Jinclean Microfiber Floor Mop Review

When you’re looking for a new flat dust mop, there are a lot of different products on the marketplace, and there’s not a whole lot to choose between them. Obviously you’re going to want to know how durable any new mop is, how well it’s made and how long it’s likely to last you, but beyond that most of them do exactly the same job.

One common limitation of most dust mops is that they are designed only for dry cleaning, and as it’s not a perfect World, and it’s likely that you will come across damp patches on your floors even when you are dusting, this can require the use of two mops at the same time, but today I’m going to be taking a look at a dust mop that does have a limited wet cleaning application too, the Jinclean Microfiber Floor Mop.

Jinclean Microfiber Floor Mop

Jinclean are a company that provide a few cleaning products. Other items from the company include push brooms and a floor mop, but they are not a company that is big on advertising, and they have a very limited presence online. There is a Jinclean website, but it doesn’t actually contain much more than a simple contact form, there are also Jinclean social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram, but they are also more or less unused and offer no information about the company.

The Jinclean Youtube page does have short introduction videos on their various mops and brushes, which are also available on Amazon, but beyond that I can find no other information about the company. I did previously review another Jinclean mop and was left unable to determine if there was a warranty on the product, but with the Jinclean Microfiber Floor Mop, there is a copy of the user manual on Amazon, which clearly states that a 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee is offered, as well as a 1 year warranty, although you appear to have to contact the company at Jinclean.com in order to find out more details about it.

It’s worth noting that the instructions and promotional material about this Jinclean product strongly suggest that they were written by someone who had English as a second language, so although I cannot be 100% sure, I think it’s likely this particular product has been manufactured in China.

What’s Included

  • Extendible two part aluminium mop handle
  • Dual Use 18 inch microfiber/chenille mop pad

The Jinclean Microfiber Floor Mop is sent to you fully assembled, so you need to do no more than extend the handle to your preferred height before it’s ready to use.

Build quality

Any cleaning product is only as durable as the quality of the materials used to make it, and the quality of the design and construction process. The Jinclean Microfiber Floor Mop has a two-part aluminium handle, which can be twisted to extend from 30 inches up to 51 inches. Aluminium is lightweight, and this mop weighs in at only one pound overall, which makes it easy to manipulate and get around with, but it’s also not as strong as stainless steel and can be susceptible to rust.

The maximum length of 51 inches, or four feet three inches, is not the longest mop pole on the market, and although it will be suitable for most people, if you are reasonably tall, then it’s likely you will have to bend slightly when using it. Although aluminium mop poles can be liable to bend when too much pressure is exerted on them, the shorter length of this particular pole will make it stronger, and as I’ll come to later, this is not a product really designed for heavy-duty cleaning, so if you are only going to be using it for light cleaning around your home, you’re unlikely to have a problem with a bent or broken mop pole.

One complaint that several reviewers made was that the mop handle has a tendency to twist around during use, unlocking the upper part of the telescopic handle and making it shorten as you clean. To some this was not a major problem, but to others constantly having to screw it tight was a big disadvantage of this product. The mop head is attached to the mop pad by a hinge that allows it to swivel at an angle, making it more useful when cleaning around corners, but several reviewers noted that the mop head was extremely loose in the way it swiveled, making it quite hard to control at times.

The mop pad is attached to the pole by means of a hinge, which allows the angle of the pole to be lowered to a more comfortable angle for cleaning under furniture, but there were also complaints from some reviewers that the yellow plastic plug that attaches the pad to the handle pops out from time to time, and a few reviewers found that it would no longer work as intended after a month or so, leaving them unable to reassemble the mop once it had come apart.

This is essentially a dust mop, but the mop pad is reversible, with one side a chenille pad, designed to pick up dust and fur, and the other side a fine microfiber pad that can be used for damp floors. The pad can be easily and conveniently flipped over while cleaning, allowing the user to clean damp spots with the microfiber side of the pad before reversing it back again. Many users considered this to be extremely useful when clearing dust and fur from a floor, but still being able to deal with damp patches without switching to a wet mop.

Although this dual use feature is an innovative one for a dust broom, it’s worth noting that the mop is not constructed with a great deal of force in mind, and this combined with an aluminium pole, that could potentially rust over time, means that the Jinclean Microfiber Floor Mop will not be an ideal product for very wet floors or for cleaning up anything but the most minor of spillages.

The mop pad is a generously wide 18 inches across, making it great for cleaning bigger floors quickly. The pad can be removed quickly, and it is suitable for machine washing. Jinclean state the pad is able to be washed up to 100 times before they recommend replacing it, and many reviewers found that even after several washes, it appeared to be as good as new. There were one or two reviewers who found that the pad was disintegrating after only a few washes however, and hand washing it when necessary may be advisable. Jinclean do state that the pad should not be dried in a dryer after washing.

