Best Mopping Solutions – Natural & All Purpose

Here at we aim to make choosing the right cleaner for your personal cleaning requirements easy, but even when you have chosen the right cleaner for you, there’s still a huge selection of cleaning products to choose from. There are solutions, formulas, solvents and concentrates, and products designed for every conceivable type of floor and surface, and by choosing the right one you can save yourself a lot of time, money and effort.

You might need a cleaning solution that is kid safe, or pet safe, and you might need a cleaning product that is non-toxic and non-corrosive. Alternatively you might be looking for a heavy duty product that has maximum strength cleaning ability, yet still be eco friendly and contain antibacterial properties. With all this to consider, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best mopping solutions that are natural and All Purpose in order to help you select a solution that strikes the right balance between convenience and cleaning power for you, so let’s get started.

All Purpose Solutions

All Purpose Cleaning solutions contain some chemicals, but usually have been formulated to be as non-toxic as possible. They can require dilution, scrubbing or rinsing, while others are designed for an easy spray, wipe and forget method of cleaning. Here’s our selection of a few of the most effective, and best value for money, all purpose solutions on the market.

Lysol Clean & Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner

Lysol have been producing cleaning products for a long time, and they’re one of the better known brands on the market, but with their Clean & Fresh multi-surface cleaner they’ve come up with a product that not only cleans effectively, and kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria along the way, but it also leaves a pleasant lemony smell that doesn’t reek of chemicals.

This product can be diluted down to just 2oz per gallon of warm water, and it still retains its antibacterial properties. The solution can effectively deal with tough grease and grime and is designed for not only floors, including tiles, hardwood, laminates and polished stone surfaces, but it can also be used on counter tops, appliance surfaces, doorways and baseboards. Lysol Clean & Fresh is best left on a surface for a few minutes, and then wiped off with a damp cloth if you want to kill off those germs, and for floors it will dry without stickiness within minutes.

It’s advised you use gloves when using it, particularly if you have sensitive skin, and for very heavy-duty cleaning applications it can even be used undiluted, and is able to remove stains from carpets. Undiluted it may leave a few streaks on your floor, but they can be quickly mopped away with a less concentrated solution. It comes in a handy pourable bottle that avoids spillages too.

Lysol Clean & Fresh is available on in a three pack of 40 oz bottles for only $49.95, which should be enough for around 60 individual cleans depending on how much you use each time. To see it on with all currently available promotions, click here.

Mr Clean All Purpose Cleaner with Febreeze

Another well known brand that can be reliably expected to get the job done is Mr Clean. This powerful all purpose cleaner has been scented with lavender vanilla and comfort, and many satisfied customers are highly enthusiastic about the mild lingering scent that it leaves.

Designed to be diluted down to 2 oz per gallon of water, Mr Clean Liquid all purpose cleaner is great for tiled floors, hardwood and laminate floors, and ideal for use around the kitchen and bathroom. It can even be used undiluted as a toilet cleaner, and is suitable for cleaning stoves and other kitchen appliances too.

Although this product has no antibacterial properties, it does have the kind of efficiency with greasy grime that you would expect from a heavy duty cleaner from Mr Clean. If you make the solution too strong, you might find a slight sticky residue on your floor, but this can be easily removed with a quick wipe with plain water.

Mr Clean’s All purpose liquid cleaner is available on for $16.09 for a 40 oz bottle, which should be enough for around 20 individual cleans. Check it out on with all currently available discounts and promotions here.

Swiffer Wetjet Hardwood Solution

Swiffer have produced a range of cleaners that aim to provide an easy to use and convenient floor cleaning system. You’ll know if you’ve read our review of the Swiffer Wetjet, or the Swiffer Wetjet Wood Floor Mop, that Swiffer cleaners do require a plug in cleaning solution to operate.

The Swiffer Wetjet Hardwood floor mopping and cleaning solution refill, is designed to be a fast drying formula that is safe to use on hardwood and laminate floors, as well as tiled surfaces as long as they are sealed. This product is not suitable for unfinished, oiled or waxed surfaces, unsealed surfaces, or carpeted floors because they may be water sensitive.

The solution is configured towards offering a heavy duty cleaning ability for Swiffer Wetjet owners, and is capable of dealing with tough ground in dirt and sticky patches with ease. As any Swiffer Wetjet owner will already know, the solution can leave a slight residue and may leave streaks on your floor, but if you’ve already made it through your first bottle of Swiffer cleaning solution and you’re buying another, this is something you’re already aware of and it won’t be a surprise to you.

This particular deal offers a twin pack of Swiffer Wetjet Hardwood cleaning solution for $18.00, which at $9 each, is a slight improvement on buying them individually, when they cost around $10-$11. The refill can be inserted straight into your Wetjet in the same way the original solution was.

To take advantage of this offer on, click here.

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Bona offer a range of cleaners and have been in the cleaning game for some time. Their range of floor cleaning solutions are also widely used, and the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refill provides a cleaning solution that may be less effective that Mr Clean and Lysol, but it does still offer good all round cleaning ability with a minimum of chemicals. This product is eco friendly and non toxic, and is both kid safe and pet safe.

