Pure Enrichment PureClean Steam Cleaner Review

Why should you use a steam cleaner? It’s safe, eco-friendly, and effective. For one thing, it can kill up to 99% of all germs. Not only that, but it can be used to eliminate odors as well and all you need is water!

Did we also mention that it’s versatile? You can use them to clean stovetops, walls, bathroom sinks, windows, and more. That’s not all, they’re also great for cleaning and sanitizing the floor. It’ll get rid of dust mites, surface mold, and any other thing that might have accumulated on the surface.

And they’re pretty affordable too. You can easily get a steam cleaner for under $150 and that includes the Pure Enrichment Pure Clean Steam Cleaner, which we’ll be reviewing in this post. How many steam settings are there? Does it come with any add-ons? How effective is it? Keep reading to find out!

The Pure Enrichment PureClean Steam Cleaner

Pure Enrichment was founded in 2010. Based in Santa Ana, California, the company sells a variety of products including steam cleaners, humidifiers, air purifiers, aroma diffusers, dehumidifies, salt lamps, fans, and more. Aside from their official website, which offers free shipping on orders over $50, they also have an Amazon store.

Product Description

The PureClean Steam Cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used on floors, cars, windows, grout lines, and more. Small and compact, it can easily be stored in between uses. Not only that, but it comes with a built-in cord wrap at the back so there won’t be any clutter.

And as far as the actual machine goes, it comes with all the essentials that you need to clean both indoors and outdoors. Not only that, but the mop head is triangular in shape, which allows it to fit in corners and around furniture for easy cleaning. Just let it heat up and it’ll produce continuous steam for up to 45 minutes.

Note: The company offers a 5-year manufacture’s warranty if you register the machine on their website.

What’s In the Box?

  • 1 PureClean Steam Cleaner
  • 2 Extension Wands
  • 1 Mop Head
  • 2 Microfiber Mop Pads
  • 10 Different Attachments
  • 1 Measuring Cup and Funnel

Assembly: Attach the extension wand to the main nozzle (assuming that you’re using it as a steam mop). Next, attach the mop head. From there, you can put on one of the microfiber mop pads. As for the other attachments go, you can attach them directly to the main nozzle.

The PureClean steam cleaner unit is very straightforward. There’s a spot for you to place the nozzle/handle at the top and there are wheels at the bottom so you won’t have to lug the machine around while you’re cleaning. To access the water tank, twist off the cap. You can add water by using the provided measuring cup and funnel (the tank isn’t removable).

And as mentioned above, it comes with a mop head and two microfiber mop pads. Simply align the latter onto the base- there are plastic velcro strips that will hold the fabric in place.

In terms of accessories, it comes with a triangle brush, steam jet nozzle, squeegee, nylon utility brush (x5), brass utility brush, and a scrub pad. In other words, you can use the steam cleaner to sanitize a variety of surfaces- you just have to switch the attachments. Keep in mind, however, that it doesn’t include a storage bag so you’ll have to find a place to put all of the accessories. The same goes for the extra mop pad; you’ll want to keep it somewhere safe so you can use it when you need it.

Build Quality

Let’s face it- not all steam cleaners are created equal. Just look at some of the reviews and you’ll see that some are better built than others. That’s why it’s so important to do your research beforehand. And if you can, try to see the product in person before making a decision- it’ll give you better insight as to how well it’s built.

How Well Built is the PureClean Steam Cleaner?

The PureClean Steam Cleaner is mostly plastic- that includes the handle, wheels, cord holder, and boiler. In other words, it can be a bit flimsy. Sure, it works, it probably won’t be something that you’ll be using for many years. Oh, and the attachment pieces can wear out over time as well, especially the utility brushes.

Pros of the Pure Enrichment PureClean Steam Cleaner

Good Heat/Pressure – The machine produces hot steam. If anything, it’s much hotter than other mops in the same price range. Also, it has good pressure, which makes cleaning different surfaces easy.