The Jinclean Microfiber Floor Mop has a total of 338 reviews on Amazon, of which 71% were positive five star reviews from customers who were impressed with it’s cleaning abilities, and who had experienced no real issues with the durability of the product. 12% of reviewers had a generally negative review of the product, and issues such as the durability of the mop pad, problems with the mop coming apart, and the handle twisting into the unlocked setting by itself were common amongst most of them.

Overall the Jinclean Microfiber Floor Mop is not the most durable mop in the World, but it does have the ability to deal with limited wet floor cleaning applications as well as it’s main purpose as a dust mop. Many users had used it for extended periods of time without issues, and for most of them, it was an efficient cleaner able to meet their needs.

Does it Clean Well?

Chenille is the best type of mop head overall for picking up dust and fur, so one of the biggest advantages of this product is that it is ideal for customers who have pets. Many of the positive reviews of this mop confirmed that it was able to pick up large amounts of shed animal hair quickly and efficiently. Combined with the added ability to deal with the odd damp spot, this made the Jinclean Microfiber Floor Mop a great cleaning tool for pet owners who needed a product for light household cleaning, and many of the most enthusiastic reviews came from that group.

Several reviewers did note that the product did nothing more than move dirt and dust around, and it’s clear that the chenille mop pad isn’t going to pick up heavier particles, such as crumbs. Many users found it ideal for their tiled kitchens and bathrooms. Several other users were quite pleased with the mops performance on their hardwood floors, and most of the fully satisfied customers were looking for a light household cleaner that could deal with large amounts of dust and fur, with the occasional spot of light dirt to gently clean away. Several users with concrete floors and polished stone floors also found that it was fairly effective at cleaning large areas quickly and effectively.

A small number of negative reviewers considered this mop to be completely useless at picking up anything, even dust, but they were in the minority. Most users were satisfied that the mop was consistently efficient and effective for the cleaning situations stated above, and the reasonably large mop head did deal with cleaning larger floors quickly and without fuss.

The problems with the mop head ‘flapping about wildly’ as one reviewer put it, did highlight that the mop head may be too loose for some people, however although some did find that to be problematic, for most others it was not a big deal. Once again, this isn’t the most durable product in the World, and as long as you’re only looking to deal with fur, hair and dust, and you’re not expecting this mop to be able to deal with heavy duty cleaning applications too, then it may well be the product for you.

Cost & Pricing Information

The Jinclean Microfiber Floor Mop is not the most versatile or durable of products, but it’s also not the most expensive either. It is currently available on Amazon for $20.99, which considering the fact that it can deal with a limited amount of wet cleaning applications as well as it’s main function as a dust mop, does make it reasonably well priced considering the potential uses. One reviewer stated that ‘You get what you pay for’, and that is essentially the heart of the matter. As a relatively cheap mop, this can be extremely useful, as long as you’re not expecting too much from it.

The Jinclean Microfiber Floor Mop comes as standard with no additional mop pads. With the exception of one or two negative reviewers, most people did find that the pads cleaned well and were still more or less as good as new even after several washes. Hand washing is always an option if you want to extend their lifespan, and remember to dry them by hand. A three pack of the dual use pads can also be ordered on Amazon for $18.78, which overall is a fair price considering that they are dual use.

All in all I would consider the Jinclean Microfiber Floor Mop a fairly good product, particularly if gathering up shedded pet hair pet is one of your main cleaning requirements. With the ability to effortlessly clean up light dirt and damp patches this mop is also more versatile than most dry mops, but there are limitations to the products wet cleaning abilities, and there are some lingering concerns about the durability of the product. As a light cleaner for around the home this can be a great buy, but be aware of what it cannot do, as well as what it can.

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Jinclean Microfiber Floor Mop Overall – Is It Worth It?

Build Quality5.5
Value (Price)7.5
Reader Rating0 Votes0
Ideal for light cleaning around the home on a variety of surfaces
Durable and long-lasting, as long as it's used with care
Dual use mop head offers more versatility than most other dust mops
Not suitable for heavy cleaning or commercial use
Mop handle twists when cleaning, can be annoying
Our Take
Overall the Jinclean Microfiber Floor Mop is ideal for light cleaning around the home, particularly for pet owners. It's ideal for light grime on a range of surfaces, but don't expect miracles from a relatively cheaper product. If used with care and looked after, this mop should prove to be fairly long-lasting, and provide you with a good level of use considering the cost.

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