Light ‘N Easy Steam Mop Review

The never ending cycle of cleaning can be frustrating. As far as the floor goes, there will always be a thin layer of dirt and debris—this is especially true for high traffic areas, such as the kitchen. In order to keep it clean, there’s really no choice but to pick up the mop or vacuum cleaner. After all, no one wants to have to step in icky messes. No matter what type of surface you have, whether it be tile or hardwood, you always want to make sure that you’re using something suitable for your floor. At the end of the day, there’s nothing worse than accidentally ruining everything by using the wrong kind of tool. 

Mops, though, are relatively versatile. Made out of a variety of different materials, they can be used on many floor types including stone, vinyl, and linoleum, to name a few. Today, many of them also come with special features such as steam. In fact, that is the kind of mop that we will be talking about in this post. More specifically, we’ll be reviewing the Light ‘N Easy Steam Mop. Does it sanitize and clean as advertised? What kind of cleaner does it use? How well is it put together? We’ll be discussing these topics and more below.

The Light ‘N Easy Steam Mop

Light ’N’ Easy is an American-based home cleaning manufacturer. For over 60 years, they have been providing consumers with innovative cleaning solutions, all of which are designed to be convenient, and easy to use. According to their website, their ultimate goal is to create a “convenient and easier lifestyle for many people.” Today, they produce a variety of products including sweepers, garment steamers, and steam mops. As it is, the Light ’N Easy Steam Mop is among one of their most popular models.

The Light ’N’ Easy Steam Mop is suitable for all types of sealed floors including ceramic, vinyl, tiles, linoleum, and hardwood. Equipped with a smart sensor, it releases just the right amount of steam each time for easy and thorough cleaning. Not only does it kill bacteria with high heat, but it is also effective at removing odors—all through the power of steam. With its flexible handle, you’ll also be able to reach a wide range of areas. To get started, all you have to do is add water to the tank, which is located at the bottom of the unit.

What’s Included

Aside from the unit itself, the Light ‘N Easy Steam Mop Set comes with a couple of things out of the box. These include:

  • 1 Microfiber Cleaning Pad
  • 1 Mop Head
  • 1 Filling flask

As indicated above, the mop comes with a cleaning pad that you attach to the bottom of the unit. While one pad is enough to get you started, I would have prefered if they gave at least two—that way, you’ll be able to clean longer without having to stop and rinse it half way. If you want extra pads (which I highly recommend), you’ll have to buy them separately, which is a bummer. With that said, they’re machine washable; assuming that you throw them into the wash when you’re done, they’ll be ready for you the next time you have to mop. 

The pads are quite easy to attach. To do so, you just use the velcro fastening strips that are on the head. Given that you’ve put it on properly, it should be quite secure. With that out of the way, you can assemble the rest of the mop by inserting the handle portion into the lower body. From there, you can add water into the tank, which is integrated at the bottom. Depending on how confident you are at pouring, it might be a good idea to use the filing flask that the provide you with.

Unlike most steam mops, this model comes with a water tank that is built-in with the lower body. Unfortunately, this means that you won’t be able to fill it at the sink; the only way to do so is through a small opening at the top. Despite its small size, however, one full tank of water tends to last a while. With that said, you’ll likely still have to refill it a few times during your mopping session.

In terms of the mop head, it is also attached to the lower body. With how it’s designed, you won’t have to do anything special with it other than put on the cleaning pad, which is a reliever.

As per the product description, there is also a carpet glider available for the steam mop. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t come with the set so you will have to buy it separately.

Build Quality

Whenever you’re buying something, it’s always a good idea to check it out first. For one thing, you’ll be able to get a better idea of its quality up close. Some other things that you might want to consider include the construction, materials used, and overall feel.

The Light N’ Easy Steam Mop consists of a plastic base (water tank and mop head) and a metal handle. Put off by the fact that there’s a lot of plastic? Don’t be—as far as we can tell, the material seems to be quite thick; in fact, the quality seems to be better than some of its competitors. Unfortunately, though, it’s hard to say what kind of metal the pole is made out of; it’s also not extendable. Nevertheless, the whole unit is fairly lightweight, which makes it easy to push around the house. 

At the bottom of the unit, is the water tank. The way it’s designed, you might not even notice it’s there at first glance. All in all, the quality seems on par with the rest of the mop. To add water, lift the grey flap at the top to reveal an opening. Personally, I find that this works better than having to twist and untwist some sort of cap each time. The lid also covers a sizeable area on the tank, so there is a smaller chance that it will break. To be on the safe side though, you’ll want to be careful when you open it each time.

The pads aren’t particularly thick nor thin. However, they do seem to pick up a considerable amount of dirt and debris from the floor. More often than not, it will turn completely grey after you’re done with a room (sometimes sooner). Speaking of which, it’s probably worth mentioning that the Light N’ Easy Steam Mop is not compatible with any other types of cloths; unfortunately, this means that you’ll inevitably have to buy refills.

