Dibea Upgraded Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

The floor is dirtier than it looks. Dirt, hair, dust, food crumbs—just about anything can build up. Ignore the problem and it’ll only get worse. For example, it can cause health problems; those with underlying conditions such as asthma are particularly vulnerable. That’s why you need to clean.

Assuming that you have hard floors (as opposed to carpet), the best way to do this is to mop. Depending on what you use, you might even be able to kill germs! That’s right—there are many choices when it comes to mops. Walk down any cleaning aisle and you’ll see that there are many styles available. Some are standard with basic cleaning cloths while others have fancier functions (e.g. spray mops, steam mops, etc).

As a matter of fact, robot cleaners are a thing. Unlike traditional mops, you don’t have to hold it in your hand to clean. Just press a few buttons and it’ll automatically do all of the work for you. In some cases, you don’t even have to be at home! Sounds convenient, right? Because it is. If anything, that’s why they’re so popular.

Ever heard of Dibea? They’re one of the many companies that make robotic cleaners. In this post, we’ll be reviewing their upgraded robotic vacuum and mop cleaner. What features does it have? Is it worth the money? Keep reading to find out!

The Dibea Upgraded Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

Dibea is a manufacturer that’s known for its vacuum cleaners. Aside from robot vacuums, they also sell mattress vacuums, cordless stick vacuums, and more. While they might not be as big as some of the other brands out there, their products have been met with positive reviews online. For those who’re curious, you can always check out their Amazon page (as far as we know, that’s the only site where you can buy their vacuums).

Their upgraded vacuum and mop can be used on most floors including marble, laminate, and hardwood; it can also be used on thin carpets and rugs. A dual system, it comes with a powerful vacuum system that picks up hair, debris, dust, and more. Aside from the roller brush, which helps to gather everything, there are also side brushes that allow it to reach corners and edges. Once all the debris is gone, you can use the mopping function to clean the floors with water. Just attach the mopping pad, add water, and press the start button. Keep in mind, however, that the mopping feature should only be used on hard floors.

What’s Included

Here’s what you’ll get with their upgraded robotic vacuum and mop cleaner:

  • 1 D960 Cleaning Robot
  • 1 Charging Station
  • 2 Side Brushes
  • 1 Water Tank
  • 1 Mopping Pad
  • 1 Remote Control

Like all robot cleaners, the D960 comes with a charging station that allows you to charge the device. This goes without saying but it won’t be able to function properly without power. As far as its vacuuming feature goes, it comes with a dust bin that’s attached to the main body. In addition to that, there’s a filter that helps to trap particulates when it’s cleaning. Don’t forget to attach the two side brushes as well.

The next two things on the list are for mopping. First off, the water tank. It’s hard to tell but it’s the same size as the dust bin (it holds 350ml of water). Once you’ve filled it with water, stick the mopping pad onto the bottom of the robot and you’re ready to go. You can control it with the buttons on the body or use the remote control (batteries are included) that it comes with.

Installation: Connect the adapter to the charging station and plug it into a wall outlet. Make sure that the surrounding area is free of obstacles and place the robot onto the base (you can also connect the adaptor to the unit directly). The light will flash yellow when it’s charging. As soon as it’s ready to be used, it’ll turn green.

Smart Features

Here’s a list of some of its main features:

Smart Sensors 

The D960 robot cleaner comes with upgraded anti-collision and anti-drop sensors that prevent it from bumping into objects and falling down the stairs. On top of that, there’s a pressure-sensitive bumper that protects the unit while it’s moving across the floor. Even if it does hit something, nothing will get damaged.

Double Filters

The robot cleaner comes with a dual-filter system that effectively traps dust and other allergens. You won’t have to worry about them being released back into the air, which would affect the air quality.

Self Charging

Like the majority of robot vacuums, it’s capable of self-docking. That is, it’ll automatically go back to the charging station when the battery goes below 20%. To ensure that it works properly, make sure that the charging base is placed against the wall with no obstacles around it.

Summary: Dibea’s upgraded robotic vacuum and mop cleaner isn’t the smartest robot that you can get but it does come with a few features that allow it to work efficiently. Whether or not it’s worth it is ultimately up to you.

Potential Issues With the Dibea Upgraded Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

The robot cleaner, like most products, does have a few drawbacks that you might want to know about before making the purchase.

There’s No Mobile App

You might have realized this already but the D960 does not come with a mobile app. This means that you won’t be able to set cleaning schedules, monitor the device, etc. You’ll have to be at home in order to use it. The good news, though, is that it does come with a remote control so you can always use that instead of pressing the buttons on the unit.

