O-Cedar 3D Smart Mop with Telescopic Handle Review

Before you spend your hard-earned cash on any cleaning product you want to know if it’s going to be worth it in the long run. Price, durability and how effectively it cleans are all things to consider, but how convenient and easy any particular product is to use is another big consideration, particularly if you don’t want to be plunging your hands into dirty water, or if you have a large area filled with stubborn stains to get clean every day. Today I’m going to be looking at the O-Cedar 3D Smart Mop with Telescopic Handle, and with O-Cedar the emphasis is usually on making your household cleaning routine as easy and hassle free as possible, so without further ado, let’s get right into it.

The 3D Smart Mop with Telescopic Handle by O-Cedar

Since the early 1960’s O-Cedar have been supplying a range of household cleaning products including mops, brooms, sponges and scrubbers and other tools. The company has always made an effort to produce cleaning products that make cleaning easier, more efficient, and more convenient for the user. The company motto of ‘Easy Cleaning for real living’ reflects this aim, and you may well know them for the company jingle of ‘O-Cedar makes your life easier’.

Since 2003 O-Cedar have been a part of the German owned Freudenberg Group that supply a huge range of goods, including not only household and industrial cleaning products, but also everything from building materials to telecommunications equipment.

What’s Included

  • Lightweight aluminium and plastic telescopic mop handle
  • 3D Smart Mop head

The O-Cedar 3D Smart Mop with Telescopic Handle has been designed as a lightweight domestic cleaner with a variety of cleaning applications available due to the variety of materials used in the mop head, but have O-Cedar sacrificed durability and quality in order to bring the consumer such a lightweight cleaning product?

Build quality

There are only two factors that really define whether any cleaning product is worth the cost, and they are the quality of materials used in construction, and how well the product has been made. With mop handles, aluminium and Stainless steel are the two main options, stainless steel is far stronger, but also much heavier, and due to the aim of supplying a super lightweight alternative, O-Cedar have opted for an aluminium and plastic mix for this particular product.

The handle is without a doubt, extremely light. In total the weight of the entire mop, even with the mop head attached, is only 1.55 pounds, which is as far as I can tell, is one of the lightest mops on the market. The handle is aluminium on the bottom section, with a plastic section at the top. When first received the plastic section extends over the aluminium section to reduce package size, and the mop handle is only 32 inches long, but by twisting the handle it extends to a fairly generous 56 inches, more than enough for any six footers out there.

A few users did appear to have problems with using the telescopic extension on the mop handle, with one remarking that the mop was ‘REALLY short’. One user even posted the picture above to prove how short the mop actually was, but the picture does clearly show that the handle has not been lengthened as the aluminium portion is hardly visible. One or two customers did remark that the handle would not twist to allow them to increase the length of the handle, or that the handle would get stuck in the shortest position, but a far greater number of customers appear to have had no problems at all.

One satisfied reviewer, a gentleman aged 69, of six feet three, and with a bad back, remarked that he was completely able to scrub his floor without bending over at all. He also noted that the incredible lightness of the mop as a whole was a huge advantage when cleaning the mop head in his sink. The lightness of the mop was a common theme for many of the satisfied customers of this product, with several of them noting how easy it made cleaning around the home.

O-Cedar have attempted to make this product as efficient as possible on a wide variety of surfaces and types of stains with their choice of a mop head. The inner strips of the mop head are designed to be super absorbent for effective water removal, the ‘smart’ fiber outer layer zones, as O-Cedar calls them, are actually constructed from synthetic fibres for a more abrasive surface. The mop head also contains red abrasive patches for more ground in stains, which one positive reviewer enthused were great for dealing with heavier stains when cleaning her dog kennel. Finally there is a scratch resistant red patch for heavy stains at one side of the top of the mop head, and on the other side there is a blue microfiber patch for dealing with greasy stains.

O-Cedar have fairly successfully managed to cover most types of domestic cleaning uses with this mix of fabrics on the mop head, and overall users have reported that they work well together. There were a few complaints that the red abrasive patches on the outside of the mop did fall off after a while, or that the mop head was not as thick as the promotional picture suggests, but the majority of users had no complaints about the durability of the product.

