ILIFE V8s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Floor Mopping Review

How often do you clean the house? Every week? Every month? Ideally, you want to do so on a regular basis—that will help to keep the dirt and bacteria at bay. The last thing that you want to do is to live in a contaminated environment! As you can imagine, that can have various effects on your health.

Let’s face it, though—vacuuming and cleaning aren’t exactly the most exhilarating of tasks. If anything, it can be quite dull and boring. What’s more, is that it can take up a good chunk of time! Still, we’re lucky to have tools that we can rely on. Can you imagine cleaning the house with just a mop and bucket? That would take forever—not to mention that it would be incredibly tiring!

What kind of cleaning tools are there? Lots. For instance, there are carpet cleaners, floor steamers, vacuum cleaners, and electric mops. Heck, there are even robots that will clean the house for you! As a matter of fact, that’s what we’re here to talk about. You’ve probably seen them before—they’re small and round, almost like a CD player. Don’t let their size fool you, though. Many are capable of vacuuming and mopping—like the iLIFE V8s that we’re about to talk about!

The ILIFE V8s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

ILife is a leading manufacturer in the smart cleaning industry. Since their launch, they’ve released a number of robot cleaners, each of which is designed to simplify the cleaning process. For instance, they have models that are specifically made for cleaning carpets and those that are meant for mopping hard floors. Based in China, the company now operates in more than 30 different countries in Asia, Europe, and North America. They have two large-scale factories—one in Dongguan and another in Shenzhen.

The ILIFE V8s Robotic Cleaner is a 2-in-one machine that’s capable of vacuuming and mopping. Equipped with a large dustbin, you won’t have to empty it nearly as often as other vacuums! The best part is that it comes with a multi-task programmable schedule system that allows you to pre-set your cleaning sessions. All the information will be displayed on the LCD display—simply set the commands and you’re ready to go! It can be used on carpet as well as hard floors such as hardwood, tile, linoleum, stone, and more.

What’s Included

The ILIFE V8s is ready to be used out of the box. In other words, it comes with all the items that you need to start cleaning! Here’s a breakdown of what’s included:

  • 1 Home Charging Station with Power Adapter
  • 1 Remote Control (batteries not included)
  • 1 Water Tank with Filter
  • 2 Mop Cloths
  • 1 Cleaning Tool
  • 2 Side Brushes

As indicated above, the ILIFE V8s comes with a mop cloth that you attach to the bottom of the device. You won’t have to worry about it coming off as it will be held in place by two elastic bands. Speaking of which, you’ll also have to install the water tank. You can do this by pressing the button at the end of the robot—that will allow you to remove the dustbin so that you’ll be able to put in the tank.

Note: Unlike other robots, that come with disposable pads, the cloth that the V8s comes with is reusable—that is, you can use it again and again until it falls apart.

In terms of power, the robot charges via a home base that you attach to the wall via an adapter. For the best results, you want to place the dock so that it lies horizontally against the wall. Make sure that there’s nothing within two meters as that will prevent the V8s from docking properly. If you’re using the device for the first time, you’ll want to charge it for 12 hours (it might be best to leave it on the dock overnight).

You might have noticed this already, but the robot cleaner does not come with a cleaning solution. In other words, you’ll have to supply your own if you plan on using the mopping function. Of course, you can also just make your own or use plain water! Whatever it is, pour it carefully into the tank next to the dustbin.

Smart Features

The ILIFE V8s features various technologies that make cleaning a breeze. Here are some of the device’s highlights:

Multi-task Programmable Schedule System

The robotic cleaner features a scheduling system that allows you to set cleaning sessions ahead of time. It’s easy—you can do so with the remote control or by pressing the buttons on the device. Once you’ve set the schedule, the robot will automatically clean according to the settings. You can change them whenever you want as well (refer to the instruction manual for the exact instructions).

Multiple Cleaning Modes

The V8s features multiple cleaning modes that are suitable for different floor conditions—that is, there’s auto mode, point mode, border mode, and max mode. When used for mopping, the device will divide the room into small squares—that will allow it to clean them thoroughly one by one.

Smart Sensors

The robot is equipped with multiple sensors that allow it to avoid objects such as furniture. In other words, you won’t have to worry about it bumping into things while it’s cleaning. On top of that, it is also capable of avoiding “cliffs”.

Potential Issues with the ILIFE V8s Robot Cleaner

As with all robot cleaners, the ILIFE V8s does have a few faults. Here are some that you might run into:

Cleaning Pattern is Random

The V8s does not come with a mapping feature—that is, it won’t “know” where it has cleaned and where it still needs to go. As a result, it tends to wander aimlessly; it’s not capable of cleaning in a systematic manner. In some cases, it might miss some areas altogether.

Not the Best For Carpet

The robot is not the best when it comes to cleaning the carpet. For one thing, it does not come with a roller brush that allows it to pick up debris; the side brushes that it comes with are simply not powerful enough for carpet jobs. Not only that, but it has a tendency of getting stuck every once in a while. The same goes for rugs—you’ll probably want to put them away before using the machine.

Mopping Feature is Mediocre

The V8s is capable of mopping but don’t expect it to do a fabulous job. If anything, the feature is a bit lackluster. For instance, it doesn’t always spread the water evenly. Even when it does, there might not be enough to get rid of the grime on the floor. You might be better off with another unit if want something for heavy-duty mopping.