Dust Bin Needs to Be Emptied Regularly

The dust bin is not particularly big so you will have to empty it continuously, especially if you have a dog or cat that sheds. It’s also worth mentioning that the bin does not completely open so emptying it can be a bit tricky until you get the hang of it.

Suction Could Be Better 

While the suction works, it could be better. For one thing, the slot is towards the back so it has to rely on the side brushes to feed it dust and debris. Also, there’s only one setting for the vacuum—you can’t choose how strong you want it to be.

It Doesn’t Always Dock Properly

Every once in a while, it’ll have troubles docking. Instead of aligning itself to the base, it’ll slide the docking station around the floor, which makes it that much more difficult. So keep in that min mind!

Side Brushes Can Fall Off

The side brushes snap onto the sides of the device but sometimes they’ll fall off when they’re spinning. Seeing as how the robot can fit under furniture and other objects, you never know where you might lose the brushes. Fortunately, they’re fairly cheap to replace.

It Moves Randomly 

It doesn’t come with a mapping function so it won’t know the layout of your house. Because of that, it’ll clean in a random pattern. If you leave it on for long enough, though, it’ll probably get all of the floor. For the best results, close the doors so it won’t wander from room to room.

It Might Not Last That Long

Many people have had issues where the robot cleaner stops working after a while. Either it’ll spin in circles or won’t charge anymore. The same with the remote control—it can eventually start acting up.

Voice Output Isn’t All That Clear

The robot has voice output. In other words, it’ll “speak” when you’re using it. Some individuals, however, have reported that the words spoke aren’t very clear. Given that, it might not be something that you want to look forward to.

Does It Clean Well?


The vacuum works for dust, dirt, pet hair, etc, but don’t expect it to pick everything up. As mentioned earlier, the slot that does the suctioning is located at the back of the robot so it’s not uncommon for it to miss some things. Unlike other robot cleaners, it also doesn’t let you change the suction power—there’s only one setting that you can use. Having said all of that, it does do a reasonable job of cleaning the floors, especially for the price. Just keep an eye out for things that can potentially clog it and oh, don’t forget to empty the dust bin often.


To be honest, the mopping feature isn’t all that effective. Yes, it’ll put water on your floors and wipe it with a cloth but nine times out of ten, that won’t be enough to actually clean it. Chances are, you’ll have a tough time with stains too since it doesn’t actually “scrub” the floor (but you can make it go over the same area a few times). The good news, though, is that one tank of water lasts a long time.

Overall, it does a better job of vacuuming than mopping. With that said, you might want to augment it with a standalone vacuum cleaner once in a while.

How to Use the Dibea Upgraded Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

Once the robot is charged (the light will be green), press the start button on the top. Alternatively, you can use the remote control. Before starting the device, double-check that it’s not in sleeping mode. If it is, wake it up by pressing the start button. From there, it’ll start cleaning if you press start again. There are various cleaning modes that you can choose from including spot cleaning, edge cleaning, zig-zag cleaning, v cleaning, and auto cleaning.


The dust bin and water tank should be emptied after each use. You also want to clean the side brushes and roller brush if they’re dirty. You can do that by rinsing them with water (after removing them from the bottom of the device). It’s a good idea to clean the sensors and charging strips as well with a soft cloth.

Cost and Pricing Information

This particular model goes for $189.99, which is considerably cheap when it comes to robot cleaners. Seeing as how it’s sold through Amazon, it also gets free shipping. Remember, you can also return it for a refund if you’re not satisfied with it.

Keep in mind, however, that they don’t sell replacement brushes and filters on Amazon. You’ll have to look elsewhere—just Google it. The good news, though is that they’re not that expensive!

Versatility 6.5
Smart Features6.5
Mopping Ability6
Vacuuming Ability7.5
Value (Price)7.5
Reader Rating0 Votes0
It is capable of self-docking
Equipped with multiple sensors
Side brushes tend to fall off easily
Cannot be controlled via an app
Suction could be better
Our Take
Dibea’s upgraded robotic vacuum and mop cleaner works on most surfaces including hardwood, marble, laminate, and low-pile carpets. As a vacuum, it features two side brushes and a dust-bin, the former of which plays an important role. As a mop, it comes with a water tank that you can fill up easily by lifting the lid. There’s also a microfiber pad that goes on the bottom. Just keep in mind that the device isn’t truly “smart” in that there’s no app and that it doesn’t come with any mapping features. It also has a few other flaws that you can read about in the review above. However, the price is low, which makes it a good option for those who want to give robot cleaners a try!

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