O-Cedar Heavy Duty Looped-End String Mop Review

A clean and tidy house is vital for our health. For most of us, however, cleaning the floor isn’t exactly fun. Still, it’s something that we have to do from time to time to keep dirt and dust bunnies at bay. Luckily, the chore isn’t as tedious as it once was with modern innovations. For instance, we can vacuum away dirt or scrub away stains with a carpet cleaner. Mops—a tool that has been used for centuries—is also great for getting rid of gunk on the floor. Made out of various absorbent materials, they are often safe to use for many floor types including granite, stone, tile, and hardwood. Best of all, they are relatively affordable.

Traditional cotton mops are a solid choice in that they are both lightweight and absorbent; they are also relatively low maintenance. If anything, they are one of the most economical options out there. Today, we will be taking a look at the O-Cedar Heavy Duty Loop-Ended String Mop. Is it made to be durable? How effective is it for big spills? Can it be used wet and dry? These are some of the questions that we’ll be considering in our product review. Hopefully, by the end of it, you will be able to determine whether or not it’s the mop for you.

The O-Cedar Heavy Duty Loop-Ended String Mop

O-Cedar is one of the most recognized manufacturers of cleaning products in the United States. Founded in 1906, the company initially made themselves known for their cleaning polishes and waxes; it wasn’t until later on that they expanded to conventional brooms and mops. Since then, they’ve come out with many new innovations including The Angler Broom, the Twist ’N Mop Self-Wringing Mop, and the Power Strip Sponge Mop. Today, the brand operates from two different facilities, one in Springfield, Ohio, and another in Paxton, Illinois. Their tools can be found at several big-name retailers including Target, ACE Hardware, Lowe’s, and Walmart.

The O-Cedar Heavy Duty Loop-Ended String Mop is designed for both home and commercial cleaning. Meant for wet mopping, it features a double looped-end construction, which prevents the strands from fraying, even with rigorous use. Aside from the mop head, it comes with a handle that is built to be robust and durable. Whether you’re cleaning a small or a large area, you can count on it to do the job well. At just a little over two pounds, the mop is also lightweight and easy to maneuver around furniture.

What’s Included

As you might be able to tell from the picture, the loop-ended string mop is quite simplistic in its design. Here’s what you will be getting:

  • 1 Heavy Duty Cotton Mop Head
  • 1 Metal Handle

Essentially, it only comes with two different things. Now, the mop head is in a separate packaging so you will need to put the unit together. It’s very straightforward though—just insert the mop through the bottom; you can then tighten it in place with the lock nut. In total, the entire process should just take you a few seconds. Don’t worry, it does come with instructions if you need it.

To get you started, the mop comes with one cotton head. To attach it, you’ll want to use the clamp that’s on the bottom of the unit. Just open it up, put the head in, and snap it together tightly. Provided that it’s placed properly, it should remain stationary as you clean. Unsurprisingly, it is washable. When it comes time to do so, just remove the head from the mop by loosening the bar on the top. Unless you want to have a tangled mess, though, we recommend that you do not put it into the washing machine. Instead, you should wash it by hand with a bit of soap and water. Given how large it is, it may take a while to dry completely. However, that shouldn’t be a big issue as it’s used for wet mopping anyway. 

As far as the metal handle goes, it attaches to the bottom of the unit as described earlier. As a reminder, you’ll want to make sure that the clamp is tight on the mop head, otherwise, there is a chance that it will loosen when you begin to mop.

You might have noticed, but there is one other thing that you need that isn’t provided—the bucket. As it is, the O-Cedar Heavy Duty Loop-Ended String Mop does not come with a container for you to rinse and wring the head with. In general, however, you can use any type of pail as long as it’s large for the 26 oz. cotton head. If necessary, though, you could get one of their buckets that are sold separately. You can find the ones that are available for purchase on their official website.

Build Quality

As a consumer, we should always examine a product thoroughly before making a purchase. At the end of the day, the goal is to buy something that’s worth the money—something that will not fall apart in just a matter of days. This applies to mops as well. When you’re shopping for a cleaning tool, you want to make sure that the materials it’s made out of are actually durable and sturdy. After all, nothing’s worse than buying a flimsy mop, one that you can’t use but takes up precious space in the house. 

The O-Cedar Heavy Duty Looped-End String Mop consists of a metal handle (exact alloy unknown), which is attached to a plastic clamp at the bottom. Despite being made out of plastic (which actually prevents it from rusting), however, the grip is incredibly strong—even for the industry’s standards. As mentioned earlier, there is also a screw at the top which can be used to control the tightness of the bar that holds the cotton head in place. For hanging and storage purposes, there is also a small hook at the end of the mop.

As far as the cotton head goes, it is thick and heavy. If anything, it definitely lives up to its name of being heavy duty. Ultimately, what distinguishes it from other cotton heads is the fact that it features a double looped-end construction; that is, the end of each strand has a small loop, which helps to prevent it from fraying—a common issue with cotton mops—over time. Personally, I find that it does work better compared to traditional cotton mops. Once you’re done cleaning an area, just dunk the head into a bucket of water (or cleaner), wring it, and you’ll be ready for the next room. 

