Linkyo Spin Mop Bucket System Review

When looking for a new floor cleaner, many customers choose a spin mop and bucket cleaning system to make their cleaning routine easier, and to avoid excessive bending. A spinning mechanism within the mop handle, combined with a wringer to dry your mop to the wetness you need can be quick, convenient and avoid all of the mess of doing it by hand, and you don’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty during your daily cleaning routine.

Today I’m going to be taking a look at the Linkyo Spin Mop Bucket System to see how well this particular brand measures up to the competing cleaning systems on the market. I’ve looked at a huge number of customer reviews, the cleaning ability of this system on a variety of surfaces and how well it’s been constructed. So join me as we work out whether the Linkyo Spin Mop Bucket System is worth the cost.

Spin Mop Bucket System by Linkyo

Linkyo were founded in 2002, and are currently based in Southern California. The company has perhaps become best known to customers for their ecologically-friendly line of ink and toner cartridges for laser printers, which are all constructed from recycled materials. However, in recent years Linkyo have diversified into technological gadgets for the home and office, including coffee presses and electrically operated knife sharpeners, as well as various media accessories including blank CDs and DVDs.

Cleaning supples became part of Linkyo’s product line about six years ago, and they now provide a number of floor mops that usually have a technological innovation or two to make cleaning your home easier, and the Linkyo Spin Mop Bucket System has been offered as a high-quality product with plenty of features, but how well does it perform?

What’s Included

  • 2 part aluminium mop handle
  • 1 aluminium mop handle extension
  • 2 microfiber mop heads, 12 inches in diameter
  • 1 scrubbing brush adapter for scrubbing tiled floors
  • 1 Toughened plastic mop bucket with spin wringing basket and splash guard
  • The Bucket also features rolling wheels, a bottom draining plug, and cleaning dispenser

Build quality

Any mop is only as good as the materials it’s made from, and when it comes to mop handles there are two main options. Stainless steel is strong and rust proof, but it’s also heavy. Aluminium is what Linkyo have opted for, and although less durable, it is lighter and easier to move about. Linkyo supply an extension to their mop handle that extends it from 4 feet 1 inches, to 5 feet 9 inches, which is just about the longest mop handle available on the market, so this is a mop designed for you if you are tall and want to avoid bending while mopping.

The Linkyo system comes complete with two mop pads, both of which are microfiber, a super absorbent material that is perfect for greasy stains and which is able to absorb up to eight times its own weight. Microfiber is also our recommended mop type due to its variety of uses, and with the Linkyo mop you get a generous circular mop pad that measures just over twelve inches in diameter. The spare mop pad is a different color, but they are made from the same material, just colored differently so you can distinguish between them for different cleaning purposes.

Attaching the mop pad to the head is achieved by snapping it into place, and it’s removed just as easily by holding it down with your foot while pulling on the handle. The mop pads are fully machine washable and most reviewers of the product agree that they are well-made, thick and long-lasting. The mop head can be locked into an angle by holding it down with a foot, and then adjusting the handle, and although most users found this adequate, a few did note that poor construction of the hinge that allows this, meant that the mop handle would not lock into one position.

The toughened plastic bucket measures 18 inches by 10.75 inches, and has a total capacity of six gallons, although the recommended fill amount is half that amount. The bucket also has four plastic caster style wheels that allow it to be moved with ease, a feature that no other spin mop bucket systems I have reviewed have had, and although some complained that the small wheels did not move particularly well over tiles or carpet, most found them a big advantage over having to heave the bucket about by hand.

In order in use the spinning mechanism on this product, the user moves a lever on the handle to the ‘on’ position and pushes down on the handle, while it is placed on a plastic gear in the wringing basket. This feature spins the mop very rapidly, and is able to dry the mop extremely well, but the spinning system does contain the biggest weakness of the system overall, and the one that most negative reviewers complained about.

This product has been reviewed over 1,200 times on Amazon, and 82% of reviews are positive, with either four or five stars. However 13% of reviews gave a generally negative one or two star review and the same issue was noted on a large number of them, namely the use of the automatic spinning system and a few issues that cropped up time and time again. The largest number of complaints concerned the plastic gear that the mop head is inserted into just before use the spin wringing system is activated. Although the spin basket is constructed from metal, this central gear is made from plastic, and several users found it to be too soft for prolonged use, with a few uploading pictures, such as the one below, clearly showing the notches that the mop head slots into gouged and worn down, leaving the mop slipping within the basket and not able to dry properly.

The bucket also contains a second connector in the bucket for cleaning the mop in the water, thus cleaning it before using the second spinner to dry it, but no reviewers found this connector to suffer from the same gouging or damage problems as the one within the wringing basket.

An oversight with the design was noted by several users in that the lever that activates the spinning mechanism is located near the bottom of the handle, meaning that in order to use it, either a heavy wet mop had to be lifted up, causing a mess, or that the user had to bend down to switch it over, completely negating the positive effect that such a long handle had for those who wished to avoid too much bending.

To be balanced, many users did not experience a problem with the plastic gear, and one user offered advice to ensure that the spinning system did not damage the plastic socket in the spinning basket. He advised that the handle should be directly vertical to the head when turning the spin lever on, in order to exert only downwards pressure. By following this careful method he had used his Linkyo Spin Mop Bucket System for over two years with no issues at all.