Some Possible Issues with the Light ‘N Easy Steam Mop

On Amazon, one of the biggest complaints is that the mop lacks steam power. In some cases, the temperature will also remain low despite being heated up properly. As far as we can tell, though, this issue only seems to affect certain units as many individuals have had success with its cleaning abilities. If you suspect that you have a defective product, it never hurts to contact Light ’N’ Easy’s customer service. If anything, they might be able to help troubleshoot the problem.

Another thing is that the mop only delivers steam when it’s being pushed. In other words, there is no button or trigger that has to be pressed; the vapour automatically comes out when it is in motion. Now, depending on what you’re used to, this might be a good thing or a bad thing. Personally, though, I find that it’s much easier to maneuver a mop when you don’t have to be holding down a button all the time.

The cord is also pretty short compared to some of the other models out there. For those of you who want the specifics, it’s around 20 feet long. Depending on how large your rooms are, you might find yourself having to unplug and re-plug the device a few times. There is a cord holder on the handle though, so at least storage will be a breeze.

Also, the mop itself can be difficult to push when the pad becomes too wet. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend it for someone with back issues, as it can be quite straining over long periods of time. Ultimately, to solve this issue, you would have to wring the pad out. For that though, you’ll have to spend time taking it off and putting it back on.

Lastly, the steam mop turns off if you’re not pushing it. As you can imagine, this can be frustrating when you have a stubborn spot that needs extra steaming. For it not to shut down, you’ll have to go back and forth over the area constantly. Considering this, it’s probably not the tool that you want to use for spot cleaning. 

Having said all that, it might be reassuring to know that their products are backed by a 1-year hassle free warranty. If you ever run into issues with your steam mop, you can contact their customer support team either by phone or email. In some cases, they may also be able to provide you with replacement parts.

Does it Clean Well?

Overall, I would say that the Light ‘N’ Easy Steam Mop is best suited for light cleaning. While it spits out steam, the power tends to be a bit on the low side, which makes it harder to get rid of tougher stains. However, it is good at removing dust and debris from the floor’s surface. The way it’s shaped, it also gets into corners and edges nicely; the mop head also swivels and rotates for easy maneuverability (you can pretty much move it in any direction). Due to the fact that it uses minimal water (compared to other mops, anyway), the floor also dries very quickly, which is nice and convenient. If you’re trying to get rid of gunk from the grout though, you might be disappointed; it simply does not penetrate deep enough to be effective for that.

The pads, though, are not as absorbent as some of the other ones out there. While they get the job done, it’s definitely nothing to write home about. Sometimes, it will also fall off with vigorous swiping. Once the pad begins to wear out, there’s also a chance that the underlying plastic will scratch the floor. If you don’t change them out frequently enough, it will also leave streaks; for this reason, we highly recommend getting spare pads.

The mop is generally pet-friendly since it doesn’t use any chemicals. However, it might not be too effective at removing pet hair; for that, you’ll want to go with the good ol’ vacuum cleaner. As for the carpet glider, it seems to do an okay job of deodorizing carpets and area rugs. Seeing as how you have to purchase it separately, though, it’s probably not worth it.

Owing to its unique design, the mop is very compact. As a result, it doesn’t take up too much space in storage, which makes it suitable for studios and apartments.

Cost and Pricing Information

The Light ‘N’ Easy Steam Mop falls into the middle to high category when it comes to price. The last that we had checked, it was listed for $99.99 on Amazon. At $100, it can be quite an investment for some people. From the looks of it though, you might be able to get one for cheaper from one of their third-party sellers. For instance, there’s one that’s priced at $65 at the time of this writing, which is quite reasonable. Depending on your luck, you might even be able to find one on sale at your local retailer store. Unfortunately, this particular model is not available on Light ‘N’ Easy’s official website.

Now, you might be wondering about the cost of the cleaning pads. On Amazon, you can get a set of four for $10. Compared to what other pads sell for, this is actually quite a bargain! Assuming that a set of four will last you three months, the refills will only cost you around $40 a year. If you’re handy, you can even sew your own cleaning pads—you just have to make sure the size and shape match up with the official ones.  That way, you will never have to worry again about having to buy replacements!

Another thing that will save you money in the long run is the cleaner—or to be more exact, the lack of cleaner. Instead of having to buy bottles and bottles of solution, this mop just takes water. If you really wanted to, you could buy distilled water (which is recommended), but it’s not necessary. Even if you choose to do that though, it’s a minor expense.

The Light ‘N Easy Steam Mop Overall – Is It Worth It?

Our Take
The Light ’N Easy Steam Mop is ideal for those who want to do some light cleaning. Suitable for sealed floors such as tile and linoleum, it comes with a smart sensor that automatically releases steam when the device is in motion. With its flexible head, it is also relatively easy to steer around furniture. Compared to some of its competitors, however, the steam can be a bit on the weak side; the pads are also a bit on the “thin” side. However, its compact design does make up a portion of it—if anything, storage will be a piece of cake. In the long run, you also won’t have to buy too many refills as the cleaning pads are machine washable.
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Features a compact design
The mop head can easily be manuevered around furniture
Very easy to assemble
Steam tends to be on the weak side
Cord is not particularly long
Pads are not particularly thick

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