Best Shark Steam Mop Replacement Pads

Shark is one of the leading providers of vacuum cleaners and household appliances globally. In fact, if it were not for the presence of Dyson, they would be the market leader. The company, which has roots stretching back to Europe for over a century, originally made a name for itself as a manufacturer of sewing machines, but since re-branding as Shark in 2003, the company has innovated a huge number of new designs in a vast range of goods, ranging from kitchen accessories to industrial equipment.

With over 550 US patents awarded, and outlets at over a hundred retailers across eight countries, including franchises in North America, Europe and China, Shark are now approaching an annual turnover of $1 billion per year, and when it comes to steam cleaners, they are recognised as one of the most trusted names, with a variety of models to choose from. But with every cleaner, there’s one part that’s guaranteed to need replacing sooner or later, no matter how reliable it is, and that’s the mop pads.

Today I’ve taken a look at a few of the best steam mop replacements for Shark steam cleaners and run through their relative benefits and disadvantages, so you don’t have to. So step this way, and we’ll get right into it.

Flammi Replacement Microfiber Steam Mop Cleaning Pads

Flammi produce these microfiber mop pads that fit the standard sized mop pad, with is approximately 12.6 x 7 inches, or 32 x 18 cm. This replacement pad fits a huge number of Shark products, and specifically the following models.

  • Shark 2-in-1 Steam Pocket Mop : S2902
  • Shark Steam Pocket Mops: S3501, S3501SPN, S3501WM and S3550
  • Shark Slim Professional Steam Pocket Mops : S3450, S3452 and S3455K
  • Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mops : S3601, S3601C, S3601CO, S3601D, S3601K, S3601Q S3601W, S3601WC, S3801 and S3801CO
  • Shark Lift-Away Professional Steam Pocket Mops : S3901, S3901A, S3901C, S3901D, S3901FS, S3901K, S3901Q, S3901W, S3901WC and S3901WM
  • The Shark Professional Lite Steam Pocket Mop model SE400
  • The Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop model SE450

So the Flammi pads replace many of the Shark models, although please note they do not fit the XL size (16×6 inches) and they may be slightly loose until they have been washed once, after which they will shrink slightly and provide a more snug fit.

Made from microfiber, the pads are supported by a sandwich mesh lining designed to allow for a free release of steam, and they are fully machine washable. From over 600 reviews on Amazon, the pads have received positive four or five star reviews from 83% of users, and many consider them to be better than the original Shark pads. A small minority of users found that they were less effective than the original Shark pads, however some of the negative reviews appear to have been generated by the fact that these replacement pads are not suitable for the Shark Genius Steam pocket Mop (S6002), however Flammi do offer a separate replacement pad for that particular product.

A two pack of the Flammi Replacement Microfiber Steam Mop Cleaning Pads are currently available on Amazon for the very reasonable price of $9.95, and they are fully machine washable for repeated use. Constructed from 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide, a synthetic strand known for it’s strength and stretchiness, most users found these pads highly durable over time.

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Fushing Household Microfiber Replacement Cleaning Pads

Fushing Household Microfiber Replacement Cleaning Pads are slightly smaller, measuring 12.5 x 7 inches, and fit several Shark products that the Flimmi pads do, as well as a few others. They are recommended for the following Shark models.

Shark steam pocket mops S3500series, S2902, S3455K, S3501, S3550, S3601, S3801, S3801CO, S3901, S4601, S4701, S4701D, and the SE450.

These microfiber pads are also machine washable and reusable, and most users found them to be fairly durable, with many users once again finding them superior to the original Shark mop pads for their particular model.

The pads are fastened with velcro in an identical manner to original Shark mop pads and are designed to allow steam to flow freely from your cleaner, while still retaining as much absorbency for dirt on the pads. Several reviewers noted how particularly durable these pads were, with several users noticing that they collect dirt very efficiently, requiring them to be cleaned after every wash. Most people found that even after being washed several times, the replacement pads retained the same absorbency and strength that they had when brand new.

With over 240 reviews on Amazon, the Fushing replacement pads have a highly impressive 90% of reviews finding them as good as, if not superior to the original pads and rating them with either 4 or 5 five stars. A few reviewers noted that they did require a llittle more effort to push over their floors, and one negative review did note that over her rough slate floor they performed less than ideally, but overall the vast majority of reviewers found them to be a superb replacement pad.

Fushing offer a three pack of these replacement pads for only $12.99, which once again is a fairly cheap price.

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Al-Vacuum Microfiber Pads for Shark Steam Mops

Value sourcing offer the Al-Vacuum brand microfiber pads for Shark Models S3101, S3250 and S3202 at a fantastic price on Amazon. The pads measure approximately 6.5 x 13 inches and they are ideally suited for the resigned Shark mop heads from 2016 and after, but will fit the pre 2016 heads, even though they may be slightly baggy. They are recommended for the following models.

Shark Steam Pocket Mops : S3101W, S3250, S3250W, S3250CW, S3251N, S3101POD, SP100Q, S3251, SE200, S3251WC, FS3101, S3251_N2A, S3101CO, S3101P, S3101Q, S3101WT, S3202, S3202C, S3101, S3101A and S3101C.

A note of caution however, although these pads are recommended for the S3101 model, the velcro squares that attach them to this models mop head may not line up correctly, making them a less than ideal fit.

Al-Vacuum mop pads are designed with a triple layer, which makes them less likely to scratch or smear your floor, even when they have worn down. This design also increases their durability, and as they are made from 100% polyester, they are designed to be easier to push along a hard floor surface. The pads are fully machine washable, like all the recommended replacement pads, and they are designed to be easy to attach and remove.

With over 540 reviews on Amazon, over 90% of users reviewed them positively with either four or five stars. Many users remarked on their thickness and efficiency when used with their Shark steam cleaner. The minority 10% of negative or mediocre reviews often concerned the fact that they were not entirely suitable for the S3101 model, and a small number of people were disappointed overall, but they were far outnumbered by the vast majority of users who found these to be an excellent product, and a more than acceptable replacement for the original Shark mop pads.

By far the most impressive thing about the Al-Vacuum Microfiber mop pads are their price. A pack of six will cost only $14.98, making them less than $2.50 individually, a far better price than any other microfiber mop pad on the market.

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