A few users did note that they experienced rusting of the mop handle after a year or so, and several others noted that using a strong bleach solution with this product seemed to cause excessive corrosion fairly rapidly. Most of these users found that the spinning mechanism of the mop handle was negatively affected by this problem, and although in most cases it didn’t stop the mop spinning completely, far more effort was needed in order to get the mop head to spin. One or two users also noted that the mop handle broke in the middle, although there were in a minority, and one thing to be aware of is that such a long handle will be less able to deal with a great deal of force, before it bends at the weakest point.

Although a minority of users reported the loss of the automatic wringing system due to the plastic socket wearing out, most reviewers had no problems at all, and a two year warranty is offered by Linkyo when your product purchase on Amazon is registered on the company website. In order to register your warranty with Linkyo you will need a valid Amazon Order ID, and I also noticed that all negative reviewers who reported problems with this product on Amazon were replied to by a Linkyo representative, who supplied a contact phone number and asked them to get in touch in order to discuss the issue. Usually a refund was offered.

Overall, although there are similar complaints from a number of users about the same problem, most users were impressed with the durability and quality of the Linkyo Spin Mop Bucket System. The majority found it functional and effective, particularly the spin system, which was reported as being easy to use and quick to dry the mop head out satisfactorily. In summary I’d recommend following the advice above, and ensuring that the mop handle is locked vertically into place and pointing straight up, before exerting pressure directly down onto the handle when using the automatic wringing system. This will likely extend the lifespan of the wringing system considerably.

Does it Clean Well?

Microfiber mop pads are our recommended type of pad, and with good reason. They are known for their absorbent abilities making them extremely suitable for tiled and wooden floors. In this regard most users found the Linkyo Spin Mop Bucket System highly efficient and extremely effective. The large 12 inch mop head was also another bonus, allowing users to clean large areas quickly and effectively. One reviewer was able to clean a 900 square feet kennel area in a fraction of the time of rival products, even though several dogs were housed there. Almost all postive reviewers agreed that this product made cleaning wooden floors, tiled areas, as well as stone and laminate flooring an easy and hassle free experience.

The scrubbing brush attachment, which clips onto the mop head as an alternative to the microfiber pads, was also very useful for cleaning tiled areas with heavy staining or ground in dirt, but although the bristles are reasonably flexible, they may well scratch wooden floors and laminate surfaces.

The lightweight handle was also perfect for cleaning walls and even ceilings due to the 5 feet 9 inch length, and several reviewers found it ideal for cleaning high up areas. Overall the mop weighs in at only 9.2 pounds even with the mop head attached, although this may be significantly heavier when the mop pad has absorbed a lot of moisture.

All in all, most users found the Linkyo Spin Mop Bucket System to be a fairly durable and reliable cleaner that could tackle a variety of stains, spills, and levels of dirt easily and efficiently. The majority of reviewers had no issues with either the mop or the spinning mechanism, and many considered it a great system that was completely worth the cost. The minority of customers who had problems often discovered faults after only using the product a few times, so it is possible that either they received a defective item, or they may have been using the cleaner without the due care and attention that other, more satisfied, customers were.

Cost & Pricing Information

The Linkyo Spin Mop Bucket System is priced at $75.99, and this does make it one of the more expensive spin mop bucket systems on the market. Several other Spin mop and bucket systems are available for around the $30 to $40 price point, including some that utilize a similar spinning system. The Linkyo system does however come with a two year warranty, unlike some of the other systems, so any concerns you have over its durability and lifespan should be eased by that.

I was unable to find any replacement mop pads currently available from Linkyo for this product, but all users did agree that the pads were well made, durable and able to be washed many times without suffering from excessive wear and team. Several users noted that the spinning mechanism also kept the pads fairly clean, and I did find 12 inch circular microfiber pads from other manufacturers that would be a suitable replacement, usually for around $5 – $9 dollars, although judging by the comments of most reviewers, you would be unlikely to need any for some considerable time.

In summary this is a fairly expensive alternative to other similar spin mop and bucket cleaning systems, but most users did find it easy to use, and fairly durable. Although I have some concerns over multiple users finding the same flaw with the automatic wringing system, the two year warranty offered by Linkyo does at least offer a measure of protection if you do decide this is the cleaner for you.

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The Linkyo Spin Mop Bucket System Overall – Is It Worth It?

Build Quality7
Value (Price)4
Reader Rating0 Votes0
MicroFiber Mop Head (Our Recommended Type)
Durable and long-lasting, as long as it's maintained with care
Large mop head allows quick cleaning of larger areas
Extra long handle allows the tallest users to clean without bending
Not a competitive price compared to similar cleaning systems
Automatic wringer socket will be damaged quickly unless care is taken
Low placement of spinning mechanism lever forces user to bend to operate it
Our Take
For the vast majority of users this was a highly effective, durable and easy to use cleaning system that worked excellently on a variety of surfaces. It does however cost more than other similar spin mop and bucket cleaning systems and there are similar problems reported by several users over the reliability of the automatic spin wringing system, although the two year warranty does offer a reasonable period of protection.

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