Top 10 Best Microfiber Mops for 2019

Making your cleaning and housekeeping more efficient is a pretty sound resolution for 2019 if you ask me. One of the best way to up your cleaning game is to get a microfiber mop, one of the most versatile and useful cleaning tools. We are here to help you get started with microfiber mops, so today, we’re bringing you the Top 10 Best Microfiber Mops for 2019. We’ll go over each one of them, and list their main pros and cons.

Best Microfiber Mops for 2019 – Top 10 Mops Reviewed

You can find more about these, and many other mops, right here at MopReviews. Without delay, let’s get right into our Top 10 Picks for the Best Microfiber Mops!

#1 Turbo Mop

While every mop on this list is a great choice, there is one that really stands out. The Turbo Mop checks all the boxes that it should and over-delivers with its performance. The handle is very lightweight, yet durable, so it won’t be a hassle to do some serious cleaning with the Turbo Mop. It is adjustable so that no matter what your height is, you won’t have any problems using this mop or hurt your back. One thing that we always like to see is a 360-degree rotating swivel on the head of the mop, which makes it easy to clean those hard-to-reach places. Turbo Mop is meant to be used with reusable, eco-friendly, machine-washable microfiber mops, which makes it cost-efficient in the long run.

The head of the mop is very low-profile so that it slides beneath couches and similar obstacles.  It can be used on just about any surface, whether its cement, tiles, wood, etc. and is excellent at dry dust mopping pet hair. Of course, wet mopping with the Turbo Mop will leave your floors spotlessly clean and hygienic. To top it all off, the Turbo Mop has a very affordable price of just $35. You can buy the Turbo Mop at Amazon, and rest assured that you’ll be happy with your new purchase.

#2 Microfiber Wholesale

The runner-up of this list is the Microfiber Wholesale Professional Microfiber Mop. MW really did a great job when designing this microfiber mop. It is meant to be a professional-grade tool for everyday household usage, and they definitely delivered on that promise.  This mop will leave every customer satisfied, thanks to its numerous features. The handle is telescopic and can be adjusted very easily so that your back doesn’t suffer. Microfiber Wholesale uses premium-quality dual action dust mop pads, which will ensure that all dust, dirt, pet hair, and any other debris is picked up and disposed from your floors. The wet mop pads use extra long microfiber strings so that it picks up every gunk particle off your floors without needing to be washed time and time again.

The head of this mop has a 360-degree swivel and a low profile, making it a breeze to clean every part of your house. You won’t have any more problems with cleaning beneath your cupboards or couches, thanks to this mops’ smart design. Of course, the pads themselves are reusable and washable in the washing machine, as you would expect. This mop has everything you’d expect from a professional microfiber price and provides it to you at an affordable price.  Order your Microfiber Wholesale Mop on Amazon today!

#3 Rubbermaid Reveal Spray

Our number 3 pick for the best microfiber mop for 2019 is the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop. This mop is a very popular choice among customers, and it’s no wonder – it really is an excellent mop. As its name suggests, it is a spray-type mop, meaning that it comes prepared for any sort of a mess you might have on your floors. This Rubbermaid mop is very lightweight, which your back and arms will appreciate. It comes with 4 multi-surface mop pads and 3 bottles that you use to make your preferred cleaning solution. Using these types of refillable bottles is a game changer. You no longer need to fill a fixed tank… Instead, you just take the bottle, pour water and your favorite detergent inside of it, then just attach it right back. You can even use a combination of solutions because you get three bottles in the package.

Of course, when it comes to performance, its ranking tells you everything about the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray. The dust, dirt, hair, and whatever other debris your floors might be covered with, stand no chance. You can clean any type of floors with this mop, making it your ultimate household cleaning utensil. We also have to give additional points to its cool, futuristic design. If you’re looking to buy the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop, just click here and order it from Amazon.

#4 O-Cedar ProMist MAX

One of the best selling microfiber mops is the O-Cedar ProMist MAX, and it’s for a good reason. This mop is an excellent choice whether you’re a cleaning professional or an average Joe looking to leave his floors spotlessly clean. This mop has lots of features that will make your life easier. It uses a very nifty mop head which flips 180 degrees, enabling you to clean for double the amount of time without stopping. Its spray nozzle does a great job at providing you with the exact amount of moisture that you need to optimally clean your surfaces. Like all the other mops, this O-Cedar mop can be used for both dry dusting or wet mopping floors. The mop pads that come provided with this mop contain their special ‘Deep Clean Scrub Zones’. These zones are specifically made to clean sticky spots, such as spilled juice or oil spills, for example.

The tank of this spray mop can be detached so that you can prepare your solution more easily. Of course, you can also just use hot water if you prefer mopping without chemicals. One thing that has to be praised is the ergonomic design of the handle that you use to spray your floors. It’s very easy to use and won’t leave your hands cramped no matter how long the job might take. The only reason this mop isn’t ranked higher is that it has a single flaw which can be troublesome. The mop head tends to detach from time to time, while you’re mopping. This can to get very annoying and is most likely because of the way the head is designed to flip around its axis. Nonetheless, it still is an excellent choice if you can ignore this small issue. You can buy the O-Cedar ProMist MAX at Amazon.

