Homitt Electric Mop Floor Spin Scrubber Review

Want to prevent the spread of germs? Then make sure to clean the floor regularly. After all, it’s not uncommon for it to be contaminated with microorganisms—you just can’t see them! Not to mention that the floor can also be covered with allergens, which can cause allergic reactions or even asthma attacks.

Generally speaking, you want to wash your floors every week or two. There are exceptions, though. Take the kitchen, for example, it’s a good idea to clean that area more frequently as food bacteria can easily spread. As for how to clean, the easiest way is to use a mop.

What kind of mop is the best? It depends on the type of flooring surface that you have. For example, you wouldn’t want to use a steam mop if you have unsealed hardwood; the moisture can easily seep into the planks and cause damage. Also, you want to consider what you want to do with the mop—that is, different mops have different features.

For the purposes of this post, however, we’ll be talking about spin mops. More specifically, we’ll be reviewing the Homitt Electric Spin Mop in detail. Keep reading to find out whether or not it’d be a good fit for you!

The Homitt Electric Mop Floor Spin Scrubber

Homitt is a brand that specializes in electric cleaning tools. Aside from spin mops, they also sell upright vacuums, handheld vacuums, and electric scrubbers, all of which can be found on their official website. It’s worth noting that they also have an online store on Amazon. In fact, they’ve racked up quite a few reviews since they first started selling on the site.

The Homitt Electric Mop is suitable for all types of floor including bamboo, marble, tile, laminate, and hardwood. Featuring a lightweight design, it allows you to mop easily without having to bend over. Simply press the button on the handle and it’ll start to spin automatically. Not only is it great for cleaning the floor but you can also use it to wax, polish, and buff. On top of all that, you’re not limited to a specific cleaning solution. In fact, you can create your own!

What’s Included

The Homitt Electric Spin Mop comes with a few bits and pieces. Here’s a complete list of what’s included:

  • 1 Electric Spin Mop
  • 2 Soft Microfiber Pads
  • 2 Scrubby Pads
  • 1 250ml Measuring Cup
  • 1 Adapter
  • 1 Instruction Manual

The mop does require assembly. The first thing that you want to do is attach the handle. Insert the extendable pole into the main handle until the protruding point comes up from the slot. From there, connect one end of the extension pole to the extendable pole; the other end should be connected to the mop head.

As listed above, two types of pads are included with the mop—one is meant for everyday use while the other is best suited for tough, sticky messes (they’re different colors so you can tell them apart). In terms of attachment, just stick them onto the sticker on the bottom of the foot.

You also get a measuring cup that makes filling the water tank easier. Speaking of the tank, it’s built into the body. To fill it up, lift the cap on the right-hand side. Once you’re finished, cover the cap.

Last but not least, there’s the power adapter. Assuming that it’s your first time using the product, you will have to use it to charge the spin mop. The green indicator light on the top will turn on as soon as the unit is fully charged. Don’t forget to install 2 AAA batteries (not included) into the handle as well!

Build Quality of the Homitt Electric Mop Floor Spin Scrubber

The spin mop is well built despite its lightweight design. For one thing, the handle is made of durable metal. The top and base might be constructed out of plastic but it’s rather durable. It’s worth mentioning that the unit also uses an LG brand battery.

The pads that it comes with are also nice and durable. Made from a soft material, they’re delicate yet strong enough to withstand regular use. They wash beautifully as well (you can either put them in the washing machine or wash them by hand). Their shape might change slightly after a few washes but it shouldn’t affect their performance—just make sure that they’re aligned properly to the bottom when you’re using them.

Potential Drawbacks

The Homitt Electric Mop is great but it does have a few cons. We’ll be pointing out some of the main ones below:

The Handle is Rather Short

One of the biggest complaints that people have about the mop is handle length. Even if you use the extender piece, it’s still short compared to other mops. This means that you’ll have to lean over to use it, which is bad for your back. This is especially true if you happen to be on the taller side.

