BISSELLProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro Full-Size Carpet Cleaner Review

Believe it or not but having a pet can actually benefit your health. For example, it can lower your cholesterol levels. Not only that, but it can reduce your blood pressure, which will put you at a lower risk for heart disease.

Keep in mind, however, that they do tend to shed (yes, we’re talking about dogs and cats). In other words, your house will fill up with fur. Ultimately, what this means is that you have to crank up your cleaning. Instead of vacuuming every week, you might have to vacuum every couple of days or so. Mopping is important as well if you have hard floors.

For those with carpet, however, you’ll want to get a carpet cleaner. They’re exactly what they sound like—that is, they’re machines that are designed to clean carpets. Trust me, they’ll come in handy. If anything, they’re a must-have for pet owners.

Just brought home a pet? Thinking of getting the Bissell ProHeat Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner? Then you’ll want to read the rest of the post as we’ll be reviewing the machine in detail! By the end of it, you should be able to determine whether or not it’s a good fit for you.

The Bissell ProHeat Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner

Bissell is one of the more well-known brands when it comes to cleaning products. Aside from carpet cleaners, they also manufacture vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, sweepers, and more. Family-owned, the company is currently the number one choice in the floor care industry. For one thing, they’ve sold more units than any other company in North America.

Product Description: The Bissell ProHeat Revolution Pet Pro is a deep cleaning system that’s designed for pet messes. You can use it to remove stains, embedded dirt, allergens, and more—just leave it to the power brush. It even comes with an onboard pretreater so that you can target spots! On top of that, there’s also a 2-in-1 pet upholstery tool that you can use to remove pet hair, odors, and stains from various surfaces. If you use Express Clean Mode, your carpet will also dry within 30 minutes.

What’s Included?

The Bissell ProHeat Revolution Pet Pro comes with the following out of the box:

  • 1 Upper Handle
  • 1 Base With Dirty Water Tank
  • 1 Clean Water Tank
  • 1 2-in-1 Pet Upholstery Tool
  • 1 Nozzle Cleaning Tool
  • 1 Hose With Accessory Bag
  • 1 Sample Bottle of Pet Urine Eliminator
  • 1 Sample Bottle of Carpet Formula

Assembly: Insert the upper handle at the top of the base—you’ll hear a “click” once it’s in place. Next, align the carry handle; you’ll have to secure the provided screw (taped to upper handle) into it. From there, slide the clean water tank into place.

As listed above, the Bissell Pet Pro comes with two individual tanks—one for dirty water (at the bottom of the tank) and one for clean water (at the top of the tank). To remove the tanks, simply lift them straight up from the machine. As far as filling up the clean water tank goes, there’s a water fill line that you can use for reference (refer to the manual for formula amounts).

The other thing that you’ll get is a pet upholstery tool. Attach it to the hose and you can use it on various things such as couches. It’s worth mentioning that the carpet cleaner also comes with a small storage bag for these accessories.

Last but not least, you get two sample bottles of solution that you can use with the machine. Pay attention to the label as one is meant for eliminating urine while the other is meant for general carpet cleaning.

Build Quality of the Bissell ProHeat Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner

For what it is, the carpet cleaner is relatively well made. For one thing, it comes with an aluminum upper handle, which is a lot more durable than those made of plastic (those tend to break and crack easily). With that said, the rest of the unit is mostly plastic and that’s to be expected with these machines. The good news, though, is that you won’t have to worry about rusting. Plastic is also lighter to push around so there’s that as well. Just use common sense and don’t rough handle it and you shouldn’t have any problems with the unit. Here’s a tip—make sure that you store it properly so that it won’t fall over. You don’t want it to hit the ground as that can compromise the plastic!

In terms of the brushes, they have stiff bristles that are designed to spin and clean. When you’re done, you can remove the top cover to access and clean the brush. They hold up well and should last you many cleaning sessions. Honestly, there isn’t anything negative to say about their construction.

