ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Review

Technology has come a long way in the past few decades. From tablets to smart ovens, almost everything utilizes computers. Unsurprisingly, they also play a role in cleaning. Surely, we’ve all heard of those robotic vacuums that roam and clean the house even when you’re not at home. If anything, more and more people have begun to use them over the past few years. After all, why would anyone want to push around a vacuum when you can just let a robot do everything for you? In fact, many of them nowadays are capable of other features such as sweeping, scrubbing, and mopping. Considering that, it only makes sense that they are so popular.

On this page, we will be taking a look at one of these cleaning robots. More specifically, we will be reviewing the ILIFE v5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop—a machine that, as implied by its name, is capable of both vacuuming and mopping. How effective is it at picking up dust and debris? What kind of floors is it suitable for? How well do the sensors work? These are some of the things that we’ll be discussing below.

The ILIFE v5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop

ILIFE is a leading innovator when it comes to robotic vacuum cleaners. Based in China, the company is dedicated to developing products that make home cleaning both easy and efficient. Since their launch in 2010, they have received more than 500 patents for their technology. Not only that, but their business has expanded to over 35 different countries including Germany, Spain, Russia, and the United States. Today, they are not only known for their vacuum cleaners, but for their 2-in-1 systems—all of which make use of some of the most advanced technologies. With their products, cleaning will be a breeze.

The ILIFE V5s Pro is one of their most popular 2-in-1 systems. In addition to dry vacuuming, it is capable of wet mopping with its microfiber mop pad. Designed for hard floors, it can safely be used on laminate, marble, tile, and wood. Equipped with two nozzles, the robot will continuously release water to dampen the cloth while cleaning. Don’t worry, though, it will know exactly when to stop with its i-Dropping Technology. When you’re ready to clean, simply select one of their four different modes—auto cleaning, edge cleaning, spot cleaning, and schedule cleaning. When the battery runs low, the V5S Pro will automatically return to its charging dock for recharging.

What’s Included

The ILIFE V5s Pro comes with all of the bits and pieces that you’ll need to get started. These include:

  • 1 Charging Station
  • 1 Remote Control (battery included)
  • 1 Microfiber Cleaning Pad
  • 4 Side Brushes
  • 2 Extra HEPA filters
  • 1 Water Tank

As you can expect, the cleaning robot comes with a charging station. The way it works, it will automatically return to the docking station whenever the battery runs low; you can also charge it by using the adapter. In terms of runtime, a single charge will generally last up to 140 minutes.

Unfortunately, the V5s Pro is not network enabled (aka there is no app). However, it does come with a remote, which you can use to change directions and schedule cleanings. Once everything is set up though, you probably won’t be needing to use it all that much.

For mopping purposes, a microfiber cleaning pad is also included. Attaching it is simple—the velcro at the bottom will hold it in place. When it becomes too dirty, you can throw it into the wash. Depending on how often you use the robot to mop, the pad can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Replacements can be purchased on Amazon.

In addition to the pad, it comes with four brushes (one extra) that go on the side of the V5s Pro. When turned on, these brushes will spin, which helps to direct debris towards the center; they are also useful for getting things out of corners. Do, note, however, that hair tends to get tangled on the brushes. Chances are, you’ll have to “clean” them every once in a while.

Two extra filters are also included with the set. As a general rule, you should clean it out after every use. Given that it shouldn’t get wet, it’s a good idea to wipe it down with a paper towel. According to the instruction manual, it should also be replaced every month—though this depends on its actual usage.

Last but not least, the set comes with a 350ml water tank. When you want to mop, just replace the dustbin with the container at the bottom; don’t forget to also attach one of the cleaning cloths.

Smart Features

The ILIFE V5s Pro Vacuum Mop has several smart features. Ultimately, it’s these functions that set it apart from regular mops.

For one thing, it is equipped with front obstacle sensors, which prevent it from bumping into furniture and objects. Around the sides, there are also cliff detection sensors that should keep it from falling down the stairs. Don’t rely on it too much though, it will fall down occasionally.

The way it’s designed, you also don’t have to worry about it dispensing too much water when you’re mopping. As it is, the V5s Pro only dispenses water when it’s moving and cleaning on route. As soon as it stops, either automatically or manually, the water tank will stop dispensing water; this way, the floor will never get too wet.

In terms of cleaning, you can choose from four different modes; these include auto cleaning (automatic cleaning of the floor), edge cleaning (cleaning alongside the walls), spot cleaning (thorough cleaning on specific areas), and schedule cleaning (cleaning during preset times). In addition to that, the V5s Pro features a “max mode”, which can be used for removing dirt, debris, as well as pet hair. 

If the battery level drops to a certain level, the robot cleaner will automatically return to the docking station for a recharge. Upon recharging, however, it will not go back to resume the previous job (assuming that it ran out of power half-way). Instead, you will have to restart the cleaning manually.

Possible Issues with the ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop

Before you buy the ILIFE V5s Pro, there are a few things to consider. First off, it will not map your home. Ultimately, what this means is that it will not be able to learn the layout of your house. As such, the robot tends to clean “randomly” with an unpredictable pattern. For instance, it might spend the entire time cleaning only half of the living room. Considering this, it might not be the most efficient way of cleaning all of the rooms in your house.

