Sevenmax Spray Mop Review

Cleaning your home can be a time consuming and frustrating task, particularly if the tools you have to do the job are not suited to your needs. Fortunately the cleaning products market is a highly competitive one, offering us a wide selection of mops and brooms, but it also leaves us with an often confusing choice to make when selecting which cleaning product is the ideal one to buy.

Today I’ll be taking a look at the Sevenmax Spray Mop, which comes complete with 2 washable microfiber pads. This flat mop is promoted as being suitable for all floor types, particularly hardwood floors, laminate wood floors, and ceramic tiles. Spray mops offer the option of dispensing water or a cleaning solution onto the floor in front of a mop in order to help with grease and more stubborn stains, but how effective is this particular spray mop on all types of surfaces, and exactly how good is it at cleaning a variety of stains and spills? Read on as I find out.

The Sevenmax Spray Mop

I attempted to find information about Sevenmax, the company behind this product, but completely failed to do so. Not only do they appear to have no website, but they also have no other type of online presence at all. I did discover that the spray mop is the only item from the company on sale apart from replacement microfiber pads, on Amazon or anywhere else, so in this case I can offer no information about Sevenmax.

I did however notice that the product description mentions Forspeeder Spray Mops, and found a spray Mop available from Forspeeder, which although similar, is not in any way an identical product, although in many ways it is very similar and the product description is as well. Beyond that I was unable to find much else out about either company. I did discover that Sevenmax is a trademark used by a Chinese company and elements of the product description did lead me to suspect that both Sevenmax and Forspeeder are companies supplying Chinese goods, but that’s only my opinion. I would suggest you read the product description on Amazon for yourself.

What’s Included

  • Three part aluminium mop handle
  • Clean solution bottle with spray nozzle
  • Plastic Mop head
  • 2 Reusable and machine washable microfiber cleaning pads

The Sevenmax Spray Mop does require assembly before use, however there are full instructions on how to put it together and they appear to be fairly clear. Several reviewers did note that it was a fairly simple process to assemble the mop and one managed it in under a minute. No complaints about problems with assembling the mop were reported by any of the reviewers, even those that did encounter other problems. As the mop is fully disassembled when sent, the package is approximately the size of a shoe box, which one reviewer noted was particularly useful when storing it for extended periods of time

Build quality

The main question that you will probably be asking yourself before you spend your money on any cleaning product is whether it is worth the price, and how long a mop is likely to last is one of the biggest factors to consider. The materials used for manufacturing mop handles are usually either aluminium or stainless steel, stainless steel is the strongest, and guaranteed not to rust, but it does make your mop a lot heavier.

The Sevenmax Spray Mop handle is made from aluminium, and although that may be less durable in terms of heavier cleaning, it is lightweight, and this product does weigh in at an extremely impressive 1.4 lbs. Many reviewers of this product noted that they were surprised by how light the product was when they first received it, and although some assumed that light equals flimsy and cheap, that is not necessarily the case with the Sevenmax Spray Mop. Although such a light item is not going to be suitable for really heavy duty cleaning or commercial uses, it does have a few other nifty features that increase its cleaning capability beyond its weight, thereby leaving you less reliant on using a lot of effort when cleaning.

The Spray bottle has a generous capacity of 21 oz, and it attaches to the handle by screwing it in, making it fairly sturdy once it is connected. The product description claims that strong chemicals can be used, or alternatively it can be used with just water or a cleaning solution. The spray mechanism doesn’t require a power source, as it is used with a trigger that allows you to use as much or as little cleaning solution as you wish. The spray activation trigger is contained within the ergonomic handle at the top of the mop handle.

The mop head is rectangular, and slightly tapered to be longer at the front edge. The mop head is 4.75 inches long, and width-wise it is 15 inches wide at the front, tapering down to 13.5 inches at the rear. The mop head is attached to the handle by way of a plastic hinge and is able to swivel around a full 360 degrees in any direction. As shown in the picture below, this does give the the user the ability to use any type of cleaning position for difficult to reach places such as under furniture, as well as cleaning windows, and even ceilings. The mop can can also be stored with the mop head flat against the handle for easy storage.

The two pads that come with the Sevenmax Spray Mop are made from microfiber, our recommended mop type. Microfibers are super absorbent and great with greasy stains, so combined with the ability to add the cleaning solution of your choice at any time while cleaning, this mop does offer quite a variety of cleaning abilities, despite the lightness of its design. The pads attach to the hard plastic mop head with velcro, and are fully machine washable. Overall I found no complaints about the quality of the pads and nearly all the reviewers did consider them to be more than good enough for most household cleaning applications. Being microfiber, the pads can be cleaned easily with warm, soapy water, and they also have the advantage of drying fairly quickly when hung up.

