Jinclean Industrial Class Cotton Floor Mop Review

When you’re looking for a new cleaning product, the variety of mops, brooms and cleaners available can be quite overwhelming. The competitiveness of the cleaning market means that you’re sure to find a product that’s perfectly suited to your needs, but finding the one that’s the best value for money can be a job in itself.

Dust mops are made for hard surfaces that attract a lot of dust, dry dirt, or for the pet owners amongst us, the familiar heaps of hair that our pets shed. Today I’m going to be taking a look at the Jinclean Industrial Class Cotton Floor Mop. I’m going to be looking at this products relative benefits and drawbacks, how well it lasts over a prolonged period of time, and most importantly of all, whether it’s worth the cost. So let’s get right into it.

Industrial Class Cotton Floor Mop by Jinclean

Jinclean are a company that do not have much of an online presence. There are several social media accounts for the company, most notably on Facebook and Instagram, but neither of them have much information about the company or it’s products. Jinclean appear to promote most of their products towards the industrial side of cleaning, and they do offer a few other cleaning products, such as a microfiber floor mop, an industrial push broom, and replacement mop pads for their mops, but beyond that, the company is a bit of a mystery. Although I cannot be sure, it does appear likely that Jinclean products are manufactured in China for sale in the United States.

As the name suggests, the Jinclean Industrial Class Cotton Floor Mop has been made with more than just household cleaning in mind. The company recommends it for use on Hardwood floors, laminates, vinyl, tiled floors and polished stone, although it is designed for dry cleaning only, so there are some obviously limitations to the products potential uses.

What’s Included

  • Telescopic steel mop handle
  • Durable Plastic mop pad frame
  • 1 cotton mop pad – 11 inches x 25 inches

Build quality

When you’re buying any new cleaning product, one of the major considerations is how long it’s likely to last with reasonable wear and tear, and this usually depends on what materials the product has been made from, and how well it has been constructed.

With mop handles, aluminium and steel are the two main choices in terms of materials. Aluminium is light, but also fairly weak compared to steel, and as this mop is designed for industrial applications, the Jinclean Industrial Class Cotton Floor Mop has a handle made from steel. The steel is not stainless steel, which guarantees against the possibility of rust, but this mop is designed only to be used for dry cleaning, so rust shouldn’t really be a problem if you use it for the intended purpose.

The handle is in two sections, and is fully telescopic. It is able to extend from only 34 inches, all the way up to 59 inches, or four feet eleven inches. This is a fairly good range, and with the shortest setting you will be able to wield the mop in fairly tight spots, and the longest setting should be long enough for all but the tallest users. The mop extends fairly smoothly, with a mechanism that does appear to be reasonably well constructed, and the length of the handle is locked into place simply by twisting. Overall, with the mop head attached, the entire product weighs in at a fairly lightweight 2.8 pounds and should be light enough for anyone to use. Although most mops require self-assembly, I could not find out for sure whether this mop handle arrives in the post all together, or in two parts, but I also found no questions or reviews that mentioned any difficulties with putting it together.

The mop pad is one of the larger ones available on the market. At 24 inches wide and 11 inches deep, the pad does enable the user to cover large areas of flooring at a fairly swift pace. The pad is constructed from cotton and designed specifically for dry cleaning. Dusty areas with loose dry dirt, and floors with hair and fur are the types of cleaning applications that this mop is designed for, and Jinclean suggest areas such as commercial areas, offices and garages as the ideal surfaces for it to be used on. The mop is suitable for hardwood floors, laminates, vinyl, linoleum and tiled areas, as well as polished stone, but it will be less effective on rougher surfaces such as outside areas, unsealed wooden floors or concrete.

The mop pad is connected to the mop handle by means of a hinge that locks into place. This hinge does allow the mop handle to be moved up or down for a more comfortable mopping angle, however, it doesn’t allow the mop head itself to swivel around the handle, so the 24 inches wide head is not really suitable for hard to reach places, and floor plans with tight gaps to clean around. The mop pad is easily removed from the frame that attaches it to the handle, but the mop does only come with one mop pad and no replacements. The pad can however be cleaned by machine washing or by hand.

On Amazon, the Jinclean Industrial Class Cotton Floor Mop has been reviewed a total of 197 times, and an impressive 88% of reviews are positive, with either four or five stars. Many users with large homes found the large mop head ideal, and other users with a large number of dogs, or those with commercial pet care facilities also found the ability of the product to pick up large amounts of hair impressive, but the 12% of people who were less impressed did bring up similar complaints.

Several reviewers noted that the handle was flimsy, and at the longest length, it may well be unable to take too much pressure without bending. Other reviewers noted that the hinge that connects the pad to the handle was a weak point of the product, and it tended to break off of the handle after a few months. The hinge is connected by means of a small brass screw, and this began to work loose during cleaning for some users, before becoming entirely useless. The largest amount of complaints however were about the quality of the mop pad.

