Libman Spin Mop and Bucket Review

Want to keep the house clean? Then make sure to mop the floor regularly. If anything, that’s the best way to prevent dust and other allergens from accumulating. How often should you do it? It depends on the area. For example, high-traffic spots such as the entrance and kitchen should be mopped at least once a week. Other areas such as guest rooms can be mopped every other week.

Don’t forget to choose a mop that’s suitable for your floors. Take steam mops, for instance, you’ll want to avoid them if you have unsealed hardwood- the moisture can easily get into and damage the planks. Instead, go for a sponge mop or microfiber mop.

On this page, however, we’ll be focusing on the spin mop. More specifically, we’ll be reviewing the Libman Spin Mop and Bucket. How well does the built-in wringer work? Is the handle adjustable? What else does it come with? Keep reading to find out!

The Libman Spin Mop and Bucket

Libman is a family-owned company that sells mops, brooms, sponges, disinfectant solutions, and other household cleaning supplies. Their products can be found at many retailers including Walgreens, Walmart, Home Depot, and Target. They also have an online shop on Amazon for those who want to take advantage of the site’s two-day shipping.

Product Description

The Libman Spin Mop and Bucket comes with a spin chamber that allows you to control the dampness of your mop. All you have to do is push down on the mop head and the wringer will extract the excess water. It’s super easy and convenient- you won’t even need to touch it with your hands. Just empty the bucket when you’re done and you’re good to go. And the mop pads are machine washable as well so you can clean them easily after each mopping session.

What’s In the Box?

Here’s a list of items that you’ll get with the kit:

  • 1 Easy Change Head
  • 1 Bucket With Built-in Spin Chamber
  • 1 Microfiber Mop Head
  • 1 Adjustable Handle

Assembly: Attach the handle pieces together (twist and lock the metal poles in place). Once you’ve done that, attach the green base. From there, put on the microfiber head. All you have to do is align it with the bottom, it’ll snap on securely. The bucket doesn’t require any assembly.

The mop head consists of two parts—there’s the easy change head, which functions as the base, and the microfiber head, which you’ll be using to clean the floor. Unlike other mops, the Libman only comes with one microfiber head so it might be a good idea to get some refills. That way, you’ll have a few extras on hand.

As far as the bucket goes, it’s pretty straightforward. There’s a wringer on one side and a place for you to wet the mop on the other side. While the bucket doesn’t have wheels, it does have a handle, which you can use to carry it around.

And for those who are wondering, the mop handle is adjustable. Simply twist the green joint at the bottom and you’ll be able to customize its length.

Built Quality

There are several things that you want to look for when you’re buying a mop. For starters, always pay attention to the handle. Is it made of plastic or metal? Generally speaking, you always want to go for the latter—they tend to be much more durable (aluminum or stainless steel handles are best). Another thing that you want to consider is the mop head. Ideally, it should be thick and absorbent. At the same time, it has to be soft so that it won’t damage the floor.

How Well Built Is the Libman Spin Mop and Bucket?

The great thing about the Libman spin mop is that it does come with a stainless steel handle. The rest of the mop, however, is made of plastic, including the mop base. That’s to be expected, though, for these types of products. The good news is that it’s fairly lightweight so it won’t take that much effort to maneuver.

As for the bucket, it’s made of a thin plastic material and that includes the spin chamber and handle. Given that, you might want to avoid lifting it with the handle- it might not be able to support the weight if it’s filled with water.

Also, the microfiber heads are a little on the thin side. They’ll be able to absorb water but not that much. They do wash up well in the washing machine, though.

Pros of the Libman Spin Mop and Bucket System

Wringer Works Well – The spin chamber works well for the most parts. In fact, it can extract too much water sometimes, leaving the microfiber mop head a bit dry. It’s also worth mentioning that the wringer is removable for washing.

Lightweight – The Libman spin mop is very lightweight, which makes it easy to use. On top of that, it’s compact so it won’t take up much space in storage.

Extendable Handle – The handle is extendable so you can customize it based on your height. That way, you won’t have to worry about hurting your back while mopping.

Affordable Price: The Libman spin mop and bucket system is fairly inexpensive at <$40.

Easy Change Head: The design of the mop base makes it super easy to attach a mop pad- you just have to align the cloth and press down.

Hanger Hole: The spin mop comes with a hole at the top of the handle, which you can use to hang up the mop when it’s not in use.

A Few Drawbacks

The Libman Spin Mop and Bucket does have a few flaws, which we’ll be going over below.

Made In China

The product isn’t made in the USA, as advertised. If you look at the side of the box, you’ll see that it’s actually made in China.

Small Spin Chamber

The wringer on the basket is rather small. You’ll be able to put the mop head in but it won’t fit all the way. Because of this, there’s a high chance that water will spill out when you’re spinning the mop. Also, you have to manually unlock and lock the handle every time you use the chamber.

Not Meant For Scrubbing

The microfiber mop head is very soft and doesn’t come with a scrub pad. In other words, you won’t be able to use it to get rid of tough spots. If anything, it’s more for everyday cleaning.

No Extra Microfiber Pads

The Libman spin mop only comes with one microfiber pad so you’ll have to pay extra if you want to get more (we highly recommend that you do- it’ll speed things up when you’re mopping the house). Keep in mind, however, that they can be difficult to find. Fortunately, there are third-party alternatives available.

Missing Items

Several people on Amazon have mentioned that their kit came with missing items so be sure to check that you’ve got everything. The good news is that you can always sent it back for a return though it can be a bit of a hassle.

Handle Design

The way the bucket is designed, the handle isn’t balanced- it can easily tip, especially if it’s filled with water.

How Well Does It Clean?

The Libman Spin Mop is great for everyday cleaning. You won’t be able to use it to remove tough stains, but it will get rid of surface dust and other debris. For the best results, definitely vacuum first. That way, there won’t be any large particles on the ground, which can stick to the mop head. As far as spills go, though, you’ll probably want to use something else. While the microfiber head is absorbent, it’s not thick to the point where it can take in a lot of liquid.

Who Would We Recommend It To?

  • Those who don’t want to manually wring out their mop
  • Those with hard floors in the home
  • Those who’re looking for a lightweight mop

Cost and Pricing Information

The Libman Spin Mop and Bucket is relatively inexpensive. Normally, it goes for $39.99, however, it’s often on sale for less. For example, it’s currently priced at $29.99 on Amazon and that comes with free shipping. Returns are also free if you send it back within the 30-day window.

The only thing is that you will have to pay a bit for their refills. If you look on Amazon, you’ll see that a two-pack goes for $18 ($9 per microfiber head). With that said, there are cheaper options available from third parties. You just have to make sure that they’re suitable for the mop before getting it.

Our Take
The Libman Spin Mop and Bucket system is convenient in that it comes with a wringer. All you have to do is push down on the head and the spin chamber will get rid of the excess water. You won’t have to touch it with your hands whatsoever! Not only that, but the handle is adjustable. In other words, you can customize its length based on your height. Keep in mind, however, that the kit only comes with one microfiber head. If you want more, you’ll have to pay for them. Another thing to note is that the product is made in China, not USA as advertised in the listing.
Easy to Use
Mopping Ability
Attachment Security
Value (Price)
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Affordable price
Spin chamber is effective
Only comes with one microfiber head
Made in China
Small spin chamber

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