Nine Forty Industrial Strength Premium Mop Review

Cleaning is a never ending battle. No matter how hard we try, there will always be dirt and dust in the house. In the end, however, it’s still something that we have to do. Fortunately, there are many tools out there that can help keep our floors clean. For instance, there are carpet sweepers, vacuum cleaners, hard floor cleaners—even robot vacuums! Compared to before, tidying up has definitely gotten a bit easier. Mops, in particular, are highly versatile as they can be used to clean and sanitize various floor types. Surely, we’ve all used one before to wipe up sort of mess?

As you might know, mops are made out of various different materials. Aside from yarn, there are ones made of sponge, microfiber, and towel-like material. On this page, we will be taking a look at the conventional yarn mop. To be more precise, we will be reviewing the Premium Loop-Ended Wet Mop by Nine Forty Industrial. Is it easy to use? Does it do a good job of getting rid of gunk from the floor? How well is it constructed? These are some of the topics that we will be touching upon in the review. Want to know whether or not its the mop for you? Be sure to stick around.

The Nine Forty Industrial Strength Premium Loop-Ended Mop

Nine Forty is a family owned business that has been manufacturing mops for nearly six decades. For many years, however, their products were made only for commercial and industrial use; it wasn’t until recently that they started to make them available for household consumers. Today, the company’s main goal is to provide customers with reliable floor care products, ones that will make cleaning more efficient and less time-consuming. Some of their most popular items include the cotton dust mop, non-woven cut end wet mop, and nylon dust mop, all of which are hand-sewn in the United States—a process that has continued since the late 1950s’.

The Nine Forty Loop-Ended Wet Mop is unique in that it is made out of a custom synthetic yarn blend. Thanks to its looped end construction, it’s more resistant against fraying and untwisting than the traditional mop; lint is also less likely to stick onto the individual strands. Reinforced by a heavy duty fan-band, it won’t be tangling anytime soon. Great for commercial, industrial, and residential use, the mop is suitable for a variety of floor surfaces including hardwood, tile, marble, and linoleum. To attach the yarn head, simply use the flip grip clamp at the bottom of the unit—easy and simple!

What’s Included

The Nine Forty Industrial Strength Premium Loop-Ended Mop comes with all of the parts that you’ll need to start cleaning.

  • 1 Yarn Blend Mop Head
  • 1 Telescoping Mop Handle

Given how the mop consists of two parts, assembling the unit is very easy and straightforward. To do so, simply attach the mop head to the handle; there is a clamp at the bottom that is used for securing it onto the unit. Provided that it is fitted properly, the head should not come loose when you are cleaning. Of course, there will also be instructions should you want to follow along.

As noted above, the Nine Forty Loop-Ended Mop comes with one yarn blend mop head to get you started. Once you’ve attached it to the handle, all that’s left is to dunk it into a bucket of water or cleaning solution. From there, you can use it to mop up the gunk that is on your floors. After you’re done mopping, you can throw it into the washing machine or wash it by hand (the latter is often preferred as it can become a tangled mess in the wash).

The other thing that it comes with is a telescoping handle. Unlike others that are stuck in one position, this one can be extended depending on your cleaning needs. According to the product description, it can be adjusted to be anywhere from 42 to 72 inches. As you can imagine, this can come in handy when you need to reach those hard to clean areas; no more bending over or cleaning in awkward positions—trust me, your back will thank you for it! To adjust the height, twist the black portion at the top of the mop.

You might have noticed that the Nine Forty Loop-Ended Mop does not come with a bucket—something that you’ll obviously need to rinse and wring the mop. Unfortunately, this means that you’ll have to provide and use your own (Nine Forty does not sell any buckets). Luckily, the yarn head isn’t too large and can be fit into most water containers. Personally, I’d recommend getting one with a wringer—that way, it’ll be easier for you to get rid of all the excess water.

Build Quality

The quality of an item should always be considered when you’re making a purchase. As far as mops go, you’ll want to make sure that it’s made to be long-lasting. How can you tell? Here’s a tip—try to see if you can figure out what kind of material it’s made out of. As a general rule, you want to avoid ones that are 100% plastic. Instead, you want to go for something that has a metal pole—ideally constructed out of aluminium as that tends to be more durable than some of the other alloys.

You’ll be happy to know that the Nine Forty Industrial Strength Looped-End Mop consists of an aluminium handle. Not only is it extendable, but it is also strong and lasting. Unless you have super strength, you probably won’t be able to snap it in half, which is a good thing. Now, there is a bit of plastic on the other sections of the mop. For instance, there’s a black portion at the top, which you use for adjusting the handle height; it also doubles as a hook for hanging purposes. 

At the bottom of the mop unit is the clamp. Unsurprisingly, it is made out of plastic. Don’t let that discourage you though, for what it is, it is quite strong (you definitely don’t want to get caught in it). As per the product description, the “Flip Grip Clamp allows wet mop heads to easily and quickly be discarded and changed.” Given that it’s used properly, it shouldn’t be prone to breaking. 

Last but not least, the mop head is relatively high quality. Unlike the ones used by some of its competitors, the ones made by Nine Forty are hand sewn in the United States. More specifically, they are made out of a high-quality, 4-ply synthetic yarn blend; the ends of every individual strand is also looped—this helps to prevent fraying and untwisting, two of the most common problems with traditional cotton mops.