Potential Drawbacks

The Bissell ProHeat Carpet Cleaner does have a few drawbacks that you might want to know about. Some of them will be highlighted below:

The Size of the Water Tanks

The clean water tank isn’t very big, it holds approximately one gallon’s worth of water so you will have to keep an eye on it to see when it needs a refill. But then again, that kind of size is average for most home-use machines. The bigger problem lies with the dirty water tank. The way it works, it won’t fill all the way up—it’ll reach max capacity by the time it’s 1/4th full. In other words, you’ll have to dump the dirty water out constantly.

Drying Power Is Average at Best 

Your carpets will be very wet after cleaning—this probably has to do with its suction power (i.e. the machine isn’t capable of removing all the water it spits out). Even if you use the “Max Clean” setting, you’ll have to wait >30 minutes for it to dry (more like 24 hours). Considering that, it’s highly recommended that you speed up the process by using a fan or something similar.

Hair Can Get Caught In the Brushes

Hair and fur can easily get caught in the spinning brushes. You can use the cleaning tool that it comes with to get them out but honestly, it doesn’t work all that well. Not to mention that the hair can cause blockages in the suction head. To prevent that, you’ll have to clean the brushes constantly.

There Isn’t a Separate Tank For Cleaning Solution

Unlike some of Bissell’s other models, this particular carpet cleaner does not come with a separate tank for cleaning solution—you just pour it into the same tank as the clean water. The problem with this is that you won’t be able to clean with just plain water in the middle of cleaning. You’d have to empty and rinse out the whole container.

It’s Rather Heavy When the Tanks Are Full

The carpet cleaner itself isn’t that heavy. As soon as you fill up the water tank, however, things are different. Some people might find it hard to maneuver, especially on stairs where you have to lug it up each step. Also, it’s a bit top-heavy so be careful when you’re moving it—you wouldn’t want it to accidentally fall over as that can end up damaging the plastic body.

Does It Clean Well?

The Pet Pro is decent for light stains. Go over the area a few times and they should come right out. What’s more, is that there are three different cleaning settings to choose from. Like we mentioned earlier, though, the suction system is average at best—so be prepared to wait for your carpets to dry. Not only that, but pet hair can easily clog the nozzle so watch out for that. Another thing to keep in mind is that the unit isn’t actually capable of heating the water; whatever temperature water you pour into the tank will be what you’ll be using.

As far as caked-on messes go, this machine might not be enough. In fact, some people have stated that it only makes the situation worse by spreading it further on the floor. Given that, it’s highly recommended that you test a small area first before going over it entirely with the carpet cleaner.

Who Would I Recommend This Carpet Cleaner To?

  • Pet owners who want to remove light stains and spots from their carpets, area rugs
  • People who live in condos/apartments/houses
  • Pet owners with short-haired dogs and cats (less chance of hair blockages)

Cost and Pricing Information

The Bissell ProHeat Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner is not a cheap machine. You’re looking at around $300 for a new unit. Fortunately, the price does come down occasionally on Amazon. In fact, it’s on sale for $269.99 as of this writing. Shipping and returns are both free so you don’t have to pay anything extra, even if you decide it’s not for you.

Aside from the actual unit, you’ll also have to buy their cleaner because let’s face it—those two sample bottles won’t last that long. It depends on which one you’re getting but you can expect to spend at least $20 for a bottle (double that if you want the urine eliminator and the general carpet cleaner). Having said that, it’s not like the machine can tell what type of cleaner you’re using so you’re free to use another product if you wish.

For those who are wondering about replacement parts, you can find them on their official website—just type in the model number. For example, you can get a new set of brush rolls (two per pack) for around $38, which works out to almost $20 each.

The Bissell ProHeat Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner is ideal for light pet-related messes. As the brushes spin, they’ll grab onto dirt, fur, hair, etc. There are also three cleaning settings to choose one, including “Max Clean”, which minimizes the drying time (though it doesn’t work as well as advertised). Like most home-use machines, however, the size of the water tank is quite small so you’ll have to refill it several times. Hair can also get caught in the nozzle, which can affect the suction power so be sure to clean it often. Durability-wise, however, it’s decent, especially given all of the plastic parts that it contains.

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