It’s Not Very Lightweight

Weight is another issue for many people—that is, the mop is rather heavy, which makes it difficult to use for long periods of time. Not only that, but you might also find it hard to use on stairs as you’ll have to lug it up each step.

Not Meant For Heavy Scrubbing

The Homitt Mop is not designed for heavy scrubbing; the bristles simply aren’t strong enough for that. You may be able to remove light messes but anything more and you’ll start running into issues. You can’t press harder on it either as that’ll cause the mop to shut off automatically.

It Has a Small Cleaning Surface

The pads are on the small side. Because of this, they might not be the most efficient thing to use for large-sized rooms, etc. They are, however, great for tile. In fact, many people seem to use it for their bathrooms according to the reviews on Amazon. Keep in mind, however, that it might be tricky due to the length of the handle.

It’s Not the Best For Corners

The mop is not the best for corners. For one thing, it’s hard for the pads to actually reach them due to the shape of the base. Even if you can reach them, there tends to be a bit of splatter from the brush when you’re cleaning. If only you were able to adjust the speed then you’d able to prevent that.

Charge Doesn’t Last Very Long

The Homitt Electric Mop holds a charge longer than the average cordless mop but still, there’s a high chance that you’ll have to recharge it while you’re using it. As far as the battery goes, one full charge will generally last you around one hour. Speaking of which, the battery isn’t removable so you’ll have to plug in the whole unit once the power runs low…but that’s the case with a lot of mops nowadays.

It Tends to Turn Off Automatically

The mop has a tendency of turning off by itself every once in a while. For example, it can happen if you have press down too hard when you’re cleaning. It can also happen if you accidentally bump the head into an object such as furniture.

Scrubber Head Will Need Cleaning Afterward

The scrubber head is great at picking up hair. As it is, that’s both a good and bad thing. Why is it bad? Assuming that you have long hair, you’ll likely have to spend some time picking the brush clean after mopping. Unfortunately, it won’t be able to get rid of it by itself!

Does It Clean Well?

The mop is good for light scrubbing. You can use it to remove dust, dirt, hair, and other small debris, especially if you pair it with a good cleaner. On top of that, it’s great for bathtubs. Keep in mind, what we said earlier, however, about its scrubbing power. That is, it’s not suited for “heavy duty” cleaning—the brushes simply aren’t stiff enough for that. The size of the head also means that you’ll have to go over certain areas more than once.

The spray feature makes the mop more convenient to use. With that said, it doesn’t seem to be the most durable. In fact, many people have experienced issues where the sprayer will stop working after a few weeks or months. Fortunately, you can always contact the company for a replacement if that happens…but still, it’s a hassle. 

Who Would I Recommend This Mop To?

  • Those who aren’t particularly tall (due to its short handle)
  • Those who are okay with light scrubbing
  • Those who live in apartments, houses, or condos (the mop is compact and easy to store)

Cost and Pricing Information

The Homitt Electric Mop is rather affordable with a price tag of $93.99 (most spin mops are over $100). It also comes with free shipping so you don’t have to pay any extra fees. Returns are also covered so you can always get your money back if you change your mind about it afterward.

Like we said earlier in the review, you get a total of four pads. If you ever need more, you can get them from their Amazon shop. You can’t get them individually, however, since they come as a set (two scrubbers and three regular pads for $19.99).

Aside from that, there really isn’t anything that you’ll need to buy for the mop. For one thing, you can use any type of cleaner; you’re not limited to a specific product that you have to buy from their store so that alone will save you money in the long run.

The Homitt Spin Scrubber is an affordable option for those who are looking for an electric mop. Safe to use on most floors, it comes with four pads, two of which are meant for scrubbing. Cordless, it can be used for up to one hour per charge. The tank is also large enough so that you won’t have to keep refilling it while you’re cleaning. Keep in mind, though, that the handle is rather short—even with the extension piece. Not only that, but the unit itself is rather heavy so it can be difficult to maneuver for some people. On top of all that, it has a tendency of turning off automatically if you bump it into things or push too hard.

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