wondering, you will have to install them out of the box. Start by turning the unit over. Align the hole in the center of the side brush over the brush post on the bottom of the unit and press down—it should snap into place. Repeat with the second brush.

Smart Features

Mobile App Control

The Shark ION AV753 is compatible with the SharkClean app. In other words, you can control it remotely via your smartphone. For example, you can use it to start or stop a cleaning session. There’s also the option of setting up a schedule so that it’ll run automatically on certain days.

High-Tech Sensors 

The Shark ION robot is equipped with high-tech cliff sensors at the bottom of the unit, which allow it to identify upcoming ledges and stairs in its path. Not only that, but it comes with proximity sensors that will prevent it from bumping into furniture and other objects.

Voice Control

The Shark ION robot features easy voice controls. Just connect it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and away you go.

Automatic Recharge 

The robot will automatically return to the charging dock once the battery reaches a certain level so you won’t have to worry about it “dying” while it’s running.

Pros of the Shark ION AV753

App Functions Well – The app comes with all the basic features that you need. You can use it to start the vacuum, set cleaning schedules, check the battery life, and more. It’ll also give you a notification if the robot gets stuck while cleaning.

Affordable Price – One of the greatest things about the Shark ION robot is its price. It’s much more affordable than some of the other cleaning robots out there at <$250

Decent Suction – The suction is pretty good. It will pick up food crumbs, hair, kitty litter, etc without any problems.

Low Profile – Its low profile means that it can easily fit and clean under the bed, sofa, and other furniture.

A Few Cons

Here are a few issues that people have experienced with the Shark ION AV753 Robot Vacuum:

No Mapping Feature

This model doesn’t come with a mapping feature so don’t expect it to clean every inch of the floor. In fact, it’s inevitable that there will be some missed spots. Also, because of the random cleaning pattern, it can take a while for the robot to navigate the whole house.

It’s Loud

The Shark ION robot can be loud. If anything, it’s almost comparable to that of a hairdryer on a low setting. In other words, you won’t want to be video conferencing with it nearby.

Average Battery Life

The battery life is average at best. Unless you live in a small home, it will have to go back to the dock for recharging after a while and since it doesn’t come with a recharge and resume feature, you’ll have to manually restart it afterward.

Trouble Returning to the Dock

The robot will have no problem returning home if it’s within 4 feet of the dock. Any farther, however, and it’ll have difficulty finding the charging dock.

It Gets Stuck Easily 

The Shark ION robot tends to get stuck easily. For example, it can get stuck underneath beds and sofas. Also, it can get caught on objects. Given that, it’s highly recommended that you vacuum-proof the house before starting a cleaning cycle.

Not Ideal For Carpeted Areas

This model isn’t really made for carpeted areas. Sure, it’ll go on no problem, but it won’t do a very good job of removing dirt and debris. In some cases, it can even get stuck when transitioning onto the new surface.

How to Use the Shark Ion Robot AV753

Start by charging the robot. Set the base on a hard, level surface and remove any objects that are closer than 3 feet from either side. Similarly, there shouldn’t be anything in front of the dock. Manually place the robot on the charging station, making sure that its charging pads are aligned with the charging contacts.

To start the robot, press the clean button on the unit (make sure that you’ve installed the side brushes). Alternatively, you can use the mobile app. If necessary, you can activate spot cleaning by pressing the spot button on the robot or on the mobile app.

Regular Maintenance

The dust bin on the back of the unit should be emptied after each use. The filter should also be cleaned weekly. The same goes for the main brushroll, side brushes, and front caster wheel.

Replacement Schedule:

Main brushroll: every 6-12 months
Side brushes: when visible worn
Dust bin filter: every 2-3 months
Front caster wheel: every 12 months

How Well Does It Clean?

The Shark ION robot works as described. The suction is powerful and will be enough to get rid of most debris including dust, food crumbs, and pet hair. With that said, it doesn’t replace a traditional vacuum. For one thing, you’ll still need to clean the edges and corners of the room manually (the device doesn’t do that well with corners).

Like we said earlier, though, it won’t map your house. In other words, it won’t cover the entire area—it will miss some spots here and there and that’s to be expected from such a model.

Who Would We Recommend It To?

  • Those who are looking for an affordable robot vacuum
  • Those who want something that can be controlled with a mobile app
  • Those who have pets

Cost and Pricing Information

The Shark ION Robot Vacuum is relatively affordable with a price tag of $219.99. In fact, it’s currently the cheapest robot cleaner that the company offers. Shipping fees are also waived if you purchase the unit from Amazon.

Parts and accessories are also available from their official website. For example, you can get extra side brushes, brush rolls, filters, or wheels. There are also boundary strips that you can get that’ll keep the robot in a certain area.

Our Take
The Shark ION Robot is an affordable option for those who are looking for a robot vacuum. Suitable for hard floors and carpets, it comes with an array of sensors that’ll prevent it from falling down stairs and ledges. It also features a Tri-Brush System, which allows it to tackle most debris. The only thing is that unlike some of the more expensive models, it doesn’t come with a mapping feature. As such, it will clean in a random pattern. It can also have difficulty returning to the dock sometimes. Still, for its price, it’s a decent machine, especially for those who have pets.
Easy to Use
Smart Features
Value (Price)
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Affordable price
Can be used on hardwood and carpet
Decent suction
Can have trouble returning home
No mapping feature
Can get stuck easily

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