OApier Steam Mop Review

By mopping frequently, you’ll be able to prevent dust, pet dander, and other allergens from accumulating on the floor, all of which can negatively impact your health. How often should you clean? It depends but generally speaking, you want to mop high-traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms at least once a week.

Another thing that you want to consider is the type of mop that you’re using. After all, they’re not all the same. Some common varieties include the microfiber mop, sponge mop, dust mop, and spin mop. The steam mop is popular as well. For those who don’t know, they work by producing steam under pressure. Ultimately, it’s this water vapor that’s used to clean the floor. That’s right, there’s no need for chemicals—water is all that you need. Due to its high temperature, it’s actually capable of killing most microbes including bacteria and viruses. Not only that, but the steam can also be used to deodorize surfaces. If anything, that’s what makes it such an attractive option for many.

And on this page, we’ll be taking a look at the OApier steam mop. How many heat settings does it have? Does it come with any accessories? What kind of surfaces can you use it on? We’ll be addressing all of these questions and more below—so be sure to read until the end!

The OApier Steam Mop

OApier is a brand that you can only find on Amazon (i.e. you can’t find their steam mop anywhere else). And from the looks of it, they only sell this one product. Despite that, they seem to have earned themselves a good reputation with a four and a half star rating.

The OApier S5 Steam Mop features a lightweight design that allows for easy cleaning. Easy to use, all you have to do is add water and it’ll turn into steam within 20 seconds. The water tank is relatively large as well so you won’t have to keep refilling it while you’re mopping. The best part? You can use it on hardwood floors, laminate, tiles, vinyl, and more. The mop pads are washable too so you won’t be contributing to the landfill.

What’s Included

Here’s a list of what you’ll get with the S5.

  • 1 Steam Mop
  • 1 Mop Pad
  • 1 Water Tank
  • 1 Measuring Cup

Assembly: The OApier S5 Steam Mop is very easy to assemble. In fact, you can probably get it done within minutes. Basically, all you have to do is attach the handle to the base. From there, put the microfiber pad on the bottom using the velcro strip. When in doubt, you can always refer to the instruction manual that it comes with. 

First and foremost, there’s the unit itself. As you can see from the images, it does have a rectangular-look to it. And like most steam mops, the water tank is incorporated in the body. In other words, you can’t exactly refill it at the sink. Instead, you have to put water directly into the reservoir and to do that, you have to open up the small lid at the top. Given how small the hole is, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the measuring cup that they provide you with—it’ll make the task a little easier.

Finally, there’s the mop pad. Unfortunately, however, they only provide you with one so you won’t have an extra head to work with. With that said, it is reusable like we mentioned earlier, so it should be enough to last you a bit. And for those who are wondering, they do sell extra mop pads—you just have to search for them on Amazon.

Build Quality

Build quality is especially important for steam mops. Why? Because they have to deal with high temperatures. The last thing that you want is for the plastic to melt off with regular use. That’s why it’s so important to double-check the product’s construction before making a purchase. The same thing goes for the handle—you want it to be metal, not plastic. Trust me, the former will last you a lot longer.

How well built is the OApier Steam Mop? Well, for one thing, it does have a metal handle. The exact type of metal is unknown but at least it’s more durable than its plastic counterparts. With that said, the main unit is made of plastic, which is usually how it is with these kinds of mops.

As for the mop pads, they attach easily onto the base, however, they are a bit on the thin side (more on this later). That’s not to say that they don’t do a good job of cleaning, though. They do get quite damp, which allows them to remove dust and other debris from the floor. They also hold up with regular washes as long as you don’t put them in the dryer.

Some Drawbacks with the OApier Steam Mop

The OApier steam mop isn’t perfect in that it does have a few flaws. Here’s what you need to know.

Getting Rid of Extra Water Isn’t Easy

Filling the water tank is convenient given that they provide you with a measuring cup, however, emptying it is not so easy. Seeing as how the reservoir is part of the mop, you can’t take it out to get rid of the water. Instead, you have to lift the whole thing and put it upside down. Not only is it tedious, but it requires you to have the arm strength to do it.

It Only Comes With One Mopping Pad

Unlike other steam mops, which provide you with more than one mop head, the S5 only comes with one. If you want extras, you’ll have to pay for them. Having said that, you can get way with just using a towel; it’ll stick to the velcro just the same.

The Mop Can Be Hard to Push

The steam mop is lightweight, however, it’s not exactly the easiest to push. In fact, it can be rather difficult, especially when you’ve got a tank full of water. The mop head doesn’t swivel either so you’ll have to move it along manually when you’re cleaning the floor.

You Have to Pump It to Get the Steam Going

The way the steam mop is designed, you have to “pump” it to get the steam to come out. And while it works, it can get tiring quickly (it won’t create any steam if you’re not pumping it). It would be much easier to use if the steam comes out continuously all the time.

It Doesn’t Come With a Carpet Slider

The S5 Steam Mop doesn’t come with a carpet slider. In other words, you can only use it on hard floors (you’ll want to avoid rugs as well). Even if you want to get the accessory tool, it can be hard to find online.

The Steam Only Comes From the Center

The steam only comes out from the center of the mop head. In other words, it’s mostly the middle of the microfiber pad that gets wet, which means that it won’t be able to clean as efficiently on the edges.

The Mopping Pad Is Thin

We mentioned this earlier but the mopping pad is definitely on the thin side—so don’t expect it to be super absorbent. It does do what it’s supposed to do, though.

Does It Clean Well?

The steam itself is great at loosening and removing stains. Like we mentioned above, however, the microfiber cloth is a little on the thin side, which means that it can only absorb so much water before it becomes too wet. Not only that, but the steam only comes out from the center of the base, which leaves the sides kind of dry. 

The microfiber pad itself, however, is easy to clean. Given how thin it is, you can easily wash it by hand after each use. Of course, you can also throw it in the washing machine. Just remember not to put it in the dryer as the heat can damage the material.

Cost and Pricing Information

The OApier Steam Mop is relatively affordable with a price tag of $39.99. As with most products that are on Amazon, shipping is also free, as are returns if you decide to change your mind afterward. And seeing as how it’s a steam mop, you won’t have to buy any extras such as cleaners, etc. All you need is water!

Having said that, there are add-ons that you can get such as the carpet glider, which will let you use the steam mop on carpet. In addition to that, there are extra mop pads that you can get as well.

The OApier steam mop is a lightweight machine that allows you to clean a variety of surfaces such as hardwood, laminate, and tiles, with the power of steam. Featuring a 450ml water tank, you won’t have to keep refilling while you’re cleaning. Not only that, but it heats up fast—simply wait 20 seconds and it’ll be ready to go. And when you’re finished, you can take off the mop head and throw it in the washer so that it will be ready for your next mopping section.

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