Steam Lock Button – This model comes with a lock button on the handle. In other words, you won’t have to hold down the trigger for steam to come out, which is the case for most steam cleaners.

5-Year Warranty: Pure Enrichment offers a 5-year warranty for their steam cleaner. If anything happens, you can get it fixed or replaced for free- just contact their customer service team.

Large Water Tank: The water tank can hold up to 1.5 liters of water so you won’t have to refill it constantly while you’re using it.

Many Accessories: The PureClean comes with various attachments, which makes the machine that much more versatile. They’re also easy to use with the nozzle.

Versatile: The steam cleaner can safely be used on ceramic tile, laminate floors, upholstery, carpets and more. Keep in mind, however, that there aren’t any specific instructions on how to use it on carpet.

A Few Drawbacks

The Pure Enrichment Steam Cleaner has a few flaws, which we’ll be outlining below.

Not Designed For Fabrics 

The PureClean isn’t designed for fabrics. For one thing, it generates a lot of steam. If you’re moving it too slowly, the fabric will get soaked. Also, none of the attachments that it comes with are meant for fabric so it’s probably not the best thing to use for furniture, clothing, etc.

Handle Tends to Get Very Hot

The handle is made of thin plastic and for this reason, it can get uncomfortably hot when the machine is turned on. It would be better if they added a bit of insulation to the area.

No Pressure Gauge/Water Indicator

The PureClean doesn’t come with a pressure gauge so you won’t know when it’s ready to be used. Similarly, it doesn’t come with a water indicator so you won’t know there’s no water left until it runs out while you’re cleaning.

Quality of Utility Brushes

The small utility brushes aren’t very durable. If anything, they’ll die after a couple of uses. The bristles simply can’t stand up to the heat of the steam. Fortunately, replacement brushes are available.

Missing Parts

Several people on Amazon have received the product with missing parts so be sure to check that you’ve got everything.

Quality of Plastic

We mentioned this in the previous section but the plastic is fairly thin. Only time will tell how long it’ll last.

Short Cord

The cord isn’t very long. Chances are, you’ll have to move it to another outlet while cleaning, which can be annoying.

Short Handle

The handle isn’t very long- you’ll have to bend over to use it (even if you’re of average height) and that can lead to back pain after a while. Given that, we wouldn’t recommend it for taller individuals.

How Well Does It Clean?

The PureClean Steam Cleaner is effective for the most parts. The steam is hot and it’s highly pressurized, which makes it easy to remove grime from various surfaces. The mop head also works well with the mop pads for floor-cleaning purchases. The only thing is that the utility brushes aren’t very durable- you’ll like have to get them replaced after a few uses.

Who Would We Recommend It To?

  • People who are looking for a machine with good steam/heat
  • People who have ceramic tile, laminate floor or sealed hardwood
  • People who live in small apartments or houses (the machine is very compact and easy to store)

Cost and Pricing Information

The Pure Enrichment PureClean Steam Cleaner retails for $139.99, however, it’s been discounted to as low as $100. Shipping is also free if you buy it from Amazon. Just keep in mind that it’s not always in stock. In fact, it’s ‘currently unavailable’ at the time of this writing.

And for those who are wondering, refills are available from their site. For example, you can get extra microfiber pads for the mop head. Extra attachments are also available, however, you may have to contact their customer service first.

Our Take
The Pure Enrichment PureClean Steam Cleaner is a versatile tool that you can use on ceramic tiles, upholstery, windows, walls, and more. Equipped with a 1.5-liter water boiler, it’s capable of producing continuous steam for up to 45 minutes. It also comes with a variety of attachments including a steam jet nozzle, squeeze, scrub pad, brass utility brush, and more. Not only that, but there’s a built-in cord wrap at the back so you can tuck it away for clutter-free storage. Plus, the unit itself is fairly small and compact!
Easy to Use
Steam Power
Value (Price)
Reader Rating0 Votes
Highly pressurized steam
Large water tank
Includes many attachments
Handle can get hot
Quality of plastic could be better

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