#5 Temple’s Pride

Temple’s Pride really has something to be proud about when talking about this microfiber mop of theirs. They’ve managed to make an impressive cleaning tool that will suit just about everyone interested in keeping their floors clean. Let’s start from the bottom. Temple’s Pride Microfiber Mop uses their special types of mop pads. Firstly, there’s the usual dry dusting pad, which is meant to be used without any moisture, so that you can sweep your floors in no time. Then secondly, there is the drag resistant wet pad, meant for wet mopping, specifically designed to remove bacteria instead of spreading and dragging them around. And lastly, the most interesting of the bunch is their advanced drag resistant pad, which combines two types of microfiber strips. This is in order to pack a special electrostatic charge which will pick up even the smallest dirt particles.

Moving up, there is a telescopic handle, connected with a pivoting swivel to the mop head. This ensures full range of motion and ease of use when mopping. Finally, Temple’s Pride is known to have great customer service and return/refund options, which is an additional plus. However, there is an issue that keeps repeating in customer reviews of this mop, which is why we cannot rank it higher. Many people aren’t satisfied with the build quality of this product. There are several reports of both the handle and the plastic parts being damaged or snapping. These are quite uncommon issues, but we still feel that they have to be mentioned. Get your Temple’s Pride Professional Microfiber Mop at Amazon.

#6 Linkyo Microfiber

One of the best bangs for your buck mops is the Linkyo Microfiber Mop. Linkyo keeps things simple with this product. You get the most essential features of a microfiber mops, with no shenanigans, and the price reflects that. This mop has a steel handle and an aluminum mop head frame. The handle is telescopic, which is expected from microfiber mops but is always a welcome addition. The head uses ABS plastic clips to attach the pad, which is very convenient. The pads are of course reusable, and machine washable. And… that’s about it when it comes to the Linkoy Microfiber Mop. Simple.

While there are some complaints regarding its build quality and cleaning performance, these are exceptions to the rule. However, keep in mind that this, after all, is a budget microfiber mop. You definitely do get what you pay for, but if you are looking for something more powerful, you might opt for one of the mops towards the top of this list. If you want to buy the Linkoy Microfiber, you can order it on Amazon.

#7 Mr. Siga

Mr. Siga Professional Microfiber Mop gets to our number 7 spot thanks to its simplicity and affordability. This Mr. Siga mop is a basic microfiber mop that comes with the bare essentials – an aluminum handle, a low profile mop head, plastic clippers to hold the microfiber pads, and the pads themselves.  While it isn’t the most advanced product on the market, its price balances that out. The pads themselves do a decent job at cleaning your floors but don’t expect them to do any heavy duty cleaning. This should be your choice if you’re looking for a sweeping mop that also doubles as a basic mopping tool.

One issue that you might have with this mop is the build quality, which is somewhat expected at its price point. However there is a 3-month guarantee on manufacturing errors, so you have more than enough time to return the mop if it gets damaged. Not much else to say! If this is something you’re looking for, you can order the very affordable Mr. Siga Microfiber Mop at Amazon.

#8 Homitt

You might be surprised to see this #1 top-selling microfiber ranked at only number 8 of our list. But before we explain that, let’s just go over all the potential that this mop has. This is a heavy-duty cleaning mop, meant to be your ultimate cleaning tool. It has all the features you might wish for – an advanced spray mechanism, 360 degrees rotation, great build quality, and ease of use. But it has a serious issue that many customers are reporting – one which can definitely be a deal breaker.

This mop has a battery that has to be charged in order to use it. And many people are reporting problems with the mop refusing to charge, thus rendering its biggest feature useless. Most people, however, don’t have such issues, but it is substantial enough to be mentioned when considering this mop. If this error doesn’t happen to you, you just got an amazing product for $26. If it does… well, then the better purchase would be one of our other picks on this list. Want to buy this Homitt mop? Just click here and order it from Amazon!

#9 Hapinnex

At our number 9, we have a product that would be an excellent pick if it weren’t for a single, deal-breaking issue. Which is why this, otherwise excellent mop, is ranked near the bottom of our list. The value of this product cannot be denied. At an entry level price, you get the full package – an adjustable, stainless steel handle, 4 cleaning cloths, simple design that’s very easy to use, and overall a great cleaning tool. The issue with this product is the build quality. If you get rough with it, don’t be surprised to see the handle snap in half, especially after a few weeks or months of use. If you can remember to be very gentle with the handle, this is a great choice. However, if you tend to put serious weight on mops while cleaning, you might want to skip this one. Hapinnex Microfiber Mop is available at Amazon for just $25.

#10 Mayshine

The Mayshine Microfiber Mop manages to make it to our list mainly thanks to its price. At just $15, you really can’t go wrong. And with this product, you get what you pay for. This microfiber is an excellent pick if you keep in mind that it is a budget option. Basically, if you need a mop for some light cleaning, and aren’t willing to spend too much, this will be the perfect product for you. However, if you are looking for an ultimate cleaning tool, we’re afraid you’re going to have to pay significantly more than $15. The Mayshine Microfiber Mop can be ordered from Amazon.

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