Best Swiffer Alternatives

Shopping for a mop or sweeper is more complex today than it’s ever been. There are so many options on the market now, it’s hard to figure out what makes sense. Heavy string mops are being phased out in many homes and replaced by lightweight mops with replaceable cleaning surfaces, and it can be confusing to choose one. The Swiffer Sweeper is perhaps the most recognized name among these types of mops, but is it really the best option for you?

Why a Swiffer Alternative?

The Swiffer Sweeper has gone through lots of changes over the years since it debuted in 1999, but what made it stand out when it hit the market was its lightweight design, the convenience of disposable pads, and a very affordable price. Over time, it has been modified and improved, and the current-day Swiffer Sweeper is a versatile tool used for both dry and wet floor cleaning which still stands out as one of the least expensive non-cloth mop options on the market from a reputable brand.

Best Microfiber Mops Like Swiffer – Top Swiffer Alternatives

With the Swiffer Sweeper having so much going for it, why would you be looking for an alternative? Well, there are a lot of reasons. Maybe you’ve been using a cloth mop and wanted to move on to something different, but after doing research you discovered that Swifter isn’t the only name in the game. Maybe you like the convenience of the Swiffer but don’t like going through all the single-use mop pads. Maybe you just want to know what your options are before you commit, even for something as reasonably priced as the Swiffer. Whatever your reasons are, we’ve got you covered with five top alternatives.

Turbo Mop

Up first is the Turbo Mop by Turbo Microfiber. It’s a solid and dependable microfiber mop with all the amenities that make these types of mops so appealing: a lightweight handle, a 360-degree swiveling head to help you access hard-to-reach places, and a telescoping handle that extends from three to five feet for a more comfortable experience. It includes two microfiber pads that can be used for dry sweeping or wet mopping. Customers report that the handle is lightweight and easy to push but sturdy enough to feel solid in the hands.

Sitting in the $30-40 range, the Turbo Mop is a big jump in price from the $10-20 range Swiffer Sweeper. Like the dust you sweep up, that’s just on the surface, though. Unlike the Swiffer, which uses single-use cloth pads, the Turbo Mop can be washed and reused. Turbo Microfiber claims each pad can be washed up to 100 times, so by the time you need to replace them you would easily have spent an equal amount of money or more on the Swiffer and its replacement pads, especially since it uses different pads for wet and dry mopping. Some customers have also reported that this mop is more effective at catching pet hair than the Swiffer, so keep that in mind if you have a pet that sheds.

Snap Mop


Coming up next is the Snap Mop, brought to you by Microfiber Wholesale. This mop is pretty similar to the Turbo Mop. It has a telescoping handle that extends from 36” to 59”, a 360-degree swivel head, and a lightweight handle that customers find comfortable to use, making it a good fit for people with mobility issues. It is a full-featured, versatile, and cost-effective mop that has a strong reputation for being durable and dependable.

As for reasons to pick this over the Swiffer Sweeper, they’re also very similar to the Turbo Mop, with two main differences. First, the Snap Mop is cheaper, bringing it closer to the price of the Swiffer. The second difference at least partially explains why it’s so much cheaper, as the Snap Mop only comes with one mop pad. Microfiber Wholesale claims their mop pads can be washed hundreds of times, though, so you may not need to replace it for a long time. Overall, this is a great mop that costs only a little more than a Swiffer in the short run and potentially much less in the long run.

O-Cedar Flip Mop

Next, we have the Flip Mop by O-Cedar. This mop has a plain and non-adjustable handle, so there’s nothing special going on there. The head swivels left to right and adjusts up and down, but it doesn’t have the same 360-degree motion like some of the other mops do. What really makes it stand out, though, is what’s in the name. Both the Flip Mop’s head and its microfiber pad have a notch in the middle where the handle attaches. While mopping, when one side of the pad gets dirty, you can simply flip it to the other side and mop with a clean surface again. It makes mopping and sweeping more convenient since you don’t have to stop and start again to clean the head once one side is dirty.

This mop is quite affordable, coming in in the $10-20 range. If you’re lucky, you might find it even cheaper than the Swiffer sometimes. Once again, this mop uses microfiber pads, so even though it only includes one, it’s washable and reusable. O-Cedar claims you can wash it up to 100 times, which represents a lot of usage to fill it up on both sides. You can get different types of replacement pads with different features if you like, but the one that’s included is suitable for dry and wet surfaces.


If you’re looking for for a deeper clean, you have to clean bigger areas, or you have bigger messes more often, then the Topmop system might be right for you. This mop-and-bucket system is truly designed for heavy-duty cleaning with efficiency. The mop has standard features to make mopping easy, like the 360-degree swiveling head, and a telescoping handle that stretches from 36” to 50”. This isn’t just a mop, though; it’s a mopping system,and what makes the system is the included bucket.

Unlike a traditional mop bucket for a cloth mop, this doesn’t have a standard hand-cranked ringer to get the dirty water out. Instead, you get a wash-and dry bucket that lets you clean your mop pad in one side and then wring it dry in the other side, allowing you to always have a clean and ready mop pad. And you can do it all hands-free, without even taking the microfiber pad off of the mop, so you save even more time. And since the system includes three microfiber pads, mopping large areas is no problem.

Honestly, this mop is on a whole other level compared to the Swiffer. The Swiffer trades some top-end cleaning power for convenience, speed, and out-of-the-box price. The Topmop, on the other hand, just does anything you need it to. The price reflects the difference in ambition, as the Topmop system pushes up into the $50 range, but you get a lot more mop for the extra cash. Whether you need that much more mop is up to you. If you don’t mop frequently, don’t have big messes that often, or have a modest area to mop, this system is overkill. For those that can use it, though, it’s amazing.

Real Clean

Finally, we have the Real Clean 24-inch microfiber mop system. This is a good system if you need a deeper clean or you’re covering a bigger area, but you can’t justify going with something like the Topmop system. This system includes a heavy-duty telescoping handle that extends up to 70 inches, and its pads are 24” instead of the 18” or so like most microfiber mop pads. The extra size might bump up the price of replacement pads as well, but the system includes two wet and one dry pad

Compared to other mops, and especially the Swiffer, the Real Clean is meant for more heavy-duty use. It weighs over twice as much as any of the other mops, and the handle is 10 inches longer, and the head and pads are six inches longer. This is not the light-and easy mopping tool you pick for light, day-to-day cleaning, but for bigger tasks, it’s more than up to the job. Its price also reflects a difference in usage, pushing into the $40-50 range, but it’s a very capable mop for the right customer and well worth the money.


So how do these Swiffer alternatives stack up? The Turbo Mop and the Snap Mop are great, convenient, reasonably priced general-use mops, and they can quickly save the average user money despite a higher price up front. The Flip Mop is a nice alternative if the flip feature appeals to you, and it’s very inexpensive to boot. The Topmop and Real Clean are powerful options if you have cleaning needs far beyond what a Swiffer can do.

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