Some Possible Issues with the O-Cedar Heavy Duty Looped-End String Mop

As wonderful as it is, however, there are a few things that you should know about the mop before you buy it. We will be going over some of the more common issues below. It’s important to remember, however, that these problems do not occur in all of the units.

One of the most common complaints with the mop is that the clamp does not keep the cotton head in place. More specifically, it tends to “open up”, which leads it to slide around on the floor (obviously, that’s not good when you’re trying to clean). If this happens when you ’re mopping, you might want to try adjusting the position of the cotton head before re-tightening it with the screw feature.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it is bulky and heavy. After all, it is a commercial heavy duty grade mop. Depending on your cleaning needs, though, this can either be good or bad. For instance, it can be great if you’re strong and want to clean a large space; if you just want to clean up a minor spill, however, it might be easier to just use something smaller. If you’ve ever used a mop back in the day, you’ll know that it’s one of the closest things to it.

Given that the individual strands are “heavy” and dense, it’s not surprising to know that the cotton mop can be difficult to wring. Ultimately, it will require a bit of power and strength. If the thought of that doesn’t appeal to you, you might want to get something that’s easier to wring out—perhaps something with a self-wringing mechanism. Alternatively, you can also get a bucket with a built-in wringer; that way, the bucket will do half of the job for you and it won’t be as tiring.

Since it’s difficult to wring out properly, the mop tends to leave excess water on the ground (paper towels, anyone?). In some cases, there may also be streak marks. Obviously, this is counterproductive when you’re trying to mop away the dirt and grime from the floor. In the end, the only way to prevent this from happening is to make sure that it is wrung thoroughly.

If you feel that you have a flawed product (e.g. a clamp that doesn’t close properly), you can always contact O-Cedar’s customer service team. At the very least, they’ll be able to offer you some insight on the situation. Who knows, you might even get yourself a free replacement.

Does it Clean Well?

If you don’t mind the fact that it’s bulky and heavy, the O-Cedar Heavy Duty Looped-End String Mop does an excellent job of cleaning. The way it’s built, the heavy strands are great at getting rid of dirt from corners and under furniture. In addition to that, it can be used for stubborn sports—just put pressure onto it to scrub. The fact that it has looped ends also means that the fibers won’t get caught on cabinets and dressers.

Considering how heavy it is, though, it’s probably not the ideal choice if you just want to clean up a cup of spilt apple juice. Personally, I would only recommend it if you are strong and want something that will be able to clean a large area. While effective, it requires quite a bit of energy to use, especially for long periods of time. For this reason, it’s probably best for commercial or industrial use. If you wanted to, however, you could use it in your house (it’s actually quite compact despite the large head)—just make sure that you’ll be able to wring it out properly!

Overall, the mop can be a great tool if you have enough strength in your hands. As you can imagine, the cotton head can be used on an array of surfaces including tile, marble, hardwood, granite, vinyl, and linoleum—pretty much anything except for carpet. While it can mop up animal hair, your best bet is probably to vacuum the floor beforehand; that way, the hair won’t get stuck in the cotton because trust me, it can be difficult to get rid of all of it afterwards. 

Cost and Pricing Information

The O-Cedar Heavy Duty Looped-End String Mop is reasonable when it comes to price. Currently, you can get it for around $30 on Amazon. Generally speaking, these types of mops go for anywhere between $20 to $35. Considering that, it’s really not too expensive for what it is. Unfortunately, however, it’s no longer available for purchase through O-Cedar’s official website as it is one of the older models; instead, they have a new type of standard cotton mop that sells for $6.50.

Like most mops, it will require you to get refills every now and then. Unless it’s on the verge of dying with significant fraying, however, you likely won’t need to replace the cotton head. If you want it to last longer, remember not to put it into the wash; instead, you want to always hand wash it with soap and water. Honestly, putting it into the washing machine is probably the easiest way of killing the head so avoid that at all costs. When the times comes, though, you can get refills on Amazon for $16.99 (two-pack). Doing the math, this works out to be approximately $8.50 each, which is a decent price for a mop head.

The other thing that you will need to get is a bucket. As mentioned earlier, the O-Cedar Heavy Duty Looped-ended String Mop does not come with one—you will have to provide your own. Luckily, you can pretty much use anything as long as it’s big enough for the head. If you wanted to get one from O-Cedar, though, you could—you’ll just have to buy it separately. As a matter of fact, they have several different ones to choose from. Given how it can be difficult to wring, it might be a good idea to go for their QuickWring Bucket, which features a special mop wringer.

The O-Cedar Heavy Duty Looped-End String Mop Overall – Is It Worth It?

Our Take
The O-Cedar Looped-End String Mop is an excellent choice for those who want something that’s suitable for heavy duty cleaning. Ultimately, it is unique from other mops in that it features a looped-end construction; this will prevent the individual strands from fraying over time. Not only is it robust, but it’s fairly easy to use—all you have to do is secure the cotton mop head using the clamp at the bottom. From there, you can just mop away! Of course, there are a few things that you should know about the mop. For one thing, it is bulky and heavy, much more so than most of the other string mops out there. In addition to that, it can be difficult to wring. If you have the strength, however, it can do wonders at cleaning the floor.
Easy to Use
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Great for heavy duty cleaning
Cotton mop head is very absorbent
Built to be long lasting
Bulky and heavy
Can be difficult to wring
Tends to leave excess water on the floor

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