Second of all, the Cliff Sensors are not foolproof. As a matter of fact, many people have experienced issues with the V5s nosediving down the stairs. Depending on how high the drop is, it might just be enough to cause serious damage to the machine. Unfortunately, the only solution is to block off the stairs with some sort of barricade; you might also want to consider supervising it while its in use (although that kind of defeats the purpose of having a robot in the first place).

Thirdly, the V5s Pro’s mopping feature is kind of weak. Sure, it’s able to mop the floor with its cleaning pad, but it doesn’t do nearly a good job as a stand-alone mop. In fact, there seems to be an issue where the water doesn’t quite reach the cloth. As a result, it tends to push around debris. In some cases, it will even try to mop the carpet as it cannot distinguish between different floor surfaces. If mopping is your main purpose for buying the machine, you’re probably better off just getting a regular mop.

Lastly, the robot does not always dock automatically when the battery is low. For instance, it can get stuck under furniture or lost in another room; occasionally, it will also misalign with the charging station. Even when it docks properly, there are times when the charging doesn’t work (that seems to be rarer, though). More often than not, you’ll have to manually carry it back to the docking station—so, just prepare yourself for that.

Does it Clean Well?

The ILIFE V5s Pro does a decent job of vacuuming. While it can get stuck sometimes, it does pick up a fair amount of dirt and debris (pet hair as well) from the floor; its height allows for it to easily clean under dressers and other furniture as well. In addition to that, the spinning brushes are helpful in getting stuff out of corners and other hard to reach spots. If you have a lot of carpeting, however, it might not be the best choice as it tends to work better on hard floors (it does not have roller brushes on the underside). In any case, you’ll want to remove small items such as cords from the ground prior to vacuuming. While “smart”, it’s not as “smart” as some of the other robot vacuums out there.

Its mopping function, however, isn’t quite as impressive. As mentioned earlier, water doesn’t always make its way from the tank onto the pad. Because of this, you’re more likely to be dry mopping than wet mopping, which isn’t very effective at removing grime from the floor. If you want it to work better, you’ll have to dampen the cloth first prior to starting up the machine. Even then, however, its ability is not comparable to that of a steam mop. If anything, its mopping function feels more like an “extra” than one of its main features. Personally, I would not recommend the V5s Pro if you are looking for something that can thoroughly mop your floors.

How to Use

To get started, place the charging station against the wall; you’ll want to make sure that there are no obstacles within a 2-meter radius. Next, you’ll want to charge the V5s Pro. To do this, you can either use the station or plug the robot into an outlet directly. If it is your first time using the device, it is recommended that you charge it overnight.

Once it’s charged, you can get it to start cleaning by pressing the “clean” button on the body; pressing the button again will pause its activities. If there is no activity for 15 seconds, the robot will automatically go into sleep mode.

If you want to schedule cleanings, you will first have to set the time using the remote control. From there, you can set a schedule by pointing the remote at the V5s and pressing “Plan.” After setting it, press the button again to save the setting.

Note: The dustbin is used for vacuuming while the water tank is used for mopping. Switching the cartridges will also switch the modes.

Cost and Pricing Information

The ILIFE V5s Pro Vacuum Mop is rather affordable as a robot cleaner. The last time we checked, it sold for $179.99 on Amazon (as far as we know, they are the only retailer that is selling the model). While this might be a bit expensive for a mop or a vacuum, it really isn’t all that bad for a 2-in-1 system.  To give you a better idea, iRobot has a similar machine (one that mops and sweeps) that sells for $299.99—that’s nearly double the price of the v5s Pro! Sure, the V5s Pro might not be as “smart”, but still, it gets the job done. Sometimes if you wait, you might even be able to snag it on sale.

Some time after purchasing the robot, you will have to get refills. More specifically, you will have to replace the cleaning pad, side brushes, and filter every once in a while. Seeing as how the set comes with a few extras, though, you shouldn’t need to get any for a while. When you do, though, you can find them on Amazon for relatively cheap. For instance, you can get an entire replacement kit (four side brushes, two filters, two cleaning pads) for $19.78. If you don’t mind using an off-brand, there are even cheaper options out there; you might just have to do a bit of searching around on the site. 

Overall, the ILIFE V5s Pro is a good option if you’re looking for a reasonably priced robot cleaner. It is important to keep in mind, however, that it is not as sophisticated and “smart” as some of the more expensive units. If you want something simple that’s capable of sweeping and—to a lesser degree—mopping your floors, though, this is the thing for you.

The ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Overall – Is It Worth It?

Our Take
The ILIFE V5s Pro is an affordable robot cleaner. A 2-in-1 system, it is capable of both vacuuming, and mopping various floor types such as hardwood, tile, and linoleum. Not only is it equipped with multiple sensors, but it knows exactly when to go back to the charging station when the battery runs low. Easy to use, the device can be controlled using a remote control that comes with the set. There are a few things that you want to keep in mind though. For instance, its mopping feature is not always effective; it is also not as “smart” as some of its competitors, which sometimes, can lead it to fall down the stairs. Nonetheless, it is a solid choice for those who want an inexpensive cleaning robot.
Easy to Use
Smart Features
Mopping ability
Vacuum ability
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Capable of cleaning under furniture
Good value
Quieter than most robot cleaners
Easy to Use
Not as "smart" as some of the more expensive models
Is not capable of mapping the house
Often requires supervision
Does not connect to WiFi

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