The water-based solution is particularly fast drying and leaves no residue on most surfaces, and it is entirely safe for unwaxed surfaces and polyurethane finished wood floors. The solution is already pre diluted so you can use it straight out of the bottle and it doesn’t require rinsing after use either.

If your hardwood floor is already waxed then this may not be the ideal product for you, as it can cause a sticky film after use if that is the case. This is due to the presence of polish in the product, designed to fill in micro scratches in your hardwood floor for a lasting shine.

This deal on offers a huge economy size 128 oz refill bottle, which should be enough to keep your floors sparkling clean for a while, for just $28.90. To see this product with all current discounts and promotions on, click here.

Sheiner’s Floor Cleaner Concentrate

Our final all purpose cleaner offers deep cleaning for tiles, linoleum, stained floors and a variety of surfaces, but with a gentle touch. Sheiner’s floor cleaner concentrate is pH neutral and non toxic, and is suitable for counter tops and surfaces around the home.

This child and pet friendly cleaner is free from harmful chemicals, and leaves a refreshing lavender scent with no lingering chemical odor. It’s a versatile and gentle option that still offers an all round cleaning solution for most types of household cleaning, and just one bottle of this highly concentrated cleaning solution will last you quite a while.

The 128 oz bottle can be diluted to 1 oz per 1 gallon of water, allowing you to make a total of 128 gallons of cleaning solution, and currently on, it’s available for just £23.99, making it the best value (per gallon of solution) All purpose cleaner in our list.

To check out Sheiner’s Floor Cleaner Concentrate on, click here.

All Natural Solutions

So with all purpose cleaners covered, what about if you want an entirely chemical free alternative? Then natural cleaning solutions are what you’re looking for, and here’s our pick of the best currently available natural cleaning solution deals.

Puracy Natural Cleaner Concentrate

Texas-based Puracy create a range of natural, but effective, household products that are both safe and stylish, and their all purpose cleaner concentrate is no exception. Suitable for any surface, literally any surface at all, and effective against grease, oil, grime, dirt, streaks and residues, this product is composed of plant extracts and completely safe and non toxic.

The concentrate should be diluted to a one in seven ratio, so this 16 oz bottle produces around one gallon of cleaning solution. It leaves a mild lime scent, and doesn’t leave streaks, even on glass or stainless steel. It doesn’t have antibacterial qualities, but it is about as eco friendly as you can get, and it’s an effective solution for all household cleaning situations, and it’s entirely animal and child safe too.

A 16 oz bottle of Puracy All purpose cleaner concentrate is available on for $14.24. To see all currently available promotions for this product, click here.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Concentrate

Another plant based natural cleaner comes in the form of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day multi-surface cleaner. This product is suitable for any surface both inside and out, and leaves a light citrus odor that isn’t too strong. Suitable for walls, floors and counter-tops, this cleaner can even be used on hardwood floors, just make sure you don’t make the solution too strong.

Fully biodegradable, and therefore suitable for even unsealed surfaces, this product is recommended to be diluted to 1 gallon of water per 2 oz of the concentrate, however it can be made stronger for more efficient and heavy duty cleaning applications. Completely non toxic and chemical free, this is another fantastic eco friendly product.

Mrs. Meyer’s isn’t going to break the bank either. A two pack of 32 oz bottles of this product currently costs $9.39 on, and that should be enough to make around 32 gallons on cleaning solution, more than enough to keep things fresh and clean for a while.

To see this product with all available discounts and promotions on, click here.

Aunt Fannies Vinegar Wash Floor Cleaner

If you’ve ever looked for advice about floor cleaning, you’ve probably seen a recommendation for vinegar added to water as an effective floor cleaner, but like me, you’ve probably wondered about how that’s going to smell after cleaning. Aunt Fannies Vinegar Wash Floor Cleaner is a natural product that uses vinegar, but it also contains eucalyptus, which for most users, left a pleasant mild odor after use, rather than an acrid whiff of vinegar.

Auto Fannies cleaner has one other distinction. It’s not antibiotic, it’s microbiomic, and this means that it doesn’t eliminate all germs, instead it maintains a balance between cleanliness and naturally occuring microbiomes that are necessary for us all to develop and maintain a healthy immune system. If we lived in a sterile, germ free environment, we would drop like flies as soon as we’re exposed to harmful bacteria, but as we live in a germ filled World we don’t, and that’s the principle of a microbiomic cleaner. We’ve evolved with certain germs, and are not negatively affected by them, and Aunt Fannies vinegar cleaner allows for this healthy balance to be maintained in our home environment.

Diluted by 2 oz to one gallon of water, this 32 oz container is available for $8.99, it should last a while, and it’s available on right here.

Naturally It’s Clean Concentrate

Finally, for hardwood floor owners looking for a natural cleaning alternative, this is our recommendation to you. Plant based and safe, but still effective at cleaning not only hardwood, but slate, ceramic tiles and polished stone, Naturally It’s Clean concentrate dilutes to one gallon from one oz, and it complete breaks down enzymes to remove odors, and deal with stubborn stains without damaging the varnish on your floor.

A 24 oz bottle of Naturally It’s Clean concentrate will currently cost you $10.38 on, and to see it there, click here.

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