The mop head screws into the end of the handle, however one reviewer noted that she was unable to do so. When she inspected the threads on the mop handle she discovered they were ‘malformed’ and unable to connect to the mop head. At this point I should mention that most of the negative reviews remark upon a no-returns policy with this particular item. I was unable to find any mention of a returns policy or warranty on Amazon, however I did find a promise of a ‘Satisfaction Guarantee’ on the O-Cedar website along with a contact number.

Overall there are 56 reviews on Amazon for this product. 67% of them are either four or five stars and almost unanimously positive about this product. The one star reviews make up 23% of the total and repeatedly mention problems with the length of the handle, problems with extending the telescopic handle, and the lack of a returns policy.

In summary this product is a lightweight cleaner and there may be occasional problems with the construction of the telescopic handle, however two-thirds of customers felt that the product was well made and durable, and a perfect light cleaner for domestic purposes.

Does it Clean Well?

The O-Cedar 3D Smart Mop with Telescopic Handle is designed as a lightweight alternative to heavier mops, and there is little doubt that it performs well during light household cleaning. Many customers found it perfect for kitchen and bathroom cleaning, and the variety of materials that make up the mop head make it versatile enough to deal with most cleaning applications around the home.

Having said that, this is clearly not the type of mop for heavy duty spills, ground in dirt and seriously greasy stains. The product has been promoted as a light, easy to use, and convenient cleaner for around the home, and for the majority of customers it performs very well under those circumstances.

Many reviewers remarked that the lightness of the mop was a huge bonus when cleaning in hard to reach places, as it could be used with one hand easily. Although the O-Cedar 3D Smart Mop with Telescopic Handle does not come complete with a cleaning bucket, several users noted that the mop head could be easily and effectively cleaned in the sink, simply by separating the individual cleaning strands.

One reviewer noted that the aluminium handle would become slightly rusty if the mop head was left in water overnight, but more than one reviewer noted that the mop head did dry fairly quickly after using it. There was at least one review that considered the mop head to be too thin for anything but the lightest clean, but most other reviewers found it perfectly adequate for cleaning wooden floors and tiled surfaces.

Overall this is not a mop for deep cleaning, and it will not be suitable for outside surfaces or commercial uses, but it does appear to fit O-Cedar’s aim of being a light and convenient mop that can clean your kitchen floor without too much fuss.

Cost & Pricing Information

Other O-Cedar Screw fit mop heads can be used as a replacement

The O-Cedar 3D Smart Mop with Telescopic Handle comes in at $17.99, which is slightly more expensive than other competing products. Generally mops without additional mop head replacements cost around $10-$20, but this mop does have the advantage of being particularly light, and it is a good option if you only have light cleaning needs around the home, and you want a convenient and easy to use cleaning product.

The mop head is machine washable, however it is also not the most durable mop head around. Most reviewers found that replacing the mop head was preferable to washing it due to wear and tear, and replacement 3D smart mop heads cost $9.92 currently on Amazon. As the mop heads screws onto the mop handle, other O-Cedar screw in mop heads can be used as a replacement, such as the O-Cedar Microfiber cloth mop if you require a more effective cleaning product for greasier floors.

All in all, this is a nice, convenient and easy to use mop that will tackle light cleaning around the home. It is versatile due to the mix of materials on the mop head, and many users were extremely positive about the product, but there are some lingering concerns about the amount of use you can get out of this mop. Overall if you have a particularly challenging floor with seriously messy floors, this product may just be too lightweight for you.

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O-Cedar 3D Smart Mop with Telescopic Handle – Is It Worth It?

Our Take
This is one of the lightest mops on the market, making it easy to use and convenient, but it isn't suitable for outside use or heavy duty cleaning. If you're looking for a perfect mop for giving your kitchen or bathroom a quick clean then it may be just what you're looking for, but for heavy cleaning, I'd recommend something else.
Build Quality
Value (Price)
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Lightweight and easy to use
Great for light cleaning around the home
Variable Smart mop head cleans a variety of dirt and messes
Not suitable for heavy cleaning or commercial use
Not the most durable of mops

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