Several reviewers found the pad to be fairly thin, unsuitable for any kind of heavy duty cleaning and liable to wear out fairly quickly. It’s also worth noting that the mop pad is considered to be industrial class by Jinclean, but it does have cut ends, which typically fray more quickly and collect less dust and hair than mop heads with looped ends. Generally speaking, most mops designed for industrial or commercial uses tend to have looped ends as standard.

Comparing the good reviews to the bad ones, it’s clear that the Jinclean Industrial Class Cotton Floor Mop is not a product that is suitable for very dirty areas, but if hair and dust are your main problems, and you have a large open floor area to clean, then this product is likely to be far more suitable for you. Although there were repeated issues for some users, most of the positive reviewers did find this mop to be perfectly suitable for the dry cleaning use it is intended for.

Does it Clean Well?

The Jinclean Industrial Class Cotton Floor Mop is designed only for dry cleaning, so there are obvious limitations to the types of cleaning situations it is useful for. Jinclean recommend it for offices and garages, as well as hardwood floors, and it is perfectly suitable for dry cleaning on any of these floor types, as well as laminate flooring, tiled areas and polished stone floors.

Having said that, this product is not particularly suitable for heavily stained areas. Any form of wet cleaning will be beyond the scope of the Jinclean Industrial Class Cotton Floor Mop, so areas with ground in dirt, greasy stains, spills or any kind of moisture will considerably shorten the lifespan of this product. Several of the reviewers who remarked negatively on the thickness of the mop pad found problems with the metal frame inside the pad scraping their floors when they exerted too much pressure, so this is a product designed only for gentle cleaning.

Many of the positive reviews for the Jinclean Industrial Class Cotton Floor Mop on Amazon were pet owners, including several people who operated training facilities or kennels, and they all found the mop to be ideal for their specific needs. Many remarked that the large mop was highly efficient with dust, dry dirt and hair in particular, and as many of them had a large area that was fairly free of obstructions to clean, then the large mop head size was ideal for them. One reviewer who owned a 3,000 square foot dog training facility found that she could clean the entire floor in around 10 minutes, far faster than with other mops, but her needs were ideally suited for this product. Used as a floor cleaner to prepare a large area for wet cleaning it is a fairly effective tool, especially on the above listed floor types, and particularly if a lot of hair is around, but with wet hair, you are likely to have problems with the hair getting tangled in the cloth mop head fibers.

The lack of a swivel motion on the mop head means that any kind of ‘detail’ cleaning, or getting into thin gaps, will be difficult and frustrating, and although some reviewers did complain about the thickness of the mop pad, if this product is used only for light cleaning, then it should prove to be effective and efficient. Cleaning in outdoor areas will drastically reduce the lifespan of the mop pad, as it isn’t really designed for rough surfaces.

All in all this is a great dry mop if you have a large area to clean. It can cope with large amounts of hair and dust adequately, and it should be comfortable to use with a reasonably long mop handle and adjustable mopping angle. But anyone looking for a cleaner for dirtier areas, or needing to clean smaller floor areas, will probably find this particular cleaner to be too cumbersome for the job, and unable to cope with too much pressure before something breaks.

Cost & Pricing Information

The Jinclean Industrial Class Cotton Floor Mop is currently available on Amazon for $29.99, and although this is a fairly average price for a floor mop, the lack of versatility this product has in different cleaning situations does leave me with the impression that it’s overpriced. Several reviews considered the product to be too expensive, and several other leading mops, designed for both wet and dry cleaning are available for about the same price. The biggest advantage this product has is the large mop head, so if your floor is huge, and requires regular dry cleaning, then this mop is worth far more, otherwise it seems to be not such a great deal.

The $30 price for the Jinclean Industrial Class Cotton Floor Mop doesn’t include any spare mop pads, and although relatively light and dry cleaning should see your mop pad last for a fairly long time, a pack of two replacement pads are available for $19.99. Although they are of course much larger than other mop pads, this is still relatively expensive when you consider that some reviewers complained about the thickness and quality of the pads, and that microfiber pads, which are far more efficient and versatile generally cost less.

Overall I’m left with the impression that if you have a need for a dry cleaner that can cover large dusty areas quickly and efficiently, then the Jinclean Industrial Class Cotton Floor Mop might be the mop for you, but otherwise, you could probably find another more versatile cleaner for the same price.

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Jinclean Industrial Class Cotton Floor Mop Overall – Is It Worth It?

Build Quality6
Value (Price)3.5
Reader Rating0 Votes0
Ideal for light cleaning around the home on a variety of surfaces
24 inch mop head great for cleaning big areas quickly
Not a competitive price compared to other, more versatile, mops
Dry cleaner only, not suitable for heavy duty cleaning
Lack of mobility and size of mod head makes small gaps hard to clean around
Our Take
Although great for large areas, and efficient when cleaning dusty areas, or areas with hair and light dust, this mop is not that versatile overall, and users with a wide range of cleaning needs should be able to find a more versatile product for a similar price.

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