Libman Tornado Mop Review

Today, we’ll be taking at one of the most recognizable cleaning tools around, the Libman Tornado. If you have any interest in cleaning tools and supplies, you’ve surely heard of Libman. As you might expect, they have various mops in their catalog, and today we’ll be checking one of the most popular ones, the Tornado. We’ll be doing a detailed review of its quality, features, and pricing in order to see how the Tornado stacks up against the competition.

So without further ado, let us get started.

Libman Tornado Mop & 2 Extra Mop Refills by Libman

Libman has been around since 1896 when it was started by William Libman with only one purpose – to make the finest wire brooms available. Over the course of their 120 years of existence, the company has expanded and now makes dozens of different cleaning products. Among those are, of course, mops. The Tornado is, in their own words, America’s best selling mop, so it definitely deserves an in-depth look. The mop prides itself in having excellent build quality, quite the number of useful features, and of course – second to none cleaning power. So let’s see is it actually delivering on its promises and is it worth the money.

What’s Included

Not that much is included in the package when you buy this mop. Actually, you only get the following:

  • Libman Tornado Mop
  • 2 Extra Mop Refills

However, don’t be discouraged just yet. This mop doesn’t include too many shenanigans in the packing for a simple reason, which is that the mop itself is more than enough to do the job. You don’t need dozens of different microfiber pads and handles, this is a good old-fashioned, polyester head mop, with a few extra features.

Let’s start with the head. While it has a traditional look, if you look under the hood, you’ll notice a few nifty things. But let’s get the size out of the way first. The mop head is quite a large one, covering a fair bit of area once you start using it. This makes it really easy and fast to clean any surface. The actual cleaning is done with fibers that are made to resist bacteria and thus have far fewer odors. This is one of those things that you can’t do without after you experience it, so props to Libman. The head is tied up with horizontal green bands which prevent tangling, another nifty feature that you just don’t get with cheap mops.

And of course, as the title would suggest, you get extra refills. Now some customers report getting a total of two mops (which makes the ‘extra’ part a lie), but others report getting all that’s advertised. Libman could definitely be more specific when advertising this. The yarn itself, as mentioned, is made out of polyester, and can be re-used after being washed.  And yes, you can wash it in a machine, no worries there.

Build Quality

The build quality of the Libman Tornado is what you’d expect. The handle is made from electrostatic powder-coated steel, making it durable yet lightweight. This is the way you want it to be if you are spending just about any time cleaning around. This combination makes sure that the mop is light enough not to break your back while working with it, yet durable enough that you don’t have to worry it’ll shatter if you apply some pressure to the floor.

The grip and the wringer are made out of polypropylene, which is the 2nd most widely used plastic material. Basically, it’s all that you would expect and want in such a product.

However, a couple of reviews left on Tornado’s Amazon page report having a problem with the plastic parts of the handle. While this is expected here and there, it’s still certainly worth paying attention to. Still, most customers seem perfectly happy with the quality of this Libman mop, so we’ll give it a passing grade.

Does It Clean Well?

To get to the point, yes, it indeed does. Traditional style mops have been in use for as long as they have because they can do their job right. With its large, well-built head, you’re able to cover a lot of surface in a single go. The mop is advertised as a ‘tornado of tidiness’ and I would tend to agree with that. You can get the job done well in a reasonable amount of time. Whether it’s dust, dirt, pet hair or anything in-between, rest assured that the Tornado Mop is an ally that you can count on.

After 120 years of manufacturing cleaning tools and products, you wouldn’t expect a subpar experience from Libman. And rest assured that you don’t need to have any such worries with this mop in particular. In one of the reviews online, a customer mentions that their newly-hired cleaning lady specifically asked for this mop. I think we can all trust the judgment of people who make their wages cleaning, so this stands as a great endorsement for the Tornado in my eyes.

Not only does it clean well, but it’s also very easy to clean the mop. You just need to detach the yarn, throw it in the washing machine, and put it right back on. Just like that, you’re good to go. In case you can’t figure out how to replace the head, there’s a quick tutorial on Libman’s website, so check that out if you need help.

And as mentioned, you won’t have problems with the yarn tangling itself because of the bands that are preventing it from doing so. Of course, wringing is also an important part of the whole process. Libman excels at this as well. Not only is the mop extremely easy to wring, but it’ll also actually provide clicking feedback so that you can feel it working. It’s these sorts of little details that make the Libman Tornado stand apart from the crowd, at least for me. So this mop checks just about all the boxes when it comes to doing it’s actual job – cleaning.

Cost & Pricing Information

You can pick the Libman Tornado & 2 Extra Mop Refills on Amazon for around $40 most of the time, with the price sometimes dropping all the way down to $27. Just depends on the discounts and sales (more on that later). An additional 3-pack of mop refills for this Libman product will cost you around $24. These are, as mentioned, machine-washable and should be enough for quite some time of regular use.

To ensure you get the best price on the Libman Tornado & 2 Extra Mop Refills, just click here and you’ll be taken to the Amazon product page that you can order it from very easily. And for the sake of your convenience, we’ve made sure that this link includes all possible discounts and promo codes!

Libman Tornado Overall – Is It Worth It?

Our Take
Simply put, you won't be going wrong with the Libman Tornado mop with its 2 Extra Mop Refills. The build quality of the product will make sure that you can use it for the foreseeable future, and the nifty features will make the cleaning experience as painless as possible. Speaking of which, this mop will make sure that all dirt, dust, hairs, etc. are quickly and easily cleaned from your floors. At its price, the Tornado is definitely a great purchase for any household.
Build Quality
Value (Price)
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Excellent cleaning power
Lightweight, yet durable design
Cool features to make the experience better
Re-usable cleaning heads
The actualy head replacement mechanism can be hard to grasp at first
Some concerns regarding the building material

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