Of the 65 customer reviews for the Sevenmax Spray Mop on, 88% of them are positive, with either four or five stars. Many users were surprised at first by how light the mop was, but then pleasantly surprised that the product was both versatile and effective on a range of surfaces. Of the small percentage of negative reviews there were a variety of complaints, but none that appeared several times. Two reviewers noted that the spray storage bottle was too small for the job, and although the product description does not specify whether the 21 ounces it holds are imperial fluid ounces, where 20 oz equals one pint, or US fluid ounces, where 16 oz equals one pint, either way the capacity is at least equal to one pint.

Several reviewers compared the Sevenmax Spray Mop favorably to other spray mops on the market, with more than a few of them remarking that other similar products had leaked from the spray bottle when stored upside down, or that the spray had stopped working after a while. All of them found that the Sevenmax Spray system was able to produce a fine mist of spray even after prolonged use, and if there were any signs of clogging or blocking of the spray nozzle, then a solution of warm soapy water cleaned it up and restored it to full working functionality.

One reviewer found the handle too small and uncomfortable and another found it sharp. One reviewer noted that the cleaning solution bottle leaked on the second use and one reviewer’s mop broke on the second time of using, but with those exceptions, all other reviewers found this to be a reasonably efficient mop that did the job and cleaned reasonably well.

In summary this is not a mop for heavy duty cleaning jobs, but the microfiber pads, a reasonably wide mop head, and the cleaning solution on demand leave it able to clean efficiently and quickly in most domestic cleaning situations.

Does it Clean Well?

As I noted above, most reviewers of the Sevenmax Spray Mop found it equal to the task of cleaning their household surfaces. Not only did most find it perfectly efficient on wooden floors, but ceramic tiles were also perfectly suited for it. As a domestic household cleaner it has left many customers satisfied as a bathroom or kitchen cleaner, but as the mop head is able to swivel through all 360 degrees in any direction, several found it useful as a cleaner for their windows, aided by the easy application of cleaning solution to high up areas. Several reviewers noted that the ability to use their own cleaning solutions made the whole process very convenient for them, and this appeared to make the Sevenmax Spray Mop very versatile, and suitable for a wide range of cleaning needs. The only restriction that the cleaning solution container appears to have, is that it may well be damaged if boiling liquids are used.

A few reviewers did note that the mop did need to be run over a floor a couple of times in order to clean it to their satisfaction, but overall it did seem fairly versatile, and easy to use due to its lightweight design. Several reviewers noted that it dealt with pet hairs, wooden floors and tiled surfaces with ease. Others were particularly impressed with how easy it made their daily cleaning routine due to the light weight design and variable mopping position.

All in all this mop is not a miracle worker and it is probably not the best mop for heavy duty cleaning, or commercial and industrial applications, but it can be a perfect mop for cleaning around the home on a variety of surfaces and for a range of spills and greasy stains. As one reviewer put it, ‘It’s not fancy, but it does the job’.

Cost & Pricing Information

The Sevenmax Spray Mop comes complete with two microfiber pads for a total of $19.99, which for a spray mop is a reasonably good price. Other spray mops may well be constructed with greater durability in mind, but with care and careful cleaning this mop has given several users good service for over a year with no problems. Other spray mops generally retail for around $20 to $35 so overall this is a competitively priced and slightly cheaper alternative.

The velcro patches attached to the bottom of the mop head allow for a range of replacement pads to be used. A three pack of machine washable microfiber pads suitable for the Sevenmax Spray Mop are available on at the current time for $9.99 from Sevenmax, which again is a fairly good price for microfiber pads at only $3.33 each, so overall as long as you take care of this product and don’t expect it to deal with too much, it has the potential to be a relatively cheap and versatile household cleaner with a long lifespan.

To check out this product on and see all currently available discounts and promotions, click here.

Sevenmax Spray Mop – Is It Worth It?

Build Quality6
Value (Price)7.5
Reader Rating0 Votes0
Ideal for light cleaning around the home on a variety of surfaces
lightweight design and hinged mop head makes cleaning easy and convenient in hard to reach places
Good price compared to other spray mops
Not suitable for heavy cleaning or commercial use
Not the most durable of mops
Our Take
Although the Sevenmax Spray Mop is not the most durable mop in the World, it has been well received by many users. The versatility of the product is aided by the spray mechanism, and the extremely light weight of the product has impressed many who found it easy and convenient to clean with. Perhaps not the sturdiest spray mop on the market, but a good versatile product with plenty of applications on a variety of surfaces. All in all I'm left with the impression that this is a hidden gem that's perfect for a good clean around the home with a mimimum of fuss

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