Battery Life is Kind of Short

The battery life is not the best. According to some online reviews, the V8s has a tendency of returning to the dock in the middle of a cleaning session due to low battery. As a result, it might not be the most efficient cleaning robot. In some cases, it might also have difficulties reaching the charging station.

Does the ILIFE V8s Clean Well?

The ILIFE v8s works relatively well as a vacuum. The way it’s designed, the side brushes “feed”  the machine with debris and dust from the floor; it also does a good job of picking up pet hair (mostly from hard surfaces). Over time, however, particles can get stuck on the brushes. It’s not a major issue, though, as you can easily clean them off. What’s more, is that the dustbin is quite large. In other words, the robot will be able to vacuum for quite a while before you need to empty it.

As far as mopping goes, well, we’ve already talked about it a little earlier. Depending on your unit, you might run into a situation where the robot does not spray enough water or cleaner onto the floor. Some people have also experienced leaks with the water tank. Given all that, it’s easy to see how it might not be the best machine for heavy-duty mopping. It’s also worth noting that the mop pad is quite thin. If anything, it won’t be suitable for cleaning up large spills—just something to keep in mind.

For the best results, whether you’re vacuuming or cleaning, you’ll want to clear the area of any objects including cords and wires. As it is, the V8s can get stuck easily if it runs into anything on the floor. As you can imagine, that would hinder its ability to clean efficiently.

How to Use the ILIFE V8s Robot Cleaner

To get started, you’ll want to charge the robot. You need power to clean, after all! To do that, connect the adapter to the dock and plug it into an outlet. Ideally, you want to have it against the wall; make sure that there are no objects to the right, left, and in front of the station. From there, press on the power button on the side of the machine–it will start to charge.

Once it’s charged, you can start cleaning by selecting a mode with the remote. If you want, you can also create a cleaning schedule (refer to the instruction manual for more details). Assuming that you’ll be mopping, you’ll want to fill the tank with water. Simply flip the device upside down—you’ll see a water injection cap. Remove it and carefully fill the tank with the provided water cup. Next, you’ll want to put on the mop cloth. Simply snap it in place at the bottom—there are two elastic bands that will strap it in place.

As far as vacuuming goes, you won’t have to do anything special unless the dustbin is full (we’ll be going over how to vacuum it later). All you have to do is switch it to vacuuming mode on the remote and you’re good to go!

Maintaining the ILIFE v8s

As with all robotic cleaners, the V8s requires regular maintenance. For one thing, you’ll want to pay attention to the side brushes. If they’re dirty, clean them. Over time, the bristles can also become deformed. If that’s the case, you might need to replace them, otherwise, it can affect the device’s performance.

Another thing that you want to do is to clean the filter. The robot uses two kinds—there’s the primary filter and the high effective filter. Generally speaking, the former should be rinsed with water every 15-30 days. Once it’s washed, allow it to air dry in a well-ventilated place; do not try to squeeze the water out with your hands. In contrast, the high effective filter should not be washed with water. Simply shake it to remove debris.

Cleaning the Mop Pads and Water Tank

The mop cloth should be washed after every cleaning session. In order to remove it, you’ll have to slide out the water tank components. Once it’s off, rinse it under the faucet—continue until the water comes out clear. From there, let it air dry. Do not put it in the dryer as the heat will cause it to shrink.

Similarly, the water tank also needs to be cleaned—you can do this once you’ve removed the mop cloth. Start by draining the remaining water in the tank. Next, you’ll want to rise it in the sink. Once you’ve done that, empty the tank again and let it air dry.

Cost and Pricing Information

The ILIFE v8s is priced quite fairly, especially when you take into consideration that it’s both a vacuum and a mop. Currently, on Amazon, you can get a unit for $260, which comes with free shipping. To give you a better idea of where it stands, similar robots are priced between $200 to $400, some even higher.

As far as accessories go, you won’t need to buy much. The kit comes with two mopping pads, which should last you a while seeing that they’re reusable. Even if you need replacements, they’re quite cheap. What’s more, is that you don’t have to get the ones made by ILIFE. It’s perfectly fine to use third-party ones as long as they’re compatible with the V8s.

The only other things that you’ll probably need to get are filter and side brush replacements. As with the mop pads, however, they’re quite cheap (there are multiple third-party brands to choose from). For instance, you can get a set of twelve (six side brushes, six filters) for under $15.

Our Take
The ILIFE V8s Robot Cleaner is decent if you want something cheap that’s capable of vacuuming and mopping. Don’t expect it to do a stellar job, though. As it is, the mopping feature is mediocre at best. Chances are, you’ll run into issues where the device will either spray too much or too little water. When it works properly, however, it is capable of removing gunk from the floor. As far as vacuuming goes, it does a good job of removing dirt and debris from the floor, including pet hair. Keep in mind, however, that the robot will not be able to tell where it has gone and where it still needs to go.
Easy to Use
Smart Features
Mopping Ability
Vacuuming Ability
Reader Rating1 Vote
Relatively affordable
Comes with remote control
Dustbin is of a decent size
Mop pads are reusable
Does not come with a "mapping" feature
Tends to wander aimlessly while it's cleaning
Mopping function mediocre at best

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