While the mop head is washable, you don’t necessarily have to wash it after every use. If it was only used for light mopping, it can simply be rinsed in clean water and be let air dry. If, however, it has been heavily soiled, you’ll want to wash it in detergent. While hand washing is recommended, you can throw it into the machine given that you place it into a laundry net. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners as that can damage the mop head. In general, air drying is recommended (excessive heat will cause deterioration of the material). If necessary, however, it can be put in the dryer given that it is on low heat.

Some Possible Issues with the Nine Forty Industrial Strength Loop-Ended Mop

As great as it may be for cleaning, however, there are a few things that you should make note of. First of all, the plastic clamp might be difficult to open, especially at the beginning. While it doesn’t have a tendency of breaking per se, you probably don’t want to put too much force into the part as plastic can break. To be on the safe side, you’ll want to be careful when opening and tightening the clamp.

Another issue is that the telescoping pole doesn’t always lock in place. The way it’s designed, it does not tighten snugly; over time, the handle can also wear down. Unfortunately, this would render the mop useless as you would not be able to put any leverage onto it. Having said all that, it doesn’t seem to be a problem with all of the units; if anything, only a few people on Amazon have reported having this issue. 

Sometimes, if the mop head is not attached properly, it can also fall off. While it can occur when you’re cleaning, it tends to happen more often when you’re wringing the water out of the mop (since you’re applying force). To prevent this, you’ll want to be diligent when clamping the head onto the handle.

Lastly, there is a possibility that the mop will scratch the floor if the centerpiece of the head is exposed. To avoid scratches, you’ll want to ensure that the yarn head is properly folded under itself when you’re scrubbing a section of the ground. In general, though, you should be good as long as you heed caution when you’re mopping stubborn spots.

Dissatisfied with the mop? Don’t worry, Nine Forty does offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If their looped-end mop doesn’t work for you, you can contact their customer service team for a possible refund. For more information, you can visit their website here. 

Does it Clean Well?

This is perhaps the biggest question—does it clean well?

To answer this, the mop generally does a good job of cleaning the floor. Durable yet lightweight, it can easily be maneuvered under tables and around corners. Given the size of the yarn head, you’re also able to clean a sizeable section of the ground with every pass. As mentioned earlier the extendable handle also makes reaching objects a breeze. Designed to be heavy-duty, it effortlessly mops away spills, dust, dirt, pet hair—pretty much anything. As always, though, it’s generally good practice to vacuum first as that will help to get rid of some of the larger debris on the floor.

Compared to other mops, however, the Nine Forty can be a bit much for small messes. After all, it was originally designed for commercial purposes. If you’re planning on doing just minor cleaning, you might be better off using something smaller. Of course, there’s nothing to say that you can’t use it. As a matter of fact, many people buy this mop for everyday use; it’s just something to keep in mind. 

To sum it up, I would say that the Nine Forty is a good choice if you’re looking for something that can withstand hours of cleaning. Equipped with a yarn head, it can safely be used to clean tile, vinyl, marble, granite, stone, wood, and several other hard surfaces. Seeing as how it’s a wet mop, though, you probably don’t want to use it dry. Sure, it can be great for the family home, but it’s probably more ideal for other settings such as businesses, offices, and schools.

Cost and Pricing Information

The Nine Forty Premium Loop Ended Wet Mop can be a bit on the expensive side. On their official website, the kit sells for $59.95. To give you a better idea of where it stands among other mops, most of its competitors are priced between $20 and $30. With that said, many of them are also not as “heavy-duty” as this particular model. If you don’t mind waiting a bit, though, you may be able to snag it while it’s on sale. As a matter of fact, it is discounted to $36.95 at the time of this writing (you’ll also be able to get free shipping as the order is over $35). If you would rather buy on Amazon, a few third-party sellers do have the mop available on the site.

Besides the initial cost of the mop, you’ll have to eventually buy refills of the yarn heads. Fortunately, however, they are reusable so you won’t have to continuously buy them as you mop. As it is, the heads can be a tad pricey. On Amazon, you can get a two-pack for $28.95, which works out to be around $14.50 each. Through Nine Forty’s official website, you can get it for a little cheaper at $12.95. Assuming that you go through one every three months, that would be a little over $50 a year in refills; while that isn’t too bad, it isn’t the cheapest either. 

If you don’t already own a bucket, you’ll also have to get one of those. Luckily, these can generally be bought for a few dollars so it won’t set you back all that much.

The Nine Forty Industrial Strength Premium Mop Overall – Is It Worth It?

Our Take
The Nine Forty Industrial Strength Premium Mop is great if you need to do some heavy duty cleaning. With its looped end construction, it won’t be fraying nearly as much as a traditional cotton mop. Suitable for a variety of floor types from tile to stone, the mop comes with a large synthetic yarn head that is capable of picking up most of the debris and particles from the ground; it’s also easy to use—you just clamp the head onto the end of the pole. As wonderful as it is, however, there are a few things that you should know about the mop before making a purchase. For one thing, the clamp can be difficult to use; if the head is not attached properly, it can easily fall off when you’re cleaning, which can be a hassle. In addition to that, there is a chance that it will scratch the floor if it is not properly folded under itself. Aside from that, though, it’s a solid tool for mopping up large areas.
Easy to Use
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Mop head picks up a considerable amount of debris
Suitable for most hard floors
Great for commercial use
Clamp can be difficult to use
Mop head may fall off occasionally